20 Kitchen Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2023

kitchen with outdoor access and veined marble

The kitchen is the central gathering place of every home. When decorating, you want something that blends aesthetic and functionality in a way that suits your needs. If you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place: our renovation and design experts have collected the most sought-after kitchen trends for 2023. Discover walk-out kitchens, veined marble countertops, luxurious arches… everything you need to kickstart your creative juices and find inspiration for your next renovation project!

1. Lighting as works of art

The Maison&Objet Paris show, a forerunner of interior design trends, laid it out for all to see: light fixtures are no longer just for lighting. This year, they are moodsetters and act as the centrepiece of the room. Dare to be bold by selecting light fixtures overflowing with character. Mix materials or go with metals such as gold and bronze.

How to include it: You want the light fixture to be the focal point, an element that inspires the rest of the room design. A good place to install it is above the island. Instead of going with a multi-suspension light fixture, choose a single suspension fixture. If necessary, you can always add another lighting source to complete the room such as pot lights.

2. Peach passion palette

Accent colours and plain white kitchens exit stage right! This year’s colour palette has been meticulously chosen to create a soft and harmonious whole. Sure, white is still hanging around, but it’s more like a link between colours. We’re seeing a lot of warm and off-white as well as beige, but the year’s star colour is most definitely peach.

How to include it: Pick several shades of the same colour with light elements to match. Peach goes well with pale wood species. As for faucets and kitchen hardware, go out on a limb for the latest trends: gold, copper, and matte white.

3. Bench seating: Appealing and practical

A trend that creates more space and is aesthetically pleasing at the same time? Sign us up! Benches are so in this year. Whether you opt for velour, fake leather, or fabric, a good bench will help you reclaim wasted corner space and give it a roomier feel. We’re noticing backrests with grooved upholstery (straight vertical lines) among the designs in Vogue.

How to include it: To create bench seating, you’ll need about 18 inches of height from the floor to the seat and an additional 38 to 42 inches for the backrest. Then comes the fun part: picking upholstery! Velour is quite eye-catching but may not be the most practical choice for a family with small children.

4. The invisible kitchen

The pandemic caused us to create more and more living spaces that bring people together. Besides an open-air kitchen, one strong trend this year is the invisible kitchen. What a concept! To do it, you use the materials in adjacent rooms (e.g., living room, dining room) in the kitchen to make it blend in. This camouflages the kitchen – you don’t even see it! You can also push the concept to the extreme and use façades and panels to hide appliances.

How to include it: Place large appliances in recesses and camouflage them using cabinet panels. Replace the stove with an oven and cooktop. Once the big-ticket items are out of sight, the island turns into a decorative element in the space. If you really want to show it off, choose rich and elegant materials like large-veined marble.

5. Connecting with the world outside

We are increasingly looking to reconnect with nature and know that time spent in nature promotes our psychological and physical well-being. Outdoor kitchens fit the bill and will be very popular this year. The interior blends into the exterior through the use of windows or an accordion door that leads to a patio. It’s a great way to expand your living space during the warmer months, and it also brings in an incredible amount of light!

How to include it: A budget-friendly way of incorporating this design is to enlarge windows that lead to the patio. You can also add a small lunch counter outside against the window. If you want something a bit more extravagant, go for accordion doors with large windows.

6. Go coo-coo for veined marble

Marble has always been one of those timeless trends but 2023 takes it a bit further. Marble with large, visible, and very pronounced veins is now invited into the kitchen, not only on islands but also countertops and backsplashes. The most popular vein colours are brown, green, burgundy, and the old go-to black.

How to include it: Combine it with more understated and discreet finishes so nothing clashes with the flashy veins. If marble is being used as a countertop surface, also use it as the backsplash. It’ll add a luxurious feel to your kitchen while making the marble the star of the show. Select decorative elements with the same colour palette as the marble veins to create an overall harmonious effect.

7. Dark and earth tones

For those who aren’t feeling the peachy vibe, never fear! Warm, dark, and earthy tones also make the grade. We’re talking browns, brown-reds, greys, beiges, and don’t forget the greens that transport you back to nature and add a cocoon-like feel to the kitchen. These colours go well with dark wood essences such as mahogany, ebony, and walnut.

How to include it: If this is the look you’re going for, stick with dark colours on kitchen cabinets, walls, and counters. The floor shouldn’t be as dark in order to welcome enough light into the room. In the hardware department, gold, copper, and black go very well with earth tones.

8. Secret pantry in the kitchen

Who wouldn’t love a huge walk-in pantry? The trend is not only to have a well-organized pantry, but also one with a hidden entrance! The pantry is concealed in a cabinet or even in the wall with decorative mouldings. Why hide it? For the same reason appliances are concealed in cabinets: it gives the kitchen a more spacious look. And hey, who hasn’t dreamed of having a secret room in the house?

How to include it: Building a secret door requires dexterity and precision. There’s no room for error. Mouldings must fit perfectly to successfully achieve the effect. If the goal is to conceal the entrance using a cabinet, you must inform your kitchen designer at the start of the project so the design can be adapted to create a coherent whole.

