5 Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Renovation


Before starting your kitchen renovation, there are many things to consider in order for it to live up to your expectations. It’s where you might spend most of the time in the day when you get home from work. Between meal prep and preparing for your guests, it’s always a good idea to prepare for whoever is coming to your house. 

Before you read on, you might be interested to see 50 dream kitchen designs. Beyond that, we have listed five things to consider before beginning your kitchen renovation. 

1. Your kitchen is the focal point of your home

In most homes, the kitchen is the unifying piece in the house. Whether it’s for entertainment, cooking, doing homework, or using it as an office, everyone will spend a lot of time around the central island or the dining table.

So you have to make sure you have enough room to accommodate everyone. Your dining table should be big enough so that your little ones can do their homework, and you have enough space to do projects of your own.

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2. How technology is used in your kitchen

Technological advancements are found even in the kitchen and the choice of your appliances becomes even more important. Nowadays, every appliance has its particularity in terms of technology. Our kitchens of tomorrow article provides you with examples of interesting tech for your kitchen.

Fridges now have a moisture control option to allow for better food preservation even when you go on vacation. As for the ovens, their new features can guarantee optimal cooking for all your dishes. And, thanks to the pyrolysis cleaning, you can even clean it by pressing a single button. Finally, for dishwashers, some even offer economic modes.

3. How do you feel about built-in appliances?

One of the most important choices has to do with your appliances! It can sometimes be difficult to choose which appliance best fits your lifestyle and kitchen needs. French doors for fridges are becoming more trendy and give more space to store food. An interesting choice could be a side by side model with a freezer almost the same size as the refrigerator.

The question that often arises is whether we have to recess our appliances. This answer depends on everyone, but there are now some great ways to embed them. The microwave drawers remain very discreet, but are very effective and really gives the impression of being part of the furniture, just like the warming drawers.

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4. Do you want an induction cooker or gas?

We have all wondered whether an induction cooker is better than gas. Here is a table presenting the positive and negative points of these two methods:

Gas cookers


  • The visual aspect of the intensity
  • Easy temperature control


  • Dangerous for young children
  • Verification with the city for the installation of the propane tank

Induction cooker


  • Cold items a few minutes before or after use
  • Easy to clean
  • Space usable for the preparation
  • Faster boiling
  • Perfect temperature control


  • Pay attention to the amperage of our electrical installations
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5. Your kitchen’s flooring

Whether you choose ceramic, hardwood or even vinyl, the important thing is to make sure your new flooring is strong enough to survive the challenges of everyday life. In addition, if you decide to install the new floor over the old one, make sure the height goes well with the adjacent floor coverings to ensure a smooth continuity.

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