Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: An Economic Way of Renovating Your Kitchen

cabinet refacing

Your cabinets are showing their age, but you’re not quite sold on the idea of a full kitchen renovation. You’ve been scouring Pinterest, looking at professional cabinet finishes and alternative materials that won’t break the bank. And then, in the midst of your search, you find it – something that’ll give you that brand-new look at an affordable price. Enter cabinet refacing.

What is kitchen cabinet refacing?

In a refacing, the structure of the kitchen remains the same, but some elements, such as cabinet doors, drawer pulls, and countertops, are modified. In short, it’s a new look for your kitchen. This is something that can also easily be done to your bathroom. However, if you go with this option, your kitchen needs to be in relatively good shape. For example, your kitchen cabinets must be solid, and there must be no big emergency work. 

How much does a refacing cost?

Of course, it all depends on the project, but, generally speaking, if there is a change to the countertop and backsplash as well, it’s about half the price of a complete kitchen renovation. 

We must consider the value of this investment: if someone would pay $10,000 for a refacing but then choose to finally renovate their kitchen entirely four years later, then refacing would not be a very profitable option. At that point, it would be better to opt for a complete kitchen renovation. Keep in mind that a resurfaced kitchen is not a new kitchen! 

What are the benefits of kitchen cabinet refacing?

The number one advantage for people is that it costs less. If the kitchen is in good condition and you like its configuration, you can keep the good elements while refreshing the style. In addition, the work can be done quicker. You should allow about two days for the installation of your new kitchen if you stick to the surfacing and a new counter. It’s also eco-friendly as existing structures are being refurbished, and there is less dust during the installation as most elements are already built.

wood refacing

What are the disadvantages?

It’s possible that, since it’s not a brand new kitchen, you might get tired of it quickly, or it may deteriorate from age. Since it’s just a cabinet refacing, you will not have the freedom to change the configuration of your kitchen. If you choose to replace your sink, faucet, floor, lighting, backsplash, and redo the paint at the same time, at that point it will cost you less to do a complete renovation. We have information regarding how long a kitchen renovation might take, and some interesting kitchen designs that have been done!

Surfacing is only possible if the hinges are inside. If you want to keep them outside, it will betray the look of your makeover.  

cabinet wood tainting

What does cabinet resurfacing include?

Most of the time, there are two types of refacing that are possible.

  • A complete replacement of cabinet doors: you can take the opportunity to change the melamine for wood, or install glass doors.
  • Covering doors: we opt for the veneer. Your doors are sent to the factory where a contractor puts a coating on them.

kitchen cabinet refacing

There are a lot of things that go into cabinet refacing to create a new look, such as

  • moldings
  • adequate lighting
  • adding a module
  • a new counter
  • a backsplash of ceramic or a glass paste
  • painting
kitchen cabinets refaced
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Get a look you’ll love

Kitchen cabinetry makes a big statement, so don’t be afraid to give it a little love to bring out its personality. If you want, you can even raise cupboards to maximize space or replace a few cabinets with shelves. If you have the budget, be as creative as you like! If you’re still in the planning phase, feel free to explore kitchen cabinet materials and styles, or browse some of our cost-saving tips to get more bang for your buck.