15 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

modern black kitchen cabinets with lights

Kitchen cabinets are more than just functional storage spaces: they’re one of the major pieces that ties a room together. From cabinet style to hardware finish, every decision matters. Lately, kitchen cabinet trends will feature a wider variety of colours. From vibrant yellows to pretty pastels and classic blues, kitchen trends are headed in a brighter, more inviting direction. But don’t worry, we’re not fully ready to leave the all-white kitchen behind either. From modern to minimal, industrial, cottagecore, and more, this article will touch on different kitchen cabinet ideas so you can find the right cabinets for your unique style.


Cottagecore kitchen cabinet ideas

Cottagecore is all about creating cozy, inviting spaces that blend traditional, rustic, and vintage decor together. When it comes to kitchen trends, cottagecore is alive and thriving. If you’re looking for kitchen cabinet ideas to create your cottagecore dream room, this is an excellent place to start. You can expect beautiful pastel colours and patterns as well as natural materials and vintage hardware to be prominently displayed in this style of kitchen.

Reclaimed wood cabinets

Wood cabinets go in and out of style almost as frequently as you change your socks. That said, reclaimed wood cabinets completely encapsulate cottagecore and, as a bonus, they’re an eco-friendly option. Transforming old wood into new cabinets is a rewarding process, but finding these materials can be a struggle. Websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace are commonly used to find reclaimed wood, but if you’re not having any luck there, don’t worry. You can still achieve the reclaimed wood cabinet look by giving your new wooden cabinets a weathered finish.

Cottagecore meets farmhouse

Just like fusion cuisine, you can merge two different décor styles into one. If you have a fairly classic look around your house but are looking to add some pops of colour, sage green cabinets give off a cottagecore vibewith a touch of farmhouse when paired with light tones, wooden accents, and traditional moldings. This colour is great if you’d like a two-tone kitchen and want to add some black or gray countertops. Not to mention, this is a trend that always comes back!

Pretty pastels

While all-white kitchen cabinets never truly go out of style, they don’t lend themselves particularly well to a cottagecore kitchen. So instead of the all-white-everything look, opt for pastel kitchen cabinets. Not only are they soft and inviting, but they also offer a sort of French country provincial vibe. From sage greens and powdery blues to lavenders and blush pinks, you’re sure to find the perfect pastel colour for your cottagecore kitchen cabinets.

Industrial kitchen cabinet ideas

Industrial-style kitchens have a lot to offer. Even though this aesthetic uses a lot of raw materials and dark colours, it still leaves your kitchen feeling warm and welcoming. With this style, you can expect to see exposed brick walls, tables made from reclaimed wood, plumbing pipes, and some seriously sleek cabinet designs. So, let’s go over a few industrial kitchen cabinet ideas.

Meshed cabinets

A perfect mix between open shelving and solid cabinet doors, meshed cabinets lend themselves well to the industrial style. You can spice things up with different colours and textures or go bold and mix different metals together. Materials such as brass, bronze, nickel-plated metal, and stainless steel are commonly used for meshed cabinets. Additionally, there are different weave patterns for you to choose from.

Raw materials and textures 

Raw materials and textures are an essential component of the industrial kitchen style. Try layering kitchen cabinet materials such as raw oak and metal to achieve the desired aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your cabinet handles too. Try using industrial-style pipes instead of the traditional kitchen cabinet knobs.

Paint it dark

Black and dark tones can be an intimidating paint colour to work with, but when it comes to kitchen cabinet trends, black and dark paint is having a moment. Dark kitchen cabinets are sleek, sophisticated, and classy, and they suit the industrial style perfectly. This trend has even inspired some to paint the whole kitchen black.

Minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas

Minimalist kitchens focus on highly functional spaces that can serve multiple purposes. Free of clutter and unnecessary items, they often have a Scandinavian look and feel to them. In this style of kitchen, it’s important to keep things clean and to only have a few vital items on display that spark joy.

Fluted cabinets

Remember Japandi? The combination of Japanese and Scandinavian styles continues to influence minimalist design. Essentially, this style is where elegance and simplicity meet. It’s because of Japandi that we’re seeing fluted cabinets popping up in all kinds of kitchens. Fluted cabinets are typically made from wood or rattan and are used to create a cozy, textural vibe.

Vibrant colours

Simple and minimal do not have to equal a monochromatic kitchen. In fact, bright and simple kitchens are on trend right now. Elevate your minimalist kitchen cabinets with beautiful, bold colours like yellow or salmon to create a vibrant and inviting space.

Metallic accents

White cabinets and marble countertops are staples of the minimalist style. If you want to elevate the look of your white cabinets, metallic accents will help them look sleek and elegant. If you’re working with black cabinets, opt for metallic hardware in brass or rose gold.

Modern kitchen cabinet ideas

Similar to minimalist kitchens, modern designed kitchens won’t feature much clutter. Instead, they are streamlined spaces designed for easy entertaining and relaxing. Imagine smooth stone countertops with matching top-of-the-line appliances, sleek angular shapes, and handleless cabinets that combine different materials for a unique finished product. Typically you’ll find materials like quartz, stone, and stainless steel in a modern kitchen. Often a modern kitchen will feature an open floor plan and a minimal colour palette.

Light timber tones

When paired with white, light timber tones add a soft, almost airy, look to your kitchen. If you prefer something bolder, opt for darker wood tones. Having trouble deciding? Look through some inspirational photos to figure out which kitchen cabinet ideas best fit your style.

No handles

Handleless kitchen cabinets offer a sleek elegance that never truly goes out of style. Common in modern kitchens, the no-handle look allows you to focus on the cabinet finish itself instead of getting hung up on hardware. As an added bonus, cabinets without handles give the illusion of a larger kitchen overall.

Classic blues and greens

We’re feeling blue. From royal blues to teals and almost every shade in between, classic blues and greens are hot. If you’re looking for playful kitchen cabinet trends, don’t be afraid to go with moody blue or green tones to add a modern flair.

Traditional kitchen cabinet ideas

Traditional kitchens rely on classic elements such as hardwood floors, glass door kitchen cabinets, and simple countertops. People are often drawn to this style of kitchen because it offers feelings of familiarity and comfort. Traditional decor remains one of the more popular choices for family-centred kitchens.

Rounded corners

For a soft look, opt for kitchen cabinets with rounded corners. Not only do rounded corners make your end or corner cabinet a bit more accessible, but they take up less space and provide a warm, inviting atmosphere.

Drawer appliances

If you’re working with a small kitchen, every inch of space counts. You can maximize the space you have with the right drawer appliances. For example, your kitchen cabinet drawers could double as a fridge or a wine cooler. Deep drawers can be used as slide-out pantries, waste disposal areas, and so much more.

Back to basics

Basic might have a negative connotation to some, but keeping it classic doesn’t have to be boring or dated. All-white kitchens are trendy, and they don’t need to feel bland. By incorporating the right touch of colour, you can make your mostly white kitchen feel warmer and less clinical.

Opening the door to new designs

Regardless of your personal style, there’s an endless list of kitchen cabinet ideas for you to contemplate. Before you’re ready to renovate your kitchen, don’t forget to go over your kitchen renovation checklist, browse completed projects, and compare renovation costs.

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