9. Smart appliances

Technology is making its mark and becoming a priority in kitchen design. The ultimate goal? To make cooking easier and to save time, all while maintaining a minimalist design. You’ve got motion sensors for sinks, hidden range hoods that react to steam and smells, and smart coffee makers that start brewing when you click a button on your smartphone. As you can see, there are many smart kitchen appliances to discover.

How to include it: Pick appliances you use most often and that help you in your daily life. Also consider the additional cost of these luxury gadgets since they don’t come cheap.

10. Monolithic kitchen… say what?

Monoli… huh? Monolithic meaning “cast as a single piece.” This trend inspires homeowners to use the same kitchen materials as much as possible. So, for example, choose the same quartz for countertops and the backsplash. Consider using the same material for the flooring and the island to create a uniform look. You can also use the same wood essence for the island and the base of surrounding cabinets. The possibilities are endless!

How to include it: There are various ways to embrace this trend. If you seek seamless continuity between counter and backsplash, raise the stone to a height between 24 and 27 inches. You can always inch up a little more if ceilings are higher than 8 feet and make the room appear even bigger. It would also be interesting to add a little shelf at the end, cabinet layout permitting.

11. Colourful faucets

Why not reinvent the notorious faucet with a matte colour finish? This trend isn’t for everyone but can result in an extremely original look when properly incorporated into the décor. Colours like moss green, terracotta, and pale pink are flying off shelves this year. For those who don’t want to go quite that far, matte white is also very trendy.

How to include it: This may not be the best way to go if you have a classical kitchen. On the other hand, coloured faucets go well in a contemporary kitchen.

12. Soften the look with arches

The kitchen flaunts its curves! Arches are appearing everywhere from entryways and cabinets to wall niches and even shelves. This 60s and 70s trend has resurfaced to show off its warmer side and ditch the straight lines. It’s perfect for transitional style, which mixes modern and classical. It’s also another way to create a spacious effect by drawing attention to the height of the walls.

How to include it: Choose from several types of arches. The sides of a Gothic arch meet at the top in a point whereas a half-arch is a perfect half-circle. Then there’s the simple arch, which resembles a half-circle but wider. Take a good look at your home’s architecture and choose an arch that works well with the room’s proportions and style. Get some help from an interior designer!

13. Tall kitchen cabinets

Although simplicity and clean lines are in, let’s face it, there’s never enough space to store things in the kitchen. Well, nothing’s stopping you from adding tall kitchen cabinets! Consider trifold cabinets. They not only provide desperately needed storage space but also make good use of the area above cupboards.

How to include it: Prioritize door panels with no mouldings or handles. No broken lines are allowed here, so make sure bottom cupboards align perfectly with the top ones. Cupboards will ideally be the same colour top to bottom.

14. Decorative or hidden range hood

There’s nothing less visually appealing than a range hood! This year, the focus is on making range hoods more attractive or hiding them altogether. Long cylindrical range hoods are popping up on the market, as are hoods embellished with wood or marble. These details transform the hood into an architectural feature. That said, you can still hide the range hood in a cupboard if you don’t like this look or it’s not feasible with your budget.

How to include it: If you’re looking to showcase a decorative range hood, be sure to pick your materials beforehand. This way you can ensure that the hood and the surrounding cabinets match. If you end up picking a cylindrical range hood, remember that the back of the hood will be visible. You can decorate it with ceramic or marble or, alternatively, extend your backsplash to reach the height of your hood.

15. Integrated handles

The trend in handles is… not to have any! This option puts its best minimalist foot forward and makes it all about the materials. This year, we’re seeing a total absence of handles, complete lack of recesses in cabinet doors, and nonexistent mouldings to act as handles.

How to include it: It’s best incorporated into custom-made kitchen cabinetry since it has to be factored into the design from the start (unlike traditional handles, which get added at the end). If you’re exploring a handle-less option, make sure you have the right mechanism to push the door open slightly.

16. Metal glass cabinets

Metal is back in kitchens and not only in industrial styles. The trend even dares to swap traditional cabinets with black metal glass cabinets to show off dishes. This type of cabinet took a back seat to shelves for many years, but now it’s front and center, giving kitchens a light and elegant look.

How to include it: From display cases to base cabinets, this transparent (or translucent) storage solution allows you to see the contents within as well as what’s behind them. For a pop of colour or contrasting texture, consider applying wood, wallpaper, or a copper metal effect to the inside of the cabinet. Glass selection trends lean toward clear or fluted glass. Don’t forget to add lighting to display your favourite items.

17. Artwork in the kitchen

Artwork is showing up more often in the kitchen. It is sometimes challenging to personalize this space even with an up-to-date room design. The idea is to give yourself permission to include objects with sentimental value in the kitchen to make it cozier and inviting.

How to include it: A large colourful canvas will fill up a wall adjacent to the kitchen and smaller canvases will occupy walls around workspaces, such as shelves, range hoods, and backsplashes. Use brass and gold frames for a more rustic or vintage look. Rediscover your grandma’s trinkets and admire them while making her secret recipes. Consider adding extra lighting above your art to give it the attention it deserves.

