15 Kitchen Cabinet Ideas for 2021


It’s 2021, and you’ve likely spent a record amount of time in your kitchen over the last two years, giving you a chance to notice what’s become outdated. Whether you have a few nagging things that require updating, your entire kitchen needs a remodel, or you’re trying to sell and want to get that top market price, it’s important to know what’s currently trending. Here are 15 kitchen cabinet ideas for 2021 to inspire you and help keep your home current. 

Cottagecore kitchen cabinet ideas 

cottagecore kitchen cabinets ideas

Cottagecore is a romantic and nostalgic movement to embrace all things handmade, natural, and pastoral. This cozy aesthetic pays homage to English countryside cottages and embodies simplicity and harmony with nature by incorporating neutral tones and wood accents. If you’re looking for a timeless and budget-friendly way to add warmth and nostalgia to your home, a cottagecore kitchen is the way to go. Here are some cottagecore trends that we’re loving for 2021. 

Skirted cabinets

This cute shabby chic countryside trend is back! The inclusion of fabric in décor is a key element of cottagecore. Fabric skirting is a great way to save some money on cabinetry and incorporate a sustainable natural element into your design. Cabinet skirts can be an excellent way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or include a fun pattern. In true cottagecore fashion, stripes, checks, plaids, and florals are IN.

Distressed wood cabinets 

Whether it’s exposed beams, old wood cabinets, or distressed wood cabinets made to look old and well-loved, including wood is a sure way to add coziness and warmth to your kitchen. If your generic wood kitchen cabinets are boring you, consider some DIY distressing, and complete the look by adding some open wood shelving and vintage pieces to the room.  

Earth tones

s generally include a lot of warm neutrals. Earth tones are essential to your cottagecore kitchen and will draw on the warmth of other natural elements. Greens, browns, beiges, warm whites, and blues are very common base colours for cottagecore spaces, with occasional pops of complimentary colours such as rust and peach. These colours can be incorporated into accent island colours or the pattern on cabinet skirts.

Industrial kitchen cabinet ideas 

industrial kitchen ideas

Industrial style is a mix of modern and old world looks. Think sleek and sexy black metal and stainless steel but with the charm of raw wood accents and exposed brick. The colour scheme is distinctly neutral, yet expressive, and the furnishings and art provide colour and finishing touches. The style itself is fairly utilitarian, focusing on choosing purposeful and durable materials rather than the design and exposing structures and supports. Industrial style kitchens boast reclaimed wood, metal accents, and a tall, dark, and classy aesthetic. 

Reclaimed wood cabinets

One thing we love about industrial style is its aim to reuse and repurpose. Using reclaimed wood or metal beams and posts is very common as the exposed support structure hints at that raw material vibe. This is very economic décor, as it is structurally necessary and already part of the room. Repurposing old cabinetry and wood is a key look to the industrial style. Reclaimed wood with metal brackets, handles, and pulls is one way to get the look in your kitchen while giving old wood a new purpose.  

Metal accents

Metal accents are essential to the industrial style and can be added in as brackets, handles, pulls, lighting, grates, and appliances. The sleek shine of stainless steel or the matte black of metal bolts and brackets draws attention to the material rather than the design itself. Utilitarian and durable metal furniture, such as stools and kitchen chairs, also speaks to the no-nonsense, bare-bone basics of the industrial style. Another way to incorporate metal into your industrial kitchen is to add metal grilles or wire mesh to your cabinets instead of glass. This creates a translucent effect, while tying in with the other metal accents in your kitchen.  

Tall, dark, and classy

This style’s aesthetic is tall and lofty, with dark accents and a classy finish. Dark cabinetry in deep charcoals and blacks with a sleek matte finish is a great addition to an industrial kitchen. And, if the room allows, tall cabinets can be a striking addition. Mixing and matching upper and lower cabinets can be another way to incorporate reclaimed wood and still add some contrast with darker uppers. 

Minimalist kitchen cabinet ideas 

minimalist kitchen cabinets inspirations

The minimalist trend consists of quality luxe surfaces, smooth lines, and concealed clutter. The art of minimalism is paring a space down to the essentials. Clutter is removed from countertops, and focus is placed on the elegance of the materials used in the kitchen and the selective use of accessories and décor. Minimalist kitchens are less about cozy and selective clutter and more about visual relief and a calm aesthetic. 

