20 Kitchen Trends You Won’t Want to Miss in 2024

grey and wooden kitchen with large dinner table and island

Our daily lives revolve around the kitchen. It’s always been the heart of the home. Every detail woven into the whole fulfills a specific role. As the years go by, we freshen things up here and there to ensure this inner sanctum remains both practical and user-friendly as it evolves. The RenoAssistance team is on it again this year. We’ve put our heads together to create a list of 2024 kitchen trends. Browse for inspiring ideas becausewho knows, it may convince you that this year is the right time to start your own renovation project. 

1. Minimalist and sleek styling

The minimalist kitchen trend is already on the scene and is primed to stick around in 2024. Known for its straight, clean lines, along with neutral tones – like cream or taupe, the result is the absence of visual clutter and no knickknacks to dust. Maximizing space and banishing clutter are the hallmarks of this top trend. In its place are concealed and efficient storage solutions. This concept is based on order and functionality. 

How to include it: Less is more is your mantra. Strive to keep storage and appliances out of sight. Set aside space for small kitchen appliances that only clutter the countertop. We also recommend using long-lasting and high-quality materials. Consider picking cabinets with no mouldings in a maximum of two colours, wood flooring in a neutral shade and floor tile with no pattern. 

2. A breeze to clean workspaces

The traditional triangle method of positioning kitchen zones is over and done. The configuration has been redesigned to maximize workspace and make it easier to clean. We want to simplify everyday life and lean toward the practical by freeing up the prep area. Gadgets and utensils need to be readily accessible to optimize the kitchen experience.  

How to include it: Dishwasher, removable garbage can and compost bin have to be placed on either side of the sink. Don’t forget to install power outlets in strategic locations. They should be positioned on the least visible side of the island, in cabinets or a few inches above the countertop. To hide them, simply pair covers with the cabinets and kitchen backsplash. Choose ones that match (as close as possible) with the colour of the surface where they will be attached. 

3. Eco-friendly design choices

A green kitchen with a striking design, oh la la! Surfaces have to be easy to maintain, made from recycled materials and free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the planet. We favour materials that add character to the room, contribute to the home’s overall sustainability and help reduce its environmental impact.  

How to include it: You can consider using plywood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). It comes from sustainably managed forests, or even bamboo, as well as surfaces in quartz and artificial stone. It’s recommended to work with a green design specialist to make the most of this design trend. 

4. Green kitchen dreams

Style and sustainability go hand in hand when you choose an eco-friendly kitchen. It’s one way for you to help keep the planet green! This trend is noteworthy for the absence of harmful environmental impacts. It includes various elements, such as green materials, eco-responsible equipment, as well as reusing existing furniture and other items. Forget about out with the old, in with the new. Most kitchen components are reused in the renovation, not tossed out, with some tweaks here and there. 

How to include it: If your kitchen cabinets have good bones, but you want to freshen up the look, you could replace the doors or choose a microplastic-free paint. Giving old furniture a new lease on life is another good practice. And we can’t forget about smart appliances that allow you to control your energy consumption. 

5. A kitchen with spa vibes

Home is your safe haven, so it makes sense that kitchens with soothing spa vibes are fashionable this year. We want to create a chill setting with a warm and organic atmosphere. Natural materials, like stone, slate and solid wood, contribute to the comforting feeling. The goal is to stimulate all your senses and make you want to never leave. 

How to include it: Soft colours (like warm greys and beige) are calming so this is the direction you should take. Storage spaces are streamlined and forget cabinet handles, which is reminiscent of the minimalist style we mentioned earlier. Add subdued, discreet lighting to the mix but remember to make sure you have enough light for meal prep. 

6. Living smarter with less space

You have to put your thinking cap on to make the most of every nook and cranny in a small kitchen. It calls for ingenuity, careful designs and optimal use of your limited space. It all starts with a functional space and zero clutter where organization reigns supreme. Various zones (preparation, cooking, dishes and waste management) must be effectively coordinated.  

How to include it:  It’s important to leave enough space between countertops to allow traffic to flow, despite having limited surface area. You should be able to easily move between the fridge, stove and dishwasher. Overhead storage is used to maximize the zones. Also make sure you have a large enough workspace, especially if you enjoy cooking together. You can simplify your day-to-day by identifying the ideal layout for your kitchen.

7. Quest for functionality

Let’s stay on this path for a while: working to create a functional and practical kitchen. Goal number one is to ensure that items are easy to access and in the right place. Deep sliding drawers are in and should be fitted with dividers and several sections as needed. Wall cabinets are getting shorter, while countertops are getting longer. The end goals are safety and efficiency.  

