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Julie Calce

by Julie Calce Content Writer | RenoAssistance

6 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself About Building Permits

While there are many steps to a renovation that can seem overwhelming, understanding building permits is one that can bring up a lot of questions for any homeowner. As experts in …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | RenoAssistance

5 Things you can do to Avoid Paying Twice for your Renovation Project

You hired a contractor for a major renovation and everything went very well. Shortly after, though, you receive formal notices from suppliers who claim that they have not been paid. Yet …

Manuel Lochard

by Manuel Lochard Team Leader – Customer Experience | RenoAssistance

6 Things You Need to Know Before Checking a Contractor’s RBQ Licence

Checking a construction or renovation contractor’s RBQ licence may be in vain if you do not do it at the right time or based on an informed assessment. Informed consumer alert: …