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by Marilena Tricarico Renovation Advisor | RenoAssistance

Reno Blog / Kitchen / 10 Kitchen Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere 2020 and 2021
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10 Kitchen Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere 2020 and 2021

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The idea of getting a brand-new kitchen is rather exciting. Especially if it’s been a while since it was last renovated. If you plan on renovating your kitchen soon, it would be best to know all about the most recent trends so you can figure out what is best for your space. The possibilities are endless! Our team, with the help of experts in the field, put together these 10 kitchen trends you’re likely to see in 2020 and 2021.

Whether you’re looking for a change because of the new features in appliances, or are obsessed with new lighting or countertop trends, want a more bohemian looking kitchen or a more modern one, there’s a lot that can be done in a kitchen to match your needs! This room typically reflects who you are, so make the most of your renovation by giving it your special touch!

1. Buying local is a new trend for 2021

For 2021, it’s all about supporting local businesses. How can you do that for a kitchen? You can consider purchasing small decorative accessories, but also support local by purchasing local produce. It is also possible to support local cabinetmakers or local tile and stone companies. Buying local is great for our economy and the product quality is typically much better than buying from elsewhere. 

Furthermore, given how an increasing amount of consumers are aware of the environmental implications of their actions, they are trending towards purchasing materials with global warming in mind. For instance, if the old kitchen’s cabinets are still in good shape, why not simply give them a new look?

Integrating the trend: Ask your contractor where the materials used are coming from and whether he has some that can be repurposed. 

2. Storage Walls for an Organized Kitchen

wall cabinet

Instead of putting up many cabinets, why not get a full wall of storage cabinets that go from the floor to the ceiling? This solution is best for those who don’t have enough space to put in a big pantry. Having large cabinets is great but knowing how to make the most of their space is best! Take a look at our video on storage solutions suggested by Blum to see how you can make the most of your space.

Integrating the trend: Put in pull-out shelving or drawers to ease your day-to-day. Plan on even adding electrical outlets inside the cabinets so you can plug in small appliances.

3. Warmer Tones are In

modern kitchen with neutral cabinet

In 2020, it’s time to opt for colour tones that remind us of the outdoors. Browns, greys and beiges will be on trend! Without being entirely monochrome, kitchens are to have neutral colours in order to put materials at the forefront. As for fittings, warm tones like golden tones, copper, champagne or even black or charcoal grey are options to consider. In any case, matte finishing is preferred over shine. Keep in mind that when discussing warm tones, it’s not just about paint colours.

colorful kitchen with moss green cabinets

For 2021, if you’d like to add a pop of colour to our space, dark blue, prune, and forest green are the most commonly used colours. You can do so by applying it to only a one or a few elements in your ktichen, like the kitchen island or even as an accent wall colour. 

Integrating the trend: This trend can be applied to multiple surfaces, like beige-toned, brown or terracotta tiling. We can also opt for darker wood, as opposed to light wood. The goal is to create a warm and inviting ambiance by combining various materials and soothing tones. As for the colours, you can get inspired here: Pantone colour

Renovating your kitchen can give an 85% return on your investment.

4. Unique cabinet handles

kitchen with original hardware

As they say, luxury is in each detail. Opting for unique-looking kitchen cabinet handles or knobs can make all the difference in your space’s look. Get a unique shape, or even slits directly in the cabinets; there are really no limits in what can be done when it comes to kitchen cabinet handles! Often forgotten, cabinet handles will be at the forefront this year!

Integrating the trend: Be sure to get handles that go well with your kitchen’s style. For more contemporary or minimalist kitchens, you can go for simple-looking handles or get slits made directly into your cabinets. For more traditional-looking kitchens, handle options are almost limitless.

5. Classic Kitchens are Back

traditionnal kitchen style

Lately, we have been noticing a return to more classic/traditional looking kitchens. In the last few years, modern, all-white kitchens were thing, but classic kitchens give off more of an inviting feel. Given that the kitchen tends to be the focal point of one’s home, it should be functional but also warm and inviting. With classic-style kitchens, it’s all about details: Fluted glass, handmade handles, glass-pane cabinets, exposed dishes, etc. 

Integrating the trend: Opting for shaker style cabinets is a great starting point. You can also get brass handles or knobs for the cabinets. With classic kitchens, we typically see darker blue or green hues. Otherwise, cream, white or grey cabinets are the way to go. Classic kitchens go great with white marble as well! 

6. Natural Materials are Shining Bright

kitchen with noble material like wood

Material quality is highly important in new kitchen trends. The entire kitchen has adopted a more minimalist look to allow natural noble materials to steal the show. Going for wood, marble, quartz, or any other material that reminds us of nature is the way to go! In terms of tiling, matte finishing is also suggested. This time around, motifs are rather discrete. However, some tiling can have a high shine finish and be of out-of-the-ordinary shapes.

Integrating the trend: Make sure that most of your finishing is rather matte. Also, allow any slab of marble to have prominent veins or your terrazzo to have large chunks – as long as they’re all in warm, neutral tones. Check out at our kitchen cabinets article to see which material works best for you.

