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Marilena Tricarico

by Marilena Tricarico Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Reno Blog / Kitchen / 50 Dream Kitchen Designs
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50 Dream Kitchen Designs


There’s no doubt that planning out a kitchen remodel is exciting. Though, it can be overwhelming too! That’s why we’ve gathered 50 kitchen designs to help you get inspired for your space. Whether you’re looking for more of a classic look, a modern look, an industrial look, or even something out of the ordinary, you’ll find a bunch of great ideas. 

Slideshow: Beautiful kitchen designs for all tastes


    A colour blocked kitchen

    Colour blocking appeared in the 60s when an Yves Saint-Laurent became highly fashionable. To create a colour blocked kitchen, all you'll need is to pick a few colours that will contrast with the rest of your kitchen. In the example above, turquoise was chosen for the kitchen island and black for the cabinets - contrasting nicely with the white kitchen.


    A warm-toned kitchen with gold accents

    This kitchen is surely breathtaking! Its cabinets provide a luxurious appeal to the room, whereas the paint on the walls are warm-toned and cozy.


    A timeless design: black and white combo

    Are you renovating your kitchen and want a new kitchen that'll stand the test of time? This kitchen is the perfect example of using black and white together. It's quite clever as these tones always stay on trend and the contemporary looking cabinets without handles are also timeless.


    A chic and sophisticated kitchen

    The golden accent pieces, marble counter top, and grey-blue cabinets create a calming ambiance in the kitchen. Opting for coloured cabinets - as opposed to white ones - provides coziness to the space.


    Kitchen update: Copper is back

    This kitchen is definitely chef-worthy! The combination of copper and black provide a luxurious feel to this rather large kitchen. The light-toned flooring also creates a pleasant contrast.


    A soft and modern kitchen

    It can be rather hard to integrate an atypical colour, like pink, into a kitchen. However, this kitchen's designers have done a great job at it! The pink they opted for is not too dark, nor too fair, and fits well with the white brick wall and wood accent pieces.


    A budget kitchen using plywood

    These homeowners were ingenious. They put together a kitchen that was equally affordable and aesthetically pleasing. The cabinets were pre-built, and the plywood was then purchased to cover the exposed surfaces in a unique way.


    A kitchen with a huge island

    The kitchen island is most definitely the focal point of this space! Sophistication exudes from the combination of grey marble for the island with white marble for the backsplash. This kitchen has a wonderfully contemporary look.


    An eclectic design for this kitchen

    Create an eclectic decor for your kitchen by putting up open shelving. Place different kinds of objects, like recipe books and vases on the shelves to complete the mismatched style. You can also opt for various materials, like these homeowners did by matching dark wood, blue-stained wood, and white marble. The secret to an eclectic style is finding balance in matching objects uncommonly seen together.


    A green kitchen

    Fed up of seeing clean-lined white kitchens? Colourful kitchens are coming back in style. Navy and emerald are the most common colours. We're obsessed with this green kitchen with its butcher block countertop for the island. This kitchen surely has a bold character - differing from the usual white kitchens we come across.


    A contemporary kitchen with a brick backsplash

    How do you keep a brick wall intact in your kitchen? Instead of covering the surface with a backsplash, install a glass rarier in front of it like this kitchen! Your brick will remain a charming accent to your kitchen & keep its composure through time.


    A calming kitchen

    Are we the only ones feeling relaxed by simply taking a look at this kitchen? The use of natural materials like linen to dress the window, opting for light monochromatic tones, and going for porous looking tiles really tied the room together. This kitchen looks peaceful.


    A pristine white kitchen

    Although this kitchen's design is minimalist, it still has a cozy feel! How? Adding some greens, wood accents, and natural stone (marble, in this case) has done the trick!


    A refreshing kitchen

    This kitchen's design is so refreshing! Its light mint coloured cabinets paired with golden accent pieces create a breath taking space! The marble backsplash and counter top adds a little glamour to the room too. This kitchen looks like it came straight from a Californian surfer's home.


    A modern kitchen with a round island

    These homeowners broke traditional kitchen rules and got a circular kitchen island. We're loving the modern, yet futuristic vibe it gives to the room. The terrazzo flooring and counter top is a nice change to the conventional marble or quartz counter tops in modern kitchens.


    Terrazzo is back

    This is another wonderful example of a kitchen using terrazzo as a decor element. Its colourful terrazzo kitchen island adds character to the room. There are so many different colours and styles of this material on the market that anyone can find one they like. Terrazzo is equally important in bathroom trends as it is in kitchen trends for 2019.