How to include it: Various steps are involved when it comes to designing a functional kitchen. You’d be wise to consider built-in cabinets, pull-out drawers and sliding shelves. Then there are glass cabinets designed with height in mind to add storage space. You’ll thank yourself later for asking to have a recessed power outlet rail installed. 

8. User-friendly kitchen with built-in breakfast nook

The central island, counter stools and benches constitute a trend of their own. If it’s possible to add a table, all the better! This is where the family gathers so it should be synonymous with comfort. The idea is to make the kitchen a gathering place where people can also hang out. On the menu: social interactions and meals shared together in a comfortable atmosphere. For houses or apartments on the smaller side, it makes more sense to have a kitchen with a breakfast nook rather than planning an entire dining area. 

How to include it: Row islands are out, a more unifying version is in, or you could decide on a two-level model. If you go this route, the lower half becomes a table, the ideal spot for little ones to eat. 

9. A back kitchen, yes, please!

The back kitchen is becoming more widespread and serves as both a preparation zone and food storage area. The main kitchen stays clean and you acquire extra storage space. You can leave appliances back there and also store cleaning products. 

How to include it: Transforming your walk-in pantry into a modern back kitchen is a passion project that will undoubtedly maximize your space. What should you do to get started?  

  • Set a realistic budget 
  • Confirm local bylaws 
  • Design plans 
  • Select quality materials for flooring, countertops, cabinets and shelving 
  • Install electricity and plumbing 

If you’re looking to build, renovate or expand your kitchen and you’re considering adding a large pantry or back kitchen, talk to an architectural technologist. 

10. Multi-functional flow

The kitchen is still the central meeting point in the house and it’s now being harmoniously integrated into other living spaces. This new trend highlights a smooth flow between various zones (kitchen and dining room, or even the kitchen and open-air living room), allowing this centrepiece to morph into a space for work, play and relaxation. 

How to include it:  One tip would be to position the sink, stove and fridge together so they could be hidden behind sliding panels or large accordion doors. This approach showcases the central island as the focal point in the room. 

Take a look at 10 of these kitchen trends in video with Marilena Tricarico:


11. Sink centered under window

Until recently, the trend was to build a sink in the island. This year sees us come full circle and position the sink under a window once again. Not only does this provide a great view but also more natural light for meal prep or dishwashing. There’s even improved ventilation in the kitchen due to better air circulation during cooking. The trend offers various styles from contemporary designs to the more traditional. 

How to include it:  Budget permitting, consider enlarging the window to maximize the view outside. You can position it at countertop level to leave generous space behind the sink. Another option would be to get rid of the frame and install a ceramic backsplash that surrounds the window for a modern, refined look. Avoid damaging water splashes by choosing a moisture-resistant window covering and waterproof countertop materials.  

12. Outdoor kitchen

Are you a food lover who enjoys doing meal prep outside, in the garden, on the deck? Well then, here’s a trend right up your alley! This year’s outdoor kitchens revolve around harmony with nature and sustainable innovation. Whether fixed or modular, they incorporate clever storage spaces, well-designed workspaces and cutting-edge equipment. 

How to include it: Step aside terrazzo, matte surfaces and earth-inspired colours are here. Our vote is for natural tones along with innovative and recycled materials (that need to be weather resistant). Every element is carefully considered: from the lighting (essential for nighttime cooking) to the power supply for appliances. Adding heat lamps will keep the space usable until the fall and a roof overhead would keep the good times going all year around.  

13. Extra-large fridge

When it comes to the kitchen, you can’t overlook the appliances. Extra-large fridges are the appliance of choice this year. Not as deep as regular models, they come equipped with removable drawers and features for better food storage. They’re available in a variety of styles and finishes and keep climbing the ranks in new kitchen designs.  

How to include it: Why not take the plunge and pick an extra-large fridge? A unique colour or hardware would help it to really stand out… unless your kitchen has a more modern look. In that case, you can always go with panels that hide it perfectly. Check if you’d still have enough space if you got rid of a few of the current kitchen cabinets to include a bigger fridge. Otherwise, build around your new dream fridge! 

14. Rounded islands

A rounded kitchen island can be the setting of some of your most memorable moments in shared company. Soft, curved shapes form a welcoming living space and create attractive surroundings for your guests. No more sharp, square corners. This central meeting space is a comfortable area with good workflow.  

How to include it: This kitchen island trend calls for flexible finishing material. Use fluted wood, fine vertical ceramic tile or a laminate to match the décor to achieve your made-to-measure look. You may also need to seek professional help from a kitchen designer. Finally, consider incorporating some elements with rounded shapes, such as a vase or light fixture to harmonize the curves and roundness. 

