10 Kitchen Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere in 2021


Designing a new kitchen is exciting, especially if it’s been a while since it was last renovated. If you plan on renovating your kitchen soon, it would be best to learn about the most recent trends so you can decide what’s best for your space. The possibilities are endless! Our team, with the help of experts in the field, has put together 10 kitchen trends you’re likely to see in 2021.

Whether you’re looking for a change because you love some new kitchen appliance features, are obsessed with new lighting or cabinet trends, or want a more bohemian- or modern-looking kitchen, there’s a lot that can be done to meet your needs! This room typically reflects who you are, so make the most of your renovation by giving it a personal touch.

1. Darker tones are in

It’s easy to assume that dark colours make rooms seem smaller, but they have a brighter side (pun intended): they are enveloping and provide a comfortable ambiance. They also mark a shift from recent trends that focus on traditional white and bright colours.

How to integrate it: Pick a neutral colour you like that matches your counters and appliances. If moody tones are in fashion this year, you don’t have to overdo it: keep some brighter elements to give your room some light!

2. A useful butler’s pantry

Why not give yourself a little treat?

If you love to cook and need additional space, a butler’s pantry is a dream come true!

A butler’s pantry (or serving pantry) is a small room that can be used as storage space, a designated prep kitchen for more laborious meals, or a last pit stop before the dining room to add finishing touches to a dish!

How to integrate it: Convert a vacant spot in your kitchen into the perfect serving pantry – it doesn’t have to be huge, just convenient.

3. Elegant kitchen accessories

As they say, luxury is in the details. Opting for unique cabinet handles, faucets, or suspended lamps can make all the difference in a kitchen’s overall look. Get a unique shape like a set of envelope handles or even slits directly in the cabinets; there are really no limits when it comes to kitchen accessories!

Integrating the trend: Be sure to get accessories that go well with your kitchen’s style. For more contemporary or minimalist kitchens, you can opt for simple yet chic or custom decor elements.

4. Classic kitchens are back

Our design experts have been noticing a return to more classic and traditional kitchens. In the last few years, modern all-white kitchens were quite popular, but classic kitchens give off a more inviting feel. Given that kitchens tend to be the key room in a house, they should be functional and cozy. A classic kitchen is all about details: fluted glass, handmade handles, glass panel cabinets, exposed dishes, etc.

Integrating the trend: Opting for shaker cabinets is a great starting point. You can also get brass handles or knobs for them. As for walls, we typically see darker blues or green hues. Otherwise, cream, white, or grey cabinets are the way to go.

5. Natural materials are shining bright

Material quality is very important in new kitchen trends. For example, a minimalist kitchen will allow natural materials to steal the show. Wood, marble, quartz, or any other material that reminds you of nature is the way to go! In terms of tiles, matte finishes are also suggested. This time around, motifs are rather discrete. However, some tiles can have a high-shine finish and be unusual shapes.

Integrating the trend: Make sure that most of your finish is rather matte. Also, allow marble slabs to have prominent veins or your terrazzo to have large chunks if they’re all in warm, neutral tones. Check out our kitchen cabinets article to see which material works best for you.

6. Amazing backsplash for an amazing kitchen

Having a beautiful backsplash is the key to happiness in a kitchen! A multitude of materials can be used to complete the look: colourful ceramics, shiny glass tiles, and even natural stones. Once the materials have been chosen, you can install them in an original pattern, like hexagons or arabesque, or lay them one after the other.

How to integrate it: This is up to you! A backsplash can either blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen or provide an interesting contrast.

7. Oversized pantries are ideal

Is there a lot of space in your kitchen? If so, this trend is for you! It’s time to make your pantry bigger and organize it so that every item is easily accessible. You won’t need to bend over to try and find a bag of flour at the back of a dark cabinet! Consider adding a coffee and/or toast station or hiding small appliances in the pantry so that your kitchen always looks clean.