    A retro kitchen looks good

    Retro is having huge comeback. This style's lovers will be pleased to know that tiling companies are bringing back the Retro look so you can integrate it into your home. Tile motifs are inspired by the 70s and companies aren't skimping on the number of designs! Combining them with simple straight-lined cabinets will give a pleasant look to your modern kitchen.


    A charcoal and black kitchen

    Would you dare getting a black kitchen? Be different. Paint your kitchen walls black, and get some dark flooring and black cabinetry. These homeowners we're even more daring by putting in a chalkboard backsplash.


    A futuristic and clean kitchen

    This kitchen's futuristic design is breath taking. Recreating this look is quite simple: you'll just need to keep what's essential, opt for white as predominant tone, and favour straight-lined furnishing. What do you think the kitchen of tomorrow will look like?


    A tiny picturesque kitchen

    When comes the time to renovate a heritage home, one of the major hurdles homeowners have is preserving the house's character. Seeing this kitchen's charm, we can tell these homeowner's were successful in doing so! We're loving the marble sink. The entire kitchen was well thought out, not only design-wise, but also in regards to decorative accessories.


    A kitchen in an converted factory

    How charming is this kitchen in an old manufacturing building? The huge windows bring in a lot of light, brightening the beautiful marble counter tops. In most cases, people will opt for darker cabinets. However, these homeowners went for lighter toned, simple ones. This choice highlights the space's architecture.


    A designer kitchen

    This designer kitchen is unique in many ways. The homeowners placed the sink in the kitchen island, and went with a two-toned chevron patterned floor, which is quite original. The black vertical wall cabinets, the dark ceiling, and the flooring really showcase the kitchen island and the golden light fixture.


    A masculine and chic kitchen

    We're loving the ladder used to access the higher level cabinets! This kitchen's navy blue cabinetry and dark wood makes us feel like we're in some sort majestic library!


    Revised mid-century

    Remember when basement walls were paneled with dark wood and the couches were of an orange colour? Well, this kitchen seems like it's borrowed the look. It's surely a look that depends on personal tastes, but it's clear which era inspired its look!


    Spanish architecture in the spotlight

    This kitchen's ceiling is just magnificent! Its reminds us of a wine cellar! Although planning a functional layout in this atypical structure might be a challenge, the results are breath taking! Hiring an interior designer will ensure that the building's stylistic integrity remains unchanged.


    A vintage style kitchen with a converted island

    Designing a kitchen on a budget is quite doable. Subway tiles are one of the cheapest options on the market and look great for your backsplash. You can also convert an old piece of furniture and use it as your kitchen's island. Combining the two gives the space a nice vintage look.


    A colourful kitchen

    This tiny kitchen surely doesn't lack personality! The coloured flooring and patterned ceiling fill the room with a positive energy, making us forget its rather small size.


    A scandinavian kitchen & a brick wall

    This homey kitchen shines the spotlight on its brick wall. The homeowners opted for lower cabinets to make sure their stunning wall is highlighted. If you want to recreate this look, you're likely to need the help of a mason.


    A light-toned classic style kitchen

    Who wouldn't want to cook in this kitchen? Its polished and classic style will certainly stand the test of time. The golden accent pieces add a touch of luxury to the space. Even our little furry friends seems to like the kitchen!


    Always sunny yellow

    This kitchen won't go unnoticed! It's the prime example of color blocking at its height! This bright yellow is sure to wake you up in the morning. If you opt for a single coloured kitchen like this one, keeping it clean and simple is the way to go.


    A window as a backsplash for this kitchen

    Looking for a little more natural light in your kitchen? Why not put in a window as the backsplash? Having a horizontal window above the sink will also allow you to put in cabinets all along its top.


    Light fixtures are stealing the show

    Do you have a simple white kitchen? Give it a WOW factor by adding a stunning light fixture above the kitchen island. A unique fixture can make all the difference between two very similarly styled kitchens. If you live in a condo building where all the kitchens are rather similar, a simple 'light' change can create a completely different look for your space!


    A concrete kitchen

    This kitchen seems to come straight out of WWII. All this concrete makes one feel like they're in a bunker! Opting for this style will inspire you to adopt a minimalist lifestyle - especially with its open storage space.


    A Scandinavian cottage kitchen

    Having a cottage in the woods doesn't necessarily mean it has to be a log cabin! This kitchen's design is breath taking with its Scandinavian style - making us want to escape the city for a little while. The white cabinets and walls, wooden accent pieces, and black accents work well with the geometric ceiling. Their combination is quite charming and creates a stunning space.


