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10 Popular Kitchen Trends for 2018

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Your kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the centrepieces of your home. If you’re anything like me, you visit or use it several times a day. It’s a key room when entertaining guests if you plan on feeding them or offering drinks, chances are conversations will continue into the mecca of the house.

The idea of a new kitchen gets a lot of people excited. Especially if it’s well overdue. There are so many nuances to this room, whether the functional capabilities of certain appliances, fixtures and counter space or the stylistic elements that reflect your elegant side or bohemian nature. It’s a room that acts as an extension of yourself.

glossy black modern kitchen design

If you’re planning a new kitchen renovation, make sure you’re up to date with the current trends and make sure your brand new kitchen looks as ‘brand new’ as possible. In this post, we look at the top 10 latest trends in kitchen designs to keep you ahead of the curve coming into 2018.

1. The industrial look

As an answer to the sleek, glossy elegance of the contemporary style kitchen, the industrial theme has become more prominent in new kitchen designs. Inspired by old New York loft apartments and transformed warehouses, the glaring elements that differentiate this design include bare brick walls in lieu of tiles, expansive wooden counter tops and industrial metals such as wrought iron, brass and copper for stools or fixtures such as taps and faucets. The natural earthy colours create a warm vibe in the room. The industrial look is often fused with rustic elements such as untreated wooden shelves and plants growing in pots placed around the room to almost make you feel like you’re cooking outdoors.

industrial style kitchen wooden countertop brick wall

2. Black is BACK

In opposition to the bohemian-style homely cooking area is the sleek sophistication of the contemporary black. The stark contrast between bright lighting and metallic fixtures and the dark cabinetry and countertops creates an air of elegance in the room and a futuristic feel, like something out of a scene in Blade Runner.

black modern kitchen

3. Pendant lighting

Although recessed lights have been a staple in all new kitchens for at least the last decade and are likely here to stay, the introduction of suspended pendant lights has become an embraced quirk for those looking to add a unique touch to their kitchen design. The suspended wiring which may have reminded you of a swinging incandescent bulb with a pull chain in a derelict basement in the past, allows your unique pendant bulb enclosures to become centrepieces of the room, adding a sense of expression and individuality.

modern kitchen trend pendant lights

4. Open shelves

If you’re proud of your dishware, breaking up the monotony of your monotone cabinetry with open shelving has been a developing trend in new kitchen designs. It’s being implemented more typically on the upper shelves and serves an added benefit of mitigating the risk of hitting your head on the squared-off corner of an open cabinet door. On top of the aesthetic attributes, foregoing cabinet doors will significantly reduce your budget when it comes to material and installation costs.

I recommend this option for the dish and glassware that gets frequent use as you’re going to have to rinse the dust off that promotional cognac glass sitting at the back if it ever comes time to use it.

modern kitchen open shelves

5. Matte appliances

We’ve seen the dark matte texture start to appear more in recent years for car chassis but it’s starting to find it’s way into the home. The glossy black panels once associated with class and elegance are beginning to appear more tacky and overdone and be replaced with the more gritty surface reminiscent of sleek modern supercars and the handguns of international spies.

black matte kitchen appliances

6. Indoor herb garden

If you cook a lot and are a stickler for fresh herbs, the convenience of having them handily accessible is an affordable luxury. Dried herbs hidden in a cabinet are becoming less desirable as a kitchen resource now our taste for freshness in our cooking is becoming more prominent, coinciding with the era of gourmet cooking reality shows and Instagram hashtags.

The practicality of this indoor horticulture is coupled with the lush presence it provides in the kitchen, adding a dash of nature to an otherwise enclosed indoor environment. The further away a plant is from a sink in my home, the more likely it’ll die on me but thanks to the proximity of your kitchen counter to a faucet, you’d be hard pressed forgetting to take care of them. Probably not ideal for those with limited exposure to sunlight in the kitchen.

kitchen indoor herb garden

7. Splash of gold

Depending on the other colours incorporated in the cabinetry, counters, walls and backsplash, gold has become a more popular choice for the small fixtures such as taps, faucets and cabinet handles in the kitchen. While it’s often considered the fashion accessory metal for those with more money than style, infusing gold with vintage-style fixtures gives off an upper-class colonial feel like a bathroom in the White House.

gold faucet modern kitchen fixtures

8. Spectacular range hoods

Range hoods, while formerly serving a solely functional purpose, are now subject to the philosophy of ‘go big or go home’.

Range hoods are now being manufactured in such a vast array of styles and designs, we could easily dedicate an entire article to the phenomenon. Another centrepiece of the kitchen, the design you choose should be dictated by the style and decor of the rest of the room.

spectacular vintage style range hood

9. The feel of teal

Something about this colour reminds me of retro lounge room furniture and Cadillacs from the ’50s but teal is very much back in play. Tones of varying warmth can work together and with other complementing colours, allowing you to be extra creative and unique.

teal kitchen cabinets

10. Contrasting navy

Implementing a darker colour cabinetry juxtaposed with metallic or bright fixtures and countertops is a popular choice for new kitchen designs. For those with a greater sense of individuality, black and brown may feel a bit too monotonous, especially if it matches with the rest of the home. Navy, while dark, is an incredibly eye-catching colour and really distinguishes the room from the rest of the home and conveys a feeling of high-class prestige.

navy kitchen cabinets with marble

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