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10 Trends to Vamp up Your Kitchen in 2022

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Renovating an outdated kitchen into something brand new is truly exciting! We spend a lot of time in this room: it’s the place where recipes come to life and children’s homework gets done. Sometimes it even doubles as a home office. The more time spent there, the more likely it is for small issues to turn into bigger ones! If you’re considering a kitchen renovation soon, browse through current trends and our kitchen remodel checklist – it’ll give you an even better idea of the type of environment you’ll want to immerse yourself in daily. The possibilities are practically endless. With input from top industry experts, our team has compiled a list of the 10 kitchen trends you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2022.

In 2022, a kitchen serves as a family gathering place and is ergonomically designed for ease of use. We want it to reflect our personality without going out of style anytime soon. And, most importantly, we want something that we’ll like and appreciate for a long time. You’ll find everything but the kitchen sink to satisfy your curiosity here, whether you’re interested in on-trend colours, new cabinet looks, or the most popular styles! 

1. Natural materials take centre stage

Bringing nature indoors is without a doubt a central focus of new kitchen trends. A more minimalist style has swept in to keep the spotlight on select high-quality materials. Wood, marble, quartz… basically any material that brings nature to mind. In terms of kitchen backsplashes, highly lustrous ceramics with a pattern of irregular lines, known as Zellige, are also appearing. Lastly, recommended for ages by interior designers, hardwood is now making its way into the kitchen, bringing harmony to the whole floor.  

How to get it: Pick a finish that will be more matte than polished. Leave room for wood, from big pieces like centrepieces on the island to small accents like trim, all in warm tones. Check out our article on kitchen cabinet materials to browse your options!  

2. Neutral and natural colours for complete harmony 

Combine softness, serenity, and comfort by picking pastel colours reminiscent of nature. Sage green is our pick of the year, and it perfectly matches beige, cream, and sandy tones. The goal is to shift from intense colours, which have been all the rage these last few years, to bright and vibrant shades like yellow ochre, water green, or sandstone pink, which will wonderfully complement stone or wicker touches. To create some contrast, play with colder colours, such as gray, green-gray, and sky blue. They blend in well with woody textures! 

How to get it: Rely on touches of colour instead of large areas of colour. Go with accent walls or add some colour to your cabinets and backsplashes while preserving hints of white. Don’t forget to complete this natural look with wood accents through furniture and shelving.    

3. Blue cabinets for a serene kitchen 

Blue is getting a makeover this year and taking over our kitchen cabinets! We’re talking about daring shades of cobalt, navy, or turquoise. Indeed, dark colours are ever popular, and forest green and burgundy have also been cropping up in our kitchens. As long as you don’t overdo it, these shades will add depth to your room and make guests do a double take. 

How to get it: Don’t be shy about alternating these dark colours with wood touches to soften everything. Another idea would be to paint either the upper or lower cabinets blue and leave the rest white or use wood. Gold or brass touches on handles, lamps, and other accessories make vibrant shades stand out even more. 

4. Small appliances out of sight 

Minimalism is THE 2022 kitchen trend, so small kitchen appliances are put in the cupboard to save space and for the sake of ergonomics. Work surfaces must be kept as clear as possible. Anything not needed now can be stored in a space specifically designed for that purpose. Use the pantry, drawers, and cupboards to house all small appliances that crowd work surfaces. Your kitchen will appear bigger and brighter, and it’ll keep dust bunnies off your air fryer! 

How to get it: Choose built-in appliances and cabinet panels with doors for small appliances. This way, everything gets organized in no time flat. 

5. Matte finishes for a sensational refined style 

High gloss cabinets and backsplashes are out in 2022 and a more natural matte finish is in. No more visible fingerprints or grease marks to deal with – on matte finishes, signs of use are far more subtle and much easier to clean! Of course, wood remains timeless as a material for both countertops and cabinets. That said, textured materials like concrete or sandstone can also be used to give a more sophisticated and modern touch to the layout. In all cases, rely on materials and finishes that will catch light rather than refract it. 

How to get it: Opt for matte and thin surfaces that offer a more minimalist and ergonomic look. You can use textures like linen, jute, cotton, clay, and slate for décor and accessories. This will create a balance of colours and materials. 

6. Incorporating metal for a luxurious kitchen

This trend is sitting pretty in 2021 and will keep on going into 2022. As the saying goes, luxury is in each detail. Utilitarian accessories deserve recognition, especially when chosen with care. This trend is perfect for those who want to quickly transform a classic kitchen into something that pops! We fall for gold handles, faucets, and accessories. This trend will stick around because it looks so good. 

How to get it: Be consistent with the style of your kitchen and the rest of your accessories. While it’s brave to be bold, you shouldn’t go overboard and saturate the décor with too much eclecticism. 

