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Adele Orsini

by Adele Orsini Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Reno Blog / Kitchen / Kitchens of Tomorrow: What Will They Look Like?
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Kitchens of Tomorrow: What Will They Look Like?


Tomorrow’s kitchen will be smart & connected

Technology is constantly evolving in our hyper-connected world – even in the kitchen! There already exists a plethora of gadgets and appliances for virtually every purpose, yet there are still new ways to make our dining experience even easier. Tomorrow’s kitchen will, without a doubt, be hyper-connected, multi-functional and sustainable. We think you should consider some of these gadgets when planning your kitchen reno!

Focusing on reusability

hydroponic kitchen

With pollution rising at an alarming rate, tomorrow’s kitchen will attempt to do its part to reduce our environmental footprint. It’ll be equipped with a hydroponic system to facilitate the growth of food directly at home and, thus, reduce farm to home transportation.

In addition, some major industry players, such as Ikea, have developed an in-home composting prototype, where waste from the sink is harvested to produce compost for the garden. Water is also salvaged to water indoor plants.

Even the garbage bin has become smart: non-compostable waste is identified by its type and then vacuumed and packaged by category. Subsequently, a report on waste is produced, which can improve the household’s waste output. Energy saving will also be part of tomorrow’s kitchen! Household appliances will be more energy efficient by operating with the help of electricity and solar energy combined.

3D meal printing is coming

food printing

Have you heard of 3D printers? Well, not only are they used to create mock-ups or even prostheses, but they will also be able to print food! Isn’t that just great for those who don’t like to cook!? Natural Machines has already created a model called Foodini, which allows you to print pancakes, pasta and even pizza! Just add the ingredients into the machine and it’ll take care of the rest. Aside from printing food with whimsical shapes, from an environmental standpoint, this new technology could encourage society to reduce their tendency to overpack. We can now come back to basics by cooking with raw ingredients, without the effort of having to cook the food yourself!

Tomorrow’s kitchen will be a smart kitchen

After smartphones and smart TVs, smart home appliances were quite predictable. But what advantages will they bring to our kitchens? Well, we can now start our oven remotely, adjust the cooking time or see the inside of our fridges directly on our phones in order to plan out our groceries. We can also find fridges with integrated touch screens or counters connected to databases of recipes. The counter will be able to detect food, weigh quantities, and assist us by video during the entire food prep process. Counters can even double as burners. They’ll work magnetically and only begin to warm up when pots and pans are placed on them. We’ll be able to heat our pans virtually anywhere on the counter!

Robotic personal chefs might become the norm

Sci-fi movies were well ahead of the times, but we can now say that robots will be appearing in our kitchens very soon. Our lives have become easier with these robotic chefs! As technology evolves, these robotic arms are becoming increasingly efficient in putting meals together. Equipped with sensors, they are becoming more and more precise and can learn up to 100 recipes. All that remains to be seen is who, between robotic arms and 3D printers, will successfully enter our everyday lives!

Devices can communicate with one another

Assistants like Google home or Alexa already make life easier when it comes to measurement conversions, recipe reading or other basic requests. Eventually, all devices will be connected to personal digital assistants (PDAs), making both technologies work together. For instance, if your blender downloads a blueberry smoothie recipe and your refrigerator says it no longer has blueberries, your PDAs will work together to order the ingredients according to your preset criteria (budget, organic or not, location origin, etc.). Not sure what to prepare for dinner? Well, your refrigerator itself can suggest recipes according to the ingredients it contains. Tomorrow’s kitchen can be described as an actionable kitchen. Devices will no longer simply be ‘inert’, they will communicate with each other and work together to make your life easier.

Healthy eating is getting easier

With a growing concern to eat well and maintain healthy living habits, new kitchen tech is contributing in a positive way. It’ll be able to calculate calories and be able to set up menus adapted to each household individual’s diet. This new connected kitchen will have a significant impact on people with health problems requiring special dietary restrictions. The right portion of vitamins, calories and nutrients can be adjusted to ensure a personalized meal. 

As food’s freshness is favoured, refrigerators will be equipped with separate compartments that can regulate the ideal temperature to promote optimum food preservation. In addition, a device eliminating ethylene gas – which speeds up food spoilage – also exists. Ultraviolet lights will also be used to sterilize food, eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria.

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Meal prep is educational and fun

mother and daughter in futuristic kitchen

To increase the culinary experience among younger family members, some companies have developed holographic animations. The kitchen can then tell a story about the detected food –  transforming meal prepping into an interactive experience. Thus, children are more engaged, and vegetables are finally pleasant to eat!

Don’t worry, Fido isn’t left out!

automatic dog feeder

Autonomous food bowls already exist. Nevertheless, in tomorrow’s kitchen, they will be integrated into cabinets and will be set to reveal themselves according to your pet’s meal time specifications. Plus, you’ll be able to toss treats in your furry friends’ direction, as well as speak to them through video or voice!

High protein diets and raw diets will be easy to implement. These “bowls” will be able to put together a specific diet for each of your pets, depending on their dietary requirements. This new technology will even be able to order food when it notices supply levels are running low!

Tomorrow’s kitchen is connected, intelligent, and environmental and health conscious. It’ll reflect society’s challenges of today. Future kitchens will use technology to create a better world, one dish at a time!

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