7. Fluted Glass is Back

kitchen with glass shelving

Remember that textured glass your grandma’s kitchen had? Well, it has made its way back into our modern-day kitchens! Although today’s kitchen is rather minimalist, it’s quite trendy to have some shelving with a glass façade. This allows us to showcase our prized possessions. Fluted glass is perfect for this look because the objects remain abstract (i.e. not entirely divulging the cabinets’ contents). Fluted glass’s cousin, smoked glass, is also coming back. Designers are making these glass trends live in our kitchens by combining them with highly contemporary cabinets. These glass panels can also be used as sliding doors for pantries.

Integrating the trend: If you plan on integrating this trend in your new kitchen, make sure to store items that won’t be used day in and day out behind the glass. This way, the look will remain clean and intact for quite some time. Keep in mind that some glass-doored cabinets look great, but don’t get too many! Plan to have only one or two sections with glass panels.

8. Oversized Pantries are Ideal

modern kitchen with big pantry

Is there a lot of space in your kitchen? If so, this trend is for you! It’s time to make your pantry bigger and organize it so that every item is easily accessible. You won’t need to bend over to try and find a bag of flour at the back of a dark cabinet! Consider adding a coffee and/or toast station or hide all smaller appliances in the pantry so that your kitchen always looks clean.

Integrating the trend: Make sure to properly evaluate your kitchen’s dimensions. A pantry like this one takes up quite a lot of space. Goodbye small appliances taking up counter space! Plan on getting electrical outlets inside your pantry so you can use your toaster or Vitamix without adding items to the kitchen counter. Of course, don’t forget to add lighting to this new space.

9. Range Hoods are Now Hidden

kitchen with hidden hood

Given that range hoods aren’t all that aesthetically pleasing, designers have decided it’s time to hide them in 2020! They’re integrated into the cabinets or at the very least the air duct seems to be part of the wall. Some have opted to continue the wall’s tiling all the way to the ceiling – also covering the wall hiding the range hood. Others have also covered it with natural stone like marble.

Integrating the trend: Before getting your kitchen plans drawn up, speak with your contractor to see which is the best way to hide your range hood. It’s important that its efficiency isn’t reduced and that it can be easily replaced if ever something goes wrong.

10. Unique New Faucets

white fittings for kitchen

White faucets and fittings are making their way into our kitchens! After the long-lasting trend of matte black fittings, it’s time for matte white to have the spotlight. All white faucets are great when you want them to blend into the kitchen.

Integrating the trend: White faucets work best in architecturally designed, contemporary kitchens.

Out-Dated Kitchen Trends

To sum up, 2020 kitchen trends are all about natural stones and noble woods in a minimalist setting. Looking through trends and making the right choices can be quite the challenge. Our experts have, however, put together a list of trends that should be avoided nowadays.

  • Lacquered cabinets: High-shine cabinets used to be trendy a while back, but it’s now time to avoid getting them for your kitchen.
  • Colourful kitchens: Very colourful kitchens or those with pops of flashy colours are no longer on trend. It’s better to now opt for a variety of neutral tones that work well together for a harmonized finish.
  • Exaggerated modernism: Ultramodern decors that have a lot of chrome and white are to be avoided.
  • A backsplash with too many motifs: Stay away from tiling with a lot of detaling or highly contrasting colours. Glass paste mosaic is also to be avoided. Tiles with subtle motifs – usually tone on tone – are the way to go.
  • Large cabinet handles: Ornate or imposing cabinet handles should not be used in today’s kitchen. We’re looking for subtlety now.
  • Too many open concept shelves: Open shelving is nice, but not necessarily practical. Dust accumulates rather easily. Closed cabinets with glass or opaque doors are a safer bet.
  • Pot racks: Forget about having pots and pans hanging above the kitchen island. Go for more of a simple and clean look.
  • Angles: Don’t give your cabinets or kitchen islands odd angles. Opt for straight lines throughout the kitchen.

Timeless Kitchen Trends

Some elements are timeless when it comes to kitchen décor. They look great year after year. Here are some elements you can’t go wrong with if you integrate them into your kitchen:

  • Marble: Marble is a material that’ll always look great no matter what year we’re in! Whether it be used for flooring, as a backsplash or for countertops, it’s a great choice.
  • Chevron patterned hardwood floors: A very popular look in European kitchens, the chevron pattern is quite elegant. Although it’s a little more challenging to install, it’s well worth it as it will stand the test of time.
  • Shaker-style cabinets: Shaker style or flat cabinets make their way through time with ease compared to detailed and ornamental cabinets.

A kitchen renovation is an investment and must be well taken care of. Besides picking out finishing details and materials, you also need to consider its ergonomics, the height of different elements, the number (and location) of electrical outlets, where plumbing needs to be installed as well as air ducts. To avoid kitchen renovation mistakes, you can get the help of a kitchen designer. He or she will make sure your kitchen is functional, well organized and meshes well with the rest of your home. If you plan on renovating your bathroom, check out our 2020 bathroom trends article to know what trends should and shouldn’t be followed.

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