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Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Reno Blog / Kitchen / 20+ Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your next Reno!
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20+ Modern Kitchen Ideas for Your next Reno!


We’ve already covered the importance of kitchen renovations and new ways to revitalize this important meeting spot going into 2019. In this article, we’ll look at the contemporary twists on modern kitchen trends you can think about as you start planning out your kitchen reno.

Clean lines, minimalist cabinet designs, accent colours, and top decor elements all make up contemporary kitchens. This style works well for both condo and suburban kitchens. It harmonizes quite nicely with other looks as well – making it a fun undertaking to mix traditional and industrial elements within one’s kitchen design.

Modern kitchens with contemporary twists

Highlighting material diversity

We’ve discussed the best kitchen countertop materials in a previous article, however, for a modern kitchen, marble and stainless steel would be your best bet. Like all else, both have their pros and cons. Keep in mind that contemporary kitchens tend to have fine linear details coupled with dramatic statements elements – making these countertop options attractive.

Marble is definitely the favoured material for modern kitchens. It’s usually used in lighter tones, but can also be found in darker tones, such as black or dark grey. It’s also used on kitchen islands to create a focal point in the room, covering all faces & making the island look like one big marble block.

Albeit less common, stainless steel is also used in similar ways. It is mainly used for countertops and backsplashes – giving a sleek look to your contemporary kitchen, all while making it highly efficient in terms of cooking & cleaning. The predominance of this material in a modern kitchen is quite striking.

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It’s important to note that kitchen islands can also be used as storage and may even have wonderful cabinetry installed underneath the countertop surface.

Cabinets tie the look of a kitchen together. Of the cabinetry options we reviewed, wood and lacquered cabinets are those most commonly used for contemporary kitchens. Wood is timeless and never goes out of fashion. Lacquer (usually white) always looks new. And in both cases, you can get as unique as you want. Though, in keeping with modern kitchen trends, cabinetry should not have any intricate detailing or molding, but rather be simplistic like “shaker” style cabinets or flat surfaced ones.

All-white contemporary kitchens

White is a go-to interior design staple. It allows you to create an elegant and refined look with ease. Besides being timeless, white can make a smaller kitchen look much bigger. Of course, it also lights up the space when natural lighting isn’t as prominent. 

Some people love the idea of having a white kitchen so much that they’ll opt for a white-on-white look. But, to bring a little warmth to the room, it would be wise to integrate warmer tones – most likely with accent elements. For instance, installing a hardwood floor – as opposed to white floor tiles – would help in adding warmth to the room.

A mix of styles for a jaw-dropping effect

Modern kitchens can also mean having an eclectic style. Have you been hell-bent on having a rustic-looking kitchen, but also want it to have a contemporary design? Well, you can definitely have both.

Take the leap and combine styles! Nowadays, anything is possible. Pick one predominant style and add accents of the other. This will permit you to draw a line when putting together your kitchen’s design elements. An appropriate dose of both styles will help you bring out, for instance, an antique piece (like a chandelier) in a contemporary design. 

If you’re not too sure how to effectively combine both looks together, get the help of a kitchen designer. They’ll help you avoid some costly mistakes all while helping you put together the kitchen of your dreams

Brighten up your modern living space

Contemporary kitchen lighting trends fall into various categories, including recessed lighting, monorail lighting, suspended lighting and under-cabinet lighting —each having a distinct function.

The most common form of recessed kitchen lighting is ceiling pot lighting. It’s easy, relatively affordable and the bulbs can be changed effortlessly. Most modern kitchens have pot lighting integrated with other contemporary lighting designs. They allow the entirety of the kitchen to be lit up.

Many modern kitchens also have monorail lighting. This type of light fixture is quite handy as it is made up of multiple ‘spotlights’ – allowing homeowners to point them in strategic directions. Why not direct spotlights toward your contemporary kitchen island, the stove or other functional cooking areas to allow for more visibility when cooking?

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Those looking for a distinguished conversational element in their kitchen tend to go with suspended lighting. The options range from simple hanging lanterns to ornate chandeliers. Many people will plan their kitchen decor around the suspended light they choose. These light fixtures are usually installed above the kitchen table or island and, at times, a smaller version of the pendant light is installed above the kitchen sink.

No matter what kitchen lighting you choose, under-cabinet lighting will highly improve visibility for cooking. And, while fluorescent light isn’t generally seen as “modern,” it works brilliantly for under-cabinet lighting when it comes to coverage and brightness. Some people are also using the same type of lighting for the inside of cabinets – making looking for food in the pantry, or plates in the cabinet, much easier.

Clever kitchen storage hacks

Organisation is a must, especially in a modern kitchen. Storage can easily be integrated into ways that allow your kitchen to remain trendy. A well-planned-out space is necessary if you cook a lot. Some are opting for cabinets that rise to the ceiling to maximize space, while others are designing kitchens that allow for easy access to pots, pans, utensils, dishes and mixing bowls – making it effortless to put meals together. In many cases, we’ve noticed pans and pots hanging either over the stove or kitchen island. Besides being ergonomic, this idea allows you to also proudly show off your high-end cookware!

In contemporary kitchens, functional storage options have a bit of form too. In newly designed kitchens, you can find many built-in options, such as small appliances. These integrated options allow the linear design typically found in contemporary kitchens to keep its ‘clean’ appearance. Some kitchen elements are also becoming multi-functional. For instance, your kitchen sink can also incorporate an ice bucket and a pull-out cutting board. Your counter space can even have a built-in dish rack that leads to the sink.

Before renovating your kitchen, think about which appliances or accessories you use the most & how you can make them functionally accessible in your new modern kitchen. Many companies, such as Blum, specialize in creating practical solutions for everyday living. 

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Kitchen ideas and their prices

Keep on looking for ideas for your contemporary kitchen by taking a look at actual renovations our contractors completed. You’ll even get to see the price tag for each project. Head to Reno-Inspiration to get additional kitchen ideas. You’ll find over 50 different kitchen designs to get inspired from. You might even end up combining multiple concepts for your kitchen!

If you’re looking for the latest kitchen trends, take a look at our top kitchen trends article.

To look at the most recent kitchen designs, take a look at these 50 Amazing Kitchen Designs.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost? 

No matter the style you’re opting for your kitchen, costs tend to be similar. The size of your kitchen and the materials used are generally the reason pricing would be affected. Simply changing the cabinets will, of course, cost less than a complete remodel. To get some ballpark figures for different tier kitchens, read our article: What does a kitchen renovation cost? Toronto vs. Montreal.

One thing to remember as you plan out your modern kitchen

As we mentioned above, kitchen renovations can lead to a sizable boost in a home’s value, but only if it’s a kitchen other people would like as well. By all means, go modern, but don’t go for incredibly unique trends as they may not last the test of time and risk turning potential buyers away.

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