RenoAssistance Partners With ProAssistance to Provide Home Repairs

proassistance and renoassistance logos on a blue backdrop


RenoAssistance has helped over 100,000 clients complete major renovation projects to transform their homes and businesses. From French drain and roof installation to kitchen and bathroom remodels, we’ve been there to connect clients with our trusted Verified Contractors to make sure their dreams become a reality. 

While we’re proud of the service we’ve been able to provide for the last 12 years, we know we haven’t been able to help clients looking to get small repairs or minor renovations done. 

Until now. 

RenoAssistance is proud to announce our partnership with ProAssistance by Desjardins to help homeowners find solutions for all their minor renovation, maintenance, and repair needs. Whether you’re looking to install a few more outlets or change your floor, ProAssistance can help you find the perfect professional to complete your project. 

woman wearing a tool belt installing a heating system in a bedroom

A helping hand in home repair 

RenoAssistance prides itself on its ability to help residential and commercial clients complete their turnkey renovation projects. Our experienced Advisors are there every step of the way, from mapping out the project and budget to analyzing quotes from contractors. We’re happy to provide our services to clients throughout Quebec City, Greater Montreal, and the GTA.

And now we’ll be able to offer you even more! 

Through our partnership with ProAssistance, we’ll be able to forward clients looking to get plumbing, electrical, HVAC repairs, painting, flooring, and moredone to their professionals. So even after your renovation is complete, we’re here to provide continuing care. 

RenoAssistance will still offer the same quality service that you expect, connecting you with professionals that have completed our 53-point Verification Process. So, you’ll be given only the highest quality service. And now we’ll be there to offer the same to clients of ProAssistance looking to get started on their major renovation projects. 

For now, ProAssistance serves Greater Montreal and surrounding areas, so we’ll only be able to refer clients in that region. However, we are excited to hear that they’ll be expanding to Toronto and throughout Quebec in the future. 

We are confident that, by working together with ProAssistance to aid clients looking for small renovations or home repairs, we have created a partnership that leaves you as the winner. We’re also happy to expand our network to work with another company in the Desjardins family.