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A free service for renovation advice

“Do you know RenoAssistance? It’s probably the best guarded secret in the Quebec renovation industry. It consists of an independent business that offers an impartial, professional and personalized service in renovation advice and support, and offers it all for free…”

Help for renovation

“The RenoAssistance site has become indispensable for everyone who wants to renovate their home. It must be said that this site makes it awfully easy for its users. Unique service for all types of work…”

RenoAssistance, an innovative service

Renovating your kitchen takes the right experts to obtain the best quality at the best market price and for that reason, RenoAssistance is the solution you need! This free service, brought to life by Eric Perigny, guarantees follow-up from start to finish of your project. Furthermore, the recruitment of specialized, local contractors assures the consumer is protected. The team of highly qualified advisors…

Free help for renovating

“Eric Perigny, President of RenoAssistance, explains how he helps avoid disaster when the time comes to renovate.”

Taken from the Montreal radio show named ”L’apres-midi porte conseil” on Radio-Canada

“Abandoned work sites, insolvent contractors, hidden defects, the horror stories are legendary in the world of construction and renovation, so much so we’ve devoted television series to them. To overcome the confidence problem that exists between consumers and contractors, Eric Perigny founded RenoAssistance…”

Renovation: Free service to choose the right contractor

“Are you struggling to find a competent contractor for your renovation work? After starting, does your hero find a way to move the payment schedule along without being close to finishing the job? Eric Perigny saw an opportunity in this kind of misadventure…”

Follow good advice

“A new free service for consumers has made its entrance into Quebec. First to propose this kind of service, RénoAssistance, an independent Quebec business, advises you on your renovations. Where to start? Finding a contractor isn’t always easy. How do you know if the person you hire will be trustworthy and competent? If the asking price…”

Worry-free renovations

“It’s not always obvious who to trust your renovation project with. RénoAssistance offers a free service to help you for the duration of your project.”

No Fees.
No Obligation.

Our Verified Contractors specialize in turnkey renovations and major repairs over $4,000. If your project meets these criteria, I would love to help.

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