Great Home Gift Ideas for Every Room


It’s safe to say that this past year, we probably spent more time at home than anywhere else! So why not treat your loved ones with gifts that will surely embellish every room of their home? From practical to simply decorative, the following list offers unique and trendy ideas for presents perfect for your friends and family and everyone in between! 

Gifts for the kitchen

Whether it’s to enjoy a great meal or to cook a great dessert, a kitchen needs to be well equipped! 

kitchen gift ideas

  • Tea mug $18
    Is it getting colder outside? Absolutely! How about warming up with a nice cup of tea in an even nicer cup? We love this handmade beauty by the ceramist Catherine De Abreu sold at Camelia Sinensis!
  • Double mesh fruit bowl $20 to $35
    With this cool looking bowl, your friends and family will never forget to eat all of their daily portions of fruits and vegetables!
  • Tribeca High Stool $390
    Sold at the Montreal furniture store De Gaspé, this high stool is the perfect touch of chic you can add to a dinning area. Can’t hang out at bars and restaurants anymore? No worries! This stool is the perfect make-believe! 
  • Compost box $45
    Current climate realities require changes in our daily life. But who says we can’t do it in style? This discreet compost bin is a great reminder to be a part of the solution!
  • Breville blender vacuum kit $150
    Smoothies lovers will be forever grateful for this Breville juicer! It’s a powerful kitchen appliance that mixes everything to the desired texture. 

Gifts for the bedroom

Everybody loves sleeping! How about a lazy Sunday morning as well? Our gifts suggestions for the bedroom, you can offer just that! 

bedroom gift ideas

  • Bed sheets $72-100
    New year, new sheets! These bedsheets are cute and fun – just because they’re under our covers doesn’t mean that they have to be boring! 
  • Basket $107
    Replace a boring organizing bin with this wicker basket. When has tidying up a space been so cool?
  • Vanity mirror $239
    Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the prettiest of them all? With this intelligent mirror, you can rest assure that your makeup-obsessed friend will be absolutely pleased with this helping hand!
  • Pillow $40
    Your little sister hates doing her bed? This decorative pillow will give her the extra boost for this not-so-tedious task! 

Gifts for the bathroom

Since we can’t go to the spa anymore, how about we bring it to us? We absolutely deserve it! 

bathroom gift ideas

  • Soap dispenser $20
    Washing your hands is now the hottest trend: it’s everywhere and everybody does it! This minimalist hand soap dispenser is a great incentive to do it all day, every day! 
  • Bath towel $59.90
    What’s better than wrapping yourself up in a thick towel? This one will make you feel like you are cozying up with a fluffy cloud. 
  • Bathmat $48
    Want to stand out when you’re stepping out of the shower? Don’t let a bathmat be an underdog of bathroom accessories with this one! 
  • Toothbrush holder $6.35
    Because it keeps our most valuable hygienic tool company, it deserves a look that is on point.
  • Toilet brush holder $29.99
    This toilet brush holder is too cute to be hidden! Its deserves to be in the spotlight, a perfect present for a clean and stylish bathroom!

Gifts for the living room

Be inspired by these gifts to create the ideal living room ambiance to hang out with some hot cocoa or a crisp glass of wine to watch and re-watch your favourite tv shows! 

living room gift ideas

  • Pouf $105
    When we have had enough of sitting on the sofa, this pouf is a perfect alternative!
  • Vase $66 – 80
    Did you spot an empty space in your mom’s living room? This handmade one-of-a-kind decorative vase is a great addition to your home decor.  
  • Smart light/speaker $229
    It’s a lamp! It’s a speaker! Wait, no… it’s both! Give this gadget that combines light and music to your minimalist friends that like to keep everything simple and to a minimum! 
  • Blanket $59.90
    No fireplace? No problem. Gift this elegant blanket – it’ll definitely do the trick and, if not, it’s big enough for two… 
  • Ana Roy poster $50
    Here’s a tip: give an original poster to your cool friend. Here’s an even better tip: give an original poster from a local artist to that cool friend! Consider this poster from the Montreal artist Ana Roy – her work is so popular, you might want to grab one before they are out of stock!

Gifts for the home office

Because working from home is the new norm, having a comfortable yet professional office space is very important, pants on or not. Everybody still needs to work as if our boss is watching over our shoulder!  

office gift ideas

  • Desk organizer $60 
    Have a friend that is a bit of a mess? This organizer will save their life! Loosing a pen? Never again!
  • Desk lamp $315
    This stylish desk lamp brightens up the room not only with its light, but also with its industrial minimalist design. Reading emails has never looked this good! 
  • Scented candle $26
    Your friend is working themselves through a big rush? Offer them a scented soy candle to help relax while tapping their day away on a keyboard!  
  • Desk chair $178 
    Who said an office chair can be nothing but useful and comfortable? With this partially custom-made desk chair, your posh friends will keep a great posture all while being their extremely stylish self! 
  • Portable laptop desk $70
    For those who do not have a designated desk for their 9-to-5, this portable option is an ideal tool for their productivity! 

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Happy Holidays, from our family to yours

For the most part, this Christmas will probably be a weird one! Caring for one another has never been this important, which is why RenoAssistance hopes you stay safe and enjoy this holiday season… at a safe distance from one another! 

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