12 Kitchen Design Examples

A kitchen renovation project is always exciting, especially when your current kitchen doesn’t give your guests that ”wow” expression on their faces when they walk in. It’s fair to say that you would want to give a youthful look to this room. It is, after all, the central meeting place for the household. Whether you have a classic kitchen, a contemporary kitchen or an industrial kitchen in mind, it’s important to determine what you really like before deciding on renovating. It’s useful to take a look at inspiring photos of renovated kitchens before officially picking a style for yours.

To help you get plenty of ideas, we’ve put together 12 kitchen renovation projects our Verified Contractors have finished. We also invite you to check out our article – which we put together with our best design experts – on the latest kitchen trends.

1- An open concept for this renovated kitchen

If space permits, expanding the patio door and the windows adjacent to your kitchen will allow you to let in a lot of natural light and create a sense of closeness to the outdoors. By choosing a custom-made 3-panel patio door and white lacquered wood cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling (and with glass door inserts), this family got a luminous, modern and inviting kitchen, which contributes to creating an appearance of magnitude.

All the space has been carefully thought out in collaboration with an experienced kitchen contractor. Moreover, in order to allow quick and logical access to kitchen accessories, the multiple cabinets have modern drawers with multiple rails with integrated storage.

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2- A redesigned small functional kitchen

This newly renovated kitchen, in the home of the Ghebriout family, was clearly too small to allow optimal use on a daily basis. With the help of one of our Verified Contractors, they were able to imagine a new way to exploit the space available. All the components of the old kitchen have been replaced to make room for a complete reconstruction with today’s trends in mind. This is proof that it is possible to maximize the space of a small kitchen by implementing some basic tricks.

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3- A gray and white renovated kitchen

This kitchen proves that your cupboards can very well display different shades and offer a timeless and elegant result. With a superb quartz counter reflecting the light of day, this kitchen has everything you need to go through the test of time with a contemporary style, all while being unique in its own way.

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4- A high-end kitchen renovation

The cabinets and the island of this splendid kitchen were custom-made by a specialized kitchen contractor. Dark walnut was selected for the cabinets, while speckled granite was chosen for the counter – after the homeowners fell in love with it. Every detail was taken into consideration, which has allowed the family to get a classic kitchen style with a unique twist. Real craftsmanship!

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5- A “shaker” style kitchen layout

Moving from a 70’s style to a striking, up-to-date style is what the Konidas family chose for their kitchen renovation. The design of the beautiful brown wood kitchen cabinets, all custom-made with solid maple, was entrusted to an experienced cabinetmaker. The look of this modern kitchen was tied together with an island with a quartz countertop and additional storage for added convenience.

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6- An affordable and pretty kitchen

It’s rare to see the price of a complete kitchen renovation (materials and labour) under the $20,000-25,000 mark, but depending on the type of materials chosen and the layout of your kitchen, it is still possible to obtain a great result at a good price. For this project, not only was the kitchen completely renovated, but the contractor also enlarged the main window to allow more natural lighting into the house.

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7- An all-white renovated kitchen

Opting for a renovation of a white kitchen is a must that knows how to cross the times without too much obsolescence. Sober and among the most popular colour choices, white creates a natural effect of clarity that can also be accentuated by natural light and the addition of multiple recessed ceiling.

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8- A modern and bright kitchen renovation

The effect of white lacquered wooden cabinets combined with dark quartz countertops and black ceramic flooring gives a mirror effect, which allows this renovated kitchen to reflect a lot of light. The room looks better lit – which is a significant advantage when there are built-in stainless steel appliances.

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Discover a variety of modern kitchens and get tips for a successful transformation by accessing to our article.

9- An industrial-style kitchen in Montreal

Why stick to a classic kitchen renovation style when you could stand out with an out of the ordinary style? That’s exactly what the Hochart family said when they imagined their ideal kitchen. With one of our skilled contractors, the owners participated in the design of their custom kitchen. This industrial style kitchen was custom built to fit perfectly with the space available.

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10- A kitchen with large cabinets to maximize space

A small space does not necessarily mean that you will have to settle for minimal storage space. With the help of our Renovation Advisors, the Sossoyan family was able to see their small kitchen turn into a magnificent one with varnished wood. It’s whose space was adjusted to accommodate and store all the necessary accessories for their kitchen to properly function.

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11- A newly renovated kitchen for an astonishing effect

The contractor the homeowners chose to carry out their kitchen renovation understood exactly what his customers were looking for. They wanted an open-concept kitchen. This is why he offered them a tailor-made plan to make the most of the space by increasing storage possibilities. He was able to create the desired ‘wow’ effect the family was looking for. The ceiling-high cabinets, the sophisticated materials, as well as the homeowners’ involvement throughout the project, are all reasons why this luxury kitchen remodel turned out to be so successful.

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12- A kitchen without a window

Having no windows near their kitchen, the Ferland family had to work with their kitchen designer to create optical tricks so that the room can seem brighter. They opted for lighter colours and materials and chose cream-coloured cabinets, a glass-backsplash and a light-toned hardwood floor. These are perfect for brightening up a kitchen. The mission was clearly accomplished. This beautiful contemporary style kitchen will certainly last the test of time!

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