Outdoor Kitchen: 7 Tips For A Great Space

outdoor kitchen

Now that summer is in full swing, we can finally enjoy our backyards! Why not make the most of your space by putting in an outdoor kitchen? We spoke with our experts and they put together factors you’d need to consider when deciding to get an outdoor kitchen your inner chef would love.  

A Proper Layout is Key for a Top Outdoor Kitchen

Taking the time to think through what you want for your outdoor space and where you want each piece of furnishing is crucial. Here are four important factors to consider when planning your outdoor kitchen layout:

  • Install the kitchen rather close to your home. It’ll ensure easy access to water and electricity.
  • The layout should consider your workflow and people passing through. Although you’d be outdoors, putting too much furnishing in this space will make it hard to move around and cook.
  • The cooking area should be away from your home’s windows or seated areas. You wouldn’t want smoke coming from the grill to ruin the party!
  • Your outdoor kitchen should match with the rest of the backyard’s landscaping. Tearing down old trees to put in your kitchen might not be the best idea. Call up an expert to see what solutions are available to you before making any major changes to the landscaping.

Pick Materials with Care

This part’s of utmost importance. You’re likely to be tempted to get wood as material in your new outdoor kitchen, but it requires a lot of maintenance compared to other materials on the market. Our experts suggest using stone, stainless steel, stamped concrete or even brick. In regards to the countertop, opting for tamper-proof material is best. Materials like marble or granite are ideal as they keep their appearance and composition as time goes by.

Some companies, like Permacon or TechoBloc offer pre-made modules you can purchase as a base to start off your outdoor kitchen. For a more complete and thought out kitchen, you can take a look at Saber Grills who put together an entire kitchen island with a built in propane powered grill, burners, and a fridge! Be sure to pick materials and finishing that match with your home so there’s a sense of continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Opt for a Sheltered Area To Make The Most of Your Space

An outdoor kitchen is great! But, if you can’t enjoy it because of bad weather, what’s the point? Whether you opt for a gazebo-like shelter, something attached to your home, or even partial coverage, it’s always best to have some sort of shelter than having nothing. Not only would a roof protect you from rainy weather, but also from the sun during peak hours. If you would rather have a shelter only occasionally, you can get a retractable roof as well. There are a variety of materials out there for your shelter. Whether you want it to be solid material or fabric, translucent or completely opaque, you’re likely to find what you want. If all you really want is a beach umbrella over the dining table, our experts suggest getting one over your cooking space as well. Why? To protect it and the food being cooked!

Include Essentials

To avoid coming and going in and out of the house, it’s best to consider which essentials you’ll need outside. Besides having a grill, your outdoor kitchen should also have counter space so you can prep your food, a sink, a small fridge, storage space for your outdoor cutlery and plates, as well as a trash bin. Are you a beer drinker? Adding a bar area with a beer keg tap might be the way to go! You can also add a small wine cellar under the counter. This way, all you need to entertain guests will be right at your fingertips. For those with a finer palette, you can get more than just a grill in your space. You can get yourself a pizza oven or even a smoker. Of course, this all depends on your budget, the space you have, and your taste.

Get Some Extra Features to Improve Your Kitchen

Given that you’re setting up a kitchen outdoors, why not make the most of the space? You can integrate lighting to be properly enjoy the outdoors during darker hours or get built in fans for those extremely hot summer days. If it’s cooler out, you might want to get some space heaters as well! Space heaters really allow you to take advantage of your gorgeous outdoor space even when fall months are upon us – making summer feel longer than it truly is. Some people also install fire pits or built in fireplaces. In terms of fireplaces, there are ethanol ones, gas ones and, of course, wood ones. If you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, you can also get yourself a TV. Who wouldn’t want to be cuddled by a fireplace watching TV and yet still be enjoying the outdoors!?

Finishing Touches Make Everything Better

When picking out your finishing touches – furniture and decorative elements – consider looks as well as functionality. You’ll need to think about seating areas, get furniture that can easily be stored or covered during winter months, and furniture that is also easy to maintain. To ensure the final layout looks great, have a little fun with lighting. Not only should you install light fixtures, but consider getting pot lighting in the ground – it’ll create a rather dramatic effect. There’s a ton of lighting solutions on the market. You’re sure to find what you love!

If landscaping isn’t complete in your backyard, you can get it done by a professional landscaper so it complements your new space. Get plants that work with your land’s soil type, sun exposure and, of course, that work best with your gardening skills. You can also get an herb garden near the kitchen area for fresh herbs when cooking!

An Outdoor Kitchen in an Urban Setting: Is it Possible?

Today, many companies specialize in creating wonderful urban outdoor spaces. As furnishing needs to be adapted to each individual space, you’ll rarely find two the same. Outdoor kitchens can easily be installed in urban settings. They can also be installed on rooftop terraces. What’s better than enjoying a meal with a beautiful city skyline in the background? A skilled designer will have tips and tricks to help you put in an outdoor kitchen in a rather confined space.

Hire Qualified Contractors for a Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen counts many small challenges. The hardest part? Combining both beauty and functionality that fit well with the rest of the house. Our Verified Contractors and their designers will have just the solution you need for your space. Take a look at how one of our contractors successfully transformed their client’s vision into reality:

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