Integrating the trend: Make sure to properly evaluate your kitchen’s dimensions. Plan on getting electrical outlets inside your pantry so you can use your toaster or Vitamix without adding items to the kitchen counter. Of course, don’t forget to add lighting to this new space.

8. Surprising vent hood

We rarely associate vent hoods with designer accessories, but who says it needs to be this way? Make your vent hood a key element in your kitchen decor by painting it a colour that perfectly matches the rest of your space or by laying down wooden slats to hide its structure. Give every corner of your kitchen the love it deserves.

How to integrate it: Start off with safe materials that will not affect your vent hood’s function. As for the rest, just go with the flow and choose a style that fits your overall interior design!

9. You can never go wrong with marble

Marble is always a hit. Why? Because it is oh-so-elegant and a safe bet if you always want to keep up with current trends. Marble can be damaged easily, and it may scare people away, but if you protect it with the proper sealant, it will stay like new no matter what! You can find it in many styles, such as Calacatta, Carrara, and Sasso Rosso.

How to integrate it: Don’t limit yourself to only countertops – use it for your backsplash or even your kitchen island.

10. Buying local is always in style

2021 is all about supporting local businesses, but what does that mean for your kitchen renovation project?

Consider purchasing small decorative accessories from local artisans and craftsmen such as cabinetmakers and local tile and stone companies. Buying local is great for our economy and the product quality is typically much better than buying from elsewhere.

An increasing number of consumers are becoming aware of the environmental implications of their actions and are leaning towards purchasing eco-friendly products. For instance, if an old kitchen’s cabinets are still in good shape, why not simply upcycle them?

Integrating the trend: Ask your contractor where they source materials from and if some can be repurposed.

Outdated Kitchen Trends

In summary, 2021 kitchen trends are all about natural stones and noble woods in a minimalist setting. Looking through trends and making the right choices can be quite the challenge. To help, our experts have put together a list of trends that should be avoided.

  • Lacquered cabinets: High shine cabinets used to be trendy a while back, but now it’s time to avoid getting them for your kitchen.
  • Colourful kitchens: Very colourful kitchens or those with pops of flashy colours are no longer on trend. It’s better to opt for a variety of neutral tones that work well together for a harmonized finish.
  • Exaggerated modernism: Ultramodern decors that have a lot of chrome and white should be avoided.
  • Large cabinet handles: Ornate or imposing cabinet handles should not be used in today’s kitchens. We’re looking for subtlety now.
  • Too many open concept shelves: Open shelving is nice but not necessarily practical. Dust accumulates rather easily. Closed cabinets with glass or opaque doors are a safer bet.
  • Pot racks: Forget about having pots and pans hanging above the kitchen island. Go for a more simple and clean look.
  • Angles: Don’t give your cabinets or kitchen islands odd angles. Opt for straight lines throughout the kitchen.
Trends to Avoid

Timeless Kitchen Trends

Some elements are timeless when it comes to kitchen decor; they look great year after year! Here are some elements you can’t go wrong with if you integrate them into your kitchen.

  • Chevron-patterned hardwood floors: A very popular look in European kitchens, the chevron pattern is quite elegant. Although it’s a little more challenging to install, it’s well worth it as it will stand the test of time.
  • Shaker-style cabinets: Shaker-style or flat cabinets stand the test of time with ease compared to detailed and ornamental cabinets.
Timeless Kitchen Trends

A kitchen renovation is an investment and must be well taken care of. Not only do you need to pick finishing details and materials, but you also need to consider ergonomics, the height of different elements, the number (and location) of electrical outlets, and where plumbing and air ducts need to be installed. To avoid kitchen renovation mistakes, you can get the help of a kitchen designer. They will make sure your kitchen is functional, well organized, and meshes well with the rest of your home. If you plan on renovating your bathroom, check out our 2021 bathroom trends article to know what trends should and shouldn’t be followed.

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Updated on April 15th, 2021. Image Sources: Pinterest