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How long does a kitchen renovation take and what to expect?

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How long will my kitchen renovation take?

Depending on the scale of your project, the time frame for your kitchen renovation could be impacted by a number of factors, including:

  • any structural work required
  • moving plumbing and/or electrical elements
  • unforeseen events e.g. discovering asbestos in your wall or floor cavities

If you are working with a kitchen designer you should allow at least 6 to 8 weeks to design your kitchen. This includes time to meet with them, taking required measurements and developing a draft plan to be followed by tweaks and edits until you are happy with the final design concept. Getting everything to fit, especially in a custom kitchen can take time. You’ll also need to lock in your appliances, cabinetry and all other finishes ahead of this stage to ensure measurements will align correctly.

kitchen renovation design plan

If you are ordering custom cabinetry, expect to wait anywhere from 4-12 weeks for the cabinets to be manufactured. Imported lines can potentially mean an even longer wait. If you are going for a flat-pack kitchen or an IKEA kitchen, then choosing the right combination of cabinets and having them delivered is all you need to take care of, however, don’t expect the same quality as a custom kitchen. The fit and finish will never be the same. Cabinetry is a major item that can hold up the whole project, so all time frames need to be carefully aligned around the delivery of this crucial component.

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For the demolition and prep work, simply removing the old cabinetry should take no longer than a day. Then the prep work for the new installation can begin. This will include any plumbing, electrical and flooring work that needs to be done. The time-frame for this stage could range from a few days for a simple project to 4 weeks or more if there are significant structural changes to be made.

kitchen renovation cabinet installation

The actual installation of your kitchen cabinetry and countertops is usually relatively quick once they are delivered, assuming everything fits correctly and nothing is damaged during the installation process. If you are planning on installing custom stone or engineered countertops, expect a few delays between the installation of the cabinets and the counters as your contractor will need to take measurements to ensure the cabinetry is put in place correctly for the next 15 years! There will typically be a shorter wait for laminate counters as they tend to be simpler to manufacture. Your backsplash will also be installed during this stage and you will, therefore, need to forecast a day or two ahead for the installation of the glass or tiles.

Finally, installing the new appliances and fixtures is relatively simple but allow 1-2 days, assuming all dimensions have been calculated correctly according to your plans.

You should also figure out how you plan to dispose of old appliances e.g. trade-in through a dealer, sell online, donate or give to a scrap metal dealer. The contractors you hire should also provide a thorough clean-up as part of their services, including the disposal of scraps and dust so that your brand new kitchen will appear properly brand new and ready for use.

For further information about what’s involved in a kitchen remodel, visit our dedicated kitchen renovation page and article on approximate costs you can expect.

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