5 Things to Consider Before You Start Your Kitchen Renovation

5 points à considérer pour rénover sa cuisine

A kitchen renovation is amazing opportunity to create a place to make meals and memories, so think about what you need for it to suit your lifestyle. For example, if you love to host, you’ll want to create a calm and aesthetic space for you and your guests. If you’re an amateur pastry chef, cool counters and storage space will be your focus. No matter how you slice it, it’s a space to prepare meals for yourself, your family, and your guests. So, don’t rush into things: take some time to design the kitchen of your dreams. Here are five things to consider before beginning your kitchen renovation.

1. Ample seating

The kitchen is the focal point in most homes. Whether you’re entertaining, cooking, watching the kids do homework, or using it as an office, chances are that everyone will end up spending time around the central island or at the dining table.

Before you start your kitchen renovation, make sure you have enough room to accommodate everyone. Your dining table should be big enough that your little ones can do their homework and you have enough space to do your own projects.

2. Technology and smart appliances

Kitchens are embracing technology – you can find ovens controlled by apps, automatic pet feeders, and even fridges with screens. Each feature can provide convenience to the user, so take some time to think about what could streamline or improve your cooking experience. If you’re someone who likes to follow recipes on YouTube, maybe an extra screen would help. Do you struggle with meal prep? There’s a robot chef for that.

Even if you’re not going to go all out during your kitchen renovation, you can still explore fridges with moisture control or ovens with specialized cooking and self-cleaning settings. Even dishwashers have quick modes, so you can have clean dishes within the hour.

3. Built-in appliances

One of the most important choices you’ll make will have to do with your appliances. It can be tough to choose something that fits your needs and lifestyle, so it’s best to take some time to explore your options. For example, if you like to be on-trend and need a lot of space for food, consider a fridge with French doors. Another interesting choice could be a side-by-side model with a freezer that’s almost the same size as the refrigerator.

The question remains: Do we have to recess our appliances? You don’t, but it can create a more streamlined look. There are lots of ways to embed appliances, like microwave drawers, which make the appliance look like it’s part of the cabinetry.

4. Induction or gas cooktop

Lots of people swear by gas cooktops, but the truth is that both gas and induction are great options for your kitchen renovation project. It’ll ultimately come down to what your needs are, so browse through the pros and cons below.

Gas cooktop


  • The flame shows the heat intensity
  • Easy temperature control


  • Dangerous for young children
  • Need a permit to install a propane tank

Induction cooktop


  • Easy to clean
  • Space can be used for prep work
  • Faster boiling
  • Perfect temperature control


  • Need to pay attention to the amperage

5. Flooring

Whether you choose ceramic, hardwood, or even vinyl, the important thing is to make sure your new flooring is strong enough to survive the challenges of everyday life. In addition, if you decide to install the new floor over the old one, make sure it’s level so that you have a smooth final product.

Don’t be afraid to take whisks

Your kitchen renovation is an opportunity to create a space you’ll love. Traditional or modern, bold or classic, take some time to explore your options and have a plan in mind before you begin. Looking for more? Browse completed projects, explore updated renovation costs, and find ways to save money on your project.