    A rectangular kitchen

    Properly laying out a kitchen built lengthwise can be difficult, especially if it's at the center of your home (i.e. in between two separate rooms). This room's interior designers successfully designed a contemporary space. It's also rather rare to find a fireplace in a kitchen, but as it's in the middle of the house, it works well for the homeowners!


    An indoor-outdoor kitchen

    This open concept kitchen continues outdoors. It even seems to have borrowed some outdoor elements for its modern - yet cozy - decor. Note the light fixture mirroring the look of a fishing net, the ribbed wood for the cabinets, and the streaked quartz. The combination of these elements provides the space with a unique personality, all whilst keeping it neutral if ever the homeowners plan on selling.


    Marble as the feature element

    Why settle for only one marble colour? Here, the homeowners their kitchen island's black marble counter top with a white marble backsplash. They also decided to keep only lower-level cabinets to make the ceilings seem higher. Also, seeing as the cabinets are dark blue, it makes the room look bigger. Notice how the kitchen island is on wheels, making the space versatile.


    A European style kitchen

    Chevron patterned hardwood floors, intricate molding, and high ceilings are typical of European style kitchens. This Parisian kitchen has been modernized by painting the flooring and kitchen island black, and adding a black metal framed glass door. This high contrast kitchen clearly redefines a luxurious classic style.


    A simple and cool kitchen

    Peace and relaxation exude from this room thanks to its light pastel colouring. The light blue-grey cabinets and the faint patterned quartz backsplash combined with brass fittings truly create a calming atmosphere. The wooden chairs are a great choice for adding warmth to the room as well - making the entire space feel quite cozy.


    Cute florals rule this tiny kitchen

    What's great about small rooms is that you can install patterned and colourful wall paper without it being "too much"! It'll be the focal point of the room, allowing you to add simpler elements for the rest of the space. Plus, it'll distract from the fact that the kitchen is rather small.


    Wood on wood for this cabin kitchen

    This kitchen is for wood lovers. The plywood cabinets and kitchen island work wonderfully with the hardwood flooring. Oddly enough, having opted for woods of the same colour actually works for this room! However, had the homeowners opted for different wood stains for different areas of the kitchen, it would have been a little much for the space. We're also in love with the built in reading nook! Who wouldn't want to sit back and relax in this space!?


    A comforting space

    "Comforting" certainly isn't a word that comes to mind when people look at kitchens. However, we're kind of feeling hugged by looking at this one! It just feels so homey! The dark grey cabinets with leather handles bring comforting warmth to the room. Had the handles been metal - like we're used to seeing - we may not have felt this way!


    A little kitchen under the staircase

    Space saving is certainly what this kitchen is all about! the homeowners took advantage of the unused space under the staircase to create cabinets and a pantry. Pretty smart, don't you think? Take a look at ways you can make a small kitchen seem bigger.


    A patchwork kitchen?

    When taking a look at this kitchen, it feels as though nothing was meant to be paired with anything else. However, the chosen elements actually look great together! The white marble, different tints of wood, the modern stools, the rough-cut wooden shelf, and the salmon coloured wall somehow work amazingly together! It isn't always easy to pull together a look with such disparate elements. We suggest you hire an interior designer for the job!


    Light pink beauty

    This dollhouse inspired kitchen is just marvelous. Although pink isn't a colour usually found in kitchens, it works well here! We're digging the chevron patterned pink backsplash. Though, if you're planning on selling your home in the near future, we suggest going for more neutral tones and opting for more colourful accessories.


    A sophisticated kitchen

    The gorgeous alcove around the stove is definitely this kitchen's focal point. The shape of the tiling on the wall is also quite unique - and much more modern than other elements in the room! The rest of the space seems rather classic with the chevron hardwood floor, gold fittings, and classic style cabinetry. The tiling on the back wall is proof that it doesn't necessarily take much to change the look of your kitchen!


    A kitchen in a condo

    This kitchen is simple, yet chic. It's the ideal look you'd want for an apartment or condo you intend on renting out. Its neutral tones are sure to please any tenant, all while being different the typical all white kitchens. The light fixture - along with the fittings - add a touch of originality without being "too much".


    A modern and elegant kitchen

    We're loving the colour/material combination for this kitchen! In most cases, we'll find kitchens with lighter wood paired with black. However, this oak wood provides a more rich and impressive look to the room.


    Back to basics

    This kitchen is definitely the most simple looking one of the bunch! You'll only find the essentials in this space. The only 'extravagant' element here is the geometric motif for the floor.


    A modern kitchen with lacquered cabinets

    This huge modern kitchen has swept us off our feet with all its amenities. Two refrigerators, a wine cellar, a double oven, quality finishes, etc. are all part of its charm.

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