18. Discreet kitchen countertops

One and a half inch counters are a thing of the past. Materials on the market have evolved since then and the trend is leaning towards thin European countertops in natural stone. A subtle countertop can make the room appear larger when there is limited space. The slimness fits well in the simple, clean design trend. It’s also easy to install and can be extended to act as a backsplash.

How to include it: Appearance and installation may vary since the countertop is thinner and has no edge.

Floating counters: A thin slab rests on a smaller platform that raises the counter above the cabinetry. This configuration creates a shadow effect around the edges, making it look like the counter is floating.

Integrated counters: Built-in counters line up with the cabinets, unlike traditional countertops which jut out about ¾ of an inch past them. The countertop is an integral part of the cabinet and doesn’t appear as a separate component. In certain designs, it’s even inserted in the cabinet instead of being placed on top.

Waterfall counters: The countertop material continues past the side and back of the cabinets to create a waterfall effect. Thinner stone gives the island a sleek and refined look, making it the focal point of the kitchen. It looks just as luxurious and elegant as thicker waterfall countertops but cuts down the cost.

19. Pencil ceramic in the kitchen

Pencil ceramic tiles (aka KitKat tiles) are in! This ceramic sheet with rectangular tiles is showing up on backsplashes and kitchen islands. We haven’t seen this much on the sides of kitchen islands but we’re breaking the mould this year!

How to include it: Be sure to pair it with a countertop that is not overly textured. Pencil ceramic creates a lot of movement; it will catch the light if it’s glossy. Since it attracts a lot of attention, keep the rest of the finishes simple (matte finishes for cabinets and countertops, for example). It’s best to install them close together to avoid seeing too much grout. Choose a grout that is the same colour as the ceramic. It is preferable to install vertically but you can also install them horizontally for an aged effect.

20. Circular design: Materials made from waste

Circular design is growing in popularity as we learn more ways to help preserve the environment. In 2023, kitchens will be made using recycled materials! Some examples? Designers are creating furniture using construction waste. Some, like Carolina Härdh, are using food waste to create items like stools and sideboards. And then there’s Honext, a start-up company that’s upcycling waste fibres to create new construction materials. A bit of creativity goes a long way!

How to include it: It can be challenging to find eco-friendly products on your own, so consider hiring an interior designer that specializes in sustainable design. They’ll be able to direct you to the best companies and products. If you want to go the extra mile, consider hiring a general contractor that specializes in green design.

Presentation of Kitchen Trends

In this video, our renovation expert and interior designer Marilena Tricarico visits industry specialists Ceragrès, Bouclair, déca LIGHTING and Multi Lighting to present this year’s trends.



Outdated trends that are so over

In summary, 2023 kitchen trends are inspired by nature, noble materials, and minimalism. It can be tough to navigate all the trends and make good choices. To make it easier, our experts put together trends that you should now avoid.

  • Tile countertops. Not the best route to go for a countertop, simply because it isn’t convenient to clean. Furthermore, it can easily chip or crack when whacked.
  • Microwaves as vent hoods. You’re aiming for an ergonomic kitchen above all, so it’s best to avoid installing the microwave above the stove. It can be hard to access and could even be dangerous for children. 
  • Too much open shelving. Open cabinets and shelves are nice but not practical. Also, dust builds up easily. It’s a safer bet to go with closed cabinets with glass or totally opaque doors. 
  • Lacquered cabinets. High gloss cabinets had their day in the sun, but this is no longer the case. 

Timeless kitchen trends

Some elements never go out of style – they stand the test of time and don’t give a kitchen an outdated look! Here are some sure bangs for your buck in kitchen design.

  • Central kitchen island. The central kitchen island is and shall remain present in our kitchens. Besides opening up the room and allowing light to circulate freely, it serves as a meeting place for interactions with guests or people who live there. It also helps to declutter counter space. 
  • Marble. How can you pass on a material like marble? You know you’re getting outstanding value when you pick a timeless kitchen material that pays homage to current trends as well. Some won’t dare go with marble countertops because they’re worried they’ll get damaged. Kick fear to the curb! When adequately protected with sealant, marble stays as good as new no matter what life throws its way! 
  • Waterfall countertops. This countertop doesn’t stop at the edge of cabinets: it drops down the sides to offer a chic touch to your work surface. In marble or granite, it adds a luxurious feel to the room, regardless of what style you choose.

A contemporary kitchen within reach

Always keep in mind that trends come and go. The only real question you should be asking yourself is if you’ll like your kitchen renovation 15–20 years down the road. Make sure you’ll still like the style in the long term, even if it doesn’t make the on-trend list of the year.

Need more inspiration before you get started? We invite you to explore our completed kitchen renovations. You’ll find an array of photos of our clients’ kitchen renovation projects, including prices, all completed by our 53-point Verified Contractors. If you’re ready to plan your budget, check out the cost of a kitchen renovation.

Marilena Tricarico has been a key figure in the interior design world for over 15 years. Her expertise and designs have been featured on the hit TV show Décore ta Vie for 10 years. Today, she shares her knowledge of the renovation industry with RenoAssistance as a video content producer and host.