Slab cabinets 

Slab cabinet doors are the minimalist go-to. Without bevels or contouring, slab cabinets provide visual relief and allow us to focus on the colour and finish of the cabinet door itself. A muted, matte cabinet door makes for an excellent minimalist addition. The cabinets ultimately complement the countertops and minimal hardware and lighting choices.  

High contrast

Minimalist kitchens often sport simple colour schemes that show off the elements of the kitchen rather than needless clutter and busy patterns. A gorgeous marble slab may be used for both the backsplash and countertop alongside colourful cabinets, or dark appliances may be placed in an entirely light kitchen. Moreover, tuxedo kitchens contrast white and black kitchen features in a way that is both serene and striking. Green tiles or cabinets with pink walls or accents make for a daring colour combination. A deep navy offset with a snowy white makes for high contrast without the use of black.  

Gold accents 

The accents in minimalist kitchens are curated, simple, and elegant. The shapes are not overwhelmingly complicated but merely add to the space in subtle yet striking ways. Gold accents in an entirely white kitchen can be the detail that makes the kitchen pop and add the elegance needed to complete the space. Simple gold pendants and minimal gold finger pulls can really add to your kitchen, too. If your kitchen is all black, try rose gold accents for an elegant finish and pop of colour. 

Modern kitchen cabinet ideas 

modern kitchen inspirations

The modern style emphasizes function and purpose. Details and elements without purpose are simply left out. Modern kitchens stick to monochromatic palettes and prefer smooth lines, lots of natural light, and functional space. They often sport little to no hardware and are generally free from adornment due to the focus on function and sleek features. Like industrial spaces, modern spaces are not afraid to display their functional elements, such as exposed beams, concrete, metal, and wood. 

Glossy cabinets 

Though modern kitchens also maintain the slab cabinet trend, contrary to minimalist kitchens, they sport very little hardware or embellishment. High gloss finishes are a modern trend that is both practical and sophisticated. They’re practical because they are easy to clean, but eye-catching on the smooth and unadorned cabinets. As an added bonus, the glossy finish reflects natural light and makes spaces feel larger and more open. 

Moody tones 

Just because modern kitchens generally stick to monochromatic colour schemes does not mean they can’t be bold. Deep and moody colours are in for modern kitchens, often contrasted against white surfaces and accents. Deep greens, blues, greys, and blacks are popular moody cabinet colours for 2021. However, classic whites, lighter colours, and even pops of more vibrant colours are not excluded from this style. 

Shaker cabinets 

Although minimal slab cabinets are popular, you can’t go wrong with neutral shaker cabinets. They’re geometric and simple, and they still fit within the design components of modern kitchens. You can even add a glossy sheen for a more dramatic look. Shaker cabinets are also extremely versatile, so if you ever want to shake up your kitchen style, your cabinets can go with just about anything.   

Traditional kitchen cabinet ideas 

kitchen cabinets ideas - classic style

Traditional kitchens are timeless spaces that add versatility to your home. The style embodies warmth using materials like wood and natural stone, such as slate and granite. Traditional kitchens need less updates in the long run, making them a good investment for your home.  

Kitchens in this style often have a dining area included, adding to the warm and inviting nature of the space. Traditional style relies on the details to add a luxurious touch to the space. Tile backsplashes, granite countertops, crown moulding, and exposed beams are all common features in traditional kitchens. Unlike modern and contemporary styles, traditional style embraces ornamentation, patterns, colours, and shapes.  

Calming neutrals 

In keeping with their versatile nature, traditional kitchens often follow a neutral colour palette. The natural colour and textures of the materials add a calm and welcoming vibe. Traditional kitchen styles acknowledge that the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in the house and strive to make it inviting. Ornaments and luxurious touches are saved for the details, such as furniture, crown moulding, and light fixtures.  

Wood accents 

Traditional style loves to pull in natural elements. Wood accents are extremely common in traditional kitchens, especially stained or painted wood cabinets. Traditional kitchens often use stylistic features like arches and exposed beams to define the space and make it a focal point of the house. Wood columns can be used decoratively to prop up the island or frame the sides of the stove.  

More storage 

Traditional kitchens are including more storage in 2021. Pantries and island storage are a sure way to keep a stocked kitchen while only having necessary items out on display. To complement the other wood accents in your traditional kitchen, an exposed wine rack is great way to store your wine and add a decorative feature at the same time. 

2021 kitchens are pushing the boundaries of style and trending towards making your kitchen a more comfortable and inviting space. Now that we’re spending more time in our kitchens than ever before, the utility and ambiance of the space is so important.  

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