15. Porcelain countertops

The porcelain countertop has emerged as a top pick due to its numerous benefits. Tough, durable, yet aesthetically pleasing with nary a dull spot to be seen, porcelain ticks off all the boxes. It stands out from the crowd for its ability to resist scratches and stains. Not even heat from a pot or pan will mark it. Bottom line? It holds up well over the long term. 

How to include it: Start by thinking about how thick you want your countertop to be and consider the cracking risk. Get informed first to avoid buying a countertop that’s too thin. Then, browse the different types of porcelain, then pick one that best matches the style of your kitchen. Budget, available space, colour and finish are all the factors you need to consider during the selection process.

16. Copper backsplash

Experience the epitome of sophistication and elegance with this on-trend kitchen backsplash material in 2024: copper. It’s a design element that delivers a striking aesthetic while illuminating the space as well. Although glossy backsplashes are nothing new, this year’s version shimmers and radiates comfort and warmth. Its affordable price point and the fact it’s easy to install make this an intriguing possibility to consider for your next renovation.  

How to include it: Pick the type of copper (tiles or sheets) to attach in the area to be covered. Bear in mind you’ll have to regularly clean to maintain its shine. So, if you really dislike constant wax on, wax off, this trend may not be for you. To complete the look, add some items that mesh well with this material – copper cabinets, fixtures and kitchen accessories – perfect for producing a cohesive whole.  

17. 3D surfaces

The three-dimensional look is climbing up the design charts, whether it’s wall panels or ribbed kitchen countertops. The 3D effect is all the rage as traditional style meets modernity. You can choose from a variety of options to customize the appearance of your surfaces. 

How to include it: Add depth to the room, not to mention character in spades, by using textured materials, such as 3D ceramic squares. Evoke an unrivalled atmosphere by rocking a brick or rough stone kitchen backsplash.

18. Wood flooring

What’s up with kitchen flooring trends? Well, it’s all about the wood. We lean toward natural oak as the reddish tones in cherry and mahogany are more difficult to match. Oak combines brightness and versatility and ups the room’s warmth quotient. It provides the ultimate comfort as it feels naturally soft to walk on and boasts thermal insulation properties. 

How to include it: Fortunately, a kitchen with wood flooring will match with many different styles. This makes it a no-brainer. Popular choices include oak, maple, walnut and bamboo. We swipe right on a matte finish to prevent daily wear and nicks as wood floors require diligent upkeep. 

19. Customization and made-to-measure

It’s trendy to take individual preferences and needs into account! In 2024, it’s time for some kitchen customization. The goal is to reflect the owner’s style. They may decide to work with an interior designer or an architect to craft a made-to-measure design or renovation plan. If you want to dive into such a project, call on the expertise of a RenoAssistance 53-point Verified Contractor.

How to include it: When it comes to a customized kitchen, your best bet is to consult a wide range of options before setting your heart on something. We’re talking everything from browsing live in hardware stores to poring over colour palettes and kitchen cabinet ideas. Everything has to jive with the overall room design. To make sure the reality matches your vision, we suggest creating a mood board.

20. Serendipitous kitchen

A kitchen with an added twist can take shape from these various trends. Dare to use stunningly audacious colour combinations and materials, then delve into new styling to add a pinch of personality to this high traffic room. These suggestions will no doubt be tempting to extroverts and those seeking an outside-the-box look. The usual suspects are bypassed by mixing recycling materials with innovative surfaces. The winds of change are blowing fresh energy into the fray.  

How to include it: Wood, granite and marble can team up in a ground-breaking experiment. By switching up materials and textures, spaces are transformed to create a strong visual contrast. Fancy integrating a wall covering, patterned ceramic tiles and colourful cabinetry? Long story short, unconventional choices come on down! 

To elevate your room’s aesthetic to the next level, explore 2024 kitchen design trends with an emphasis on décor.

The kitchen island cooktop This trend has lost its appeal. The truth of the matter is that it cuts down on usable counterspace for meal prep and is not the best choice for tiny kitchens. What’s more, the island has traditionally been a gathering space and a cooktop only gets in the way. 

Herringbone backsplash and metro tiles Dosseret « herringbone » et tuiles métro These backsplash designs were quite popular in recent years but have become overused and a tad too predictable. The search is on to unearth more creative options. 

Carrara marble In 2024, sustainable and eco-friendly materials are in. Costly to extract and install, Carrara marble is out. Given that marble stains so easily, the trend has now shifted to easier-to-clean surfaces. 

Hanging lights (pendant lights) over the island Lights out for this trend. Hanging lights over the island, in duo or triptych, have been replaced by more personalized and energy-saving solutions. The move is toward recessed lighting and smart lightbulbs, all contained in a single striking fixture.   

Ready to turn your dream kitchen into a reality? Browse our article on kitchen renovation costs, then contact a RenoAssistance renovation advisor.

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