7. Mix vintage and antiques with modern touches 

They say that fashion is an eternal do-over, and the same can be said about kitchen design! Don’t hesitate to mix eras for a unique look. High-tech countertops with antique furniture, chrome with wood, an art deco backsplash with minimalist cabinets, 80s appliances with geometric light fixtures… Anything goes! Finally, recycled wood is becoming an important element in the kitchen as it allows us to be more eco-friendly while adding some cachet to the room.  

How to get it: Recover chairs, stools, and other decorating items from thrift stores. Use on-trend shades to paint antique cabinets. Along the way, play with more modern textures and finishes (e.g., matte, glass, stoneware) that provide contrast with vintage elements.

8. Harmonious and durable kitchen backsplash 

Renovating is not just about aesthetics: the focus should always be on sustainable and quality materials. The same goes for kitchen backsplashes, which tend to be easily damaged by humidity, spills, grease, etc. We highly recommend tiles that are more solid and easy to clean. White or beige are still timeless choices, but you could also go out on a limb with darker shades. Get inspired by 2022 kitchen backsplash trends! 

How to get it: Subway tiles are still trendy and match most kitchen styles. Go with pale shades to create harmony with the rest of the room and to ensure the durability of both the material and the look. 

9. Suspended lights for a detailed room

Large pendant lighting is so 2022. Geometric shapes, huge bulbs, metallic lampshades… There’s something for every taste! They add the modern and chic touch that’s missing from your space. In addition to sophistication, suspended lights really do add a lot of light to your kitchen. Whether placed above your dining table, central island, or countertop, they add warmth and character to the room. 

How to get it: Don’t shy away from materials such as wood, metal, and glass and play with colour. Use neutral or natural lighting, not artificial lighting that will dull the room.  

10. Boldly design your personal and unique look

The goal is to always enjoy the space you’re in. Make your kitchen your own by adding a dash of your personality and be bold while ensuring your must-have design will endure. Colours, items, and utensils can each tell a story and reveal tidbits about you. A new kitchen should make you smile every time you cross the threshold.   

How to get it: Mix cabinetry materials, use tile designs inspired by other cultures, add plants and travel souvenirs… Or go the other route with original accessories and simple countertops and cabinets that you won’t grow tired of over time.  

Outdated trends that are so over 

In summary, 2022 kitchen trends are inspired by natural stone and high-quality wood and favour minimalism. It can be tough to navigate all the trends and make good choices. To make it easier, our experts put together trends that you should now avoid. 

  • Tile countertopsnot the best route to go for a countertop, simply because it isn’t convenient to clean. Furthermore, it can easily chip or crack when whacked.  
  • Microwave as vent hood: you’re aiming for an ergonomic kitchen above all, so it’s best to avoid installing the microwave above the stove. It can be hard to access and could even be dangerous for children. 
  • Too much open shelving: open cabinets and shelves are nice but not practical. Also, dust builds up easily. It’s a safer bet to go with closed cabinets with glass or totally opaque doors. 
  • Lacquered cabinets: high gloss cabinets had their day in the sun but this is no longer the case. 
  • Colourful kitchens:kitchens with loud or accent colours are out. The trend now is to go for a variety of shades that complement each other to create a harmonious whole. Deep blues, rich greens, such as forest green, and darker tones of red are all popular.

Timeless kitchen trends

Some elements never go out of style – they stand the test of time and don’t give a kitchen an outdated look! Here are some sure bangs for your buck in kitchen design. 

  • Central kitchen island :The central kitchen island is and shall remain present in our kitchens. Besides opening up the room and allowing light to circulate freely, it serves as a meeting place for interactions with guests or people who live there. It also helps to declutter counter space. 
  • Marble: How can you pass on a material like marble? You know you’re getting outstanding value when you pick a timeless kitchen material that pays homage to current trends as well. Some won’t dare go with marble countertops because they’re worried they’ll get damaged. Kick fear to the curb! When adequately protected with sealant, marble stays as good as new no matter what life throws its way! 
  • Waterfall countertops: This countertop doesn’t stop at the edge of cabinets: it drops down the sides to offer a chic touch to your work surface. In marble or granite, it adds a luxurious feel to the room, regardless of what style you choose. 

A Renovation Advisor is here to help! 

Always keep in mind that trends come and go. The only real question you should be asking yourself is if you’ll like your kitchen renovation 15–20 years down the road. Make sure you’ll still like the style in the long term, even if it doesn’t make the on-trend list of the year. 

Need more inspiration before you get started? We invite you to explore our completed kitchen renovations. You’ll find an array of photos of our clients’ kitchen renovation projects, including prices, all completed by our 53-point Verified Contractors. If you’re ready to plan your budget, check out the cost of a kitchen renovation. 

Marilena Tricarico has been a key figure in the interior design world for over 15 years. Her expertise and designs have been featured on the hit TV show Décore ta Vie for 10 years. Today, she shares her knowledge of the renovation industry with RenoAssistance as a video content producer and host.