Quebec Residents: All You Need To Know About Re Openings in The Renovation Sector

stores showing closed sign due to covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Québec to put itself on hold for public safety. Given that the situation seems to be getting better, the Legault government recently announced a new plan of action to gradually reopen certain sectors, which includes the renovation sector. This is great news for small and local businesses, though, certain rules and regulations will still need to be respected. Here’s what you need to know about Quebec’s construction and renovation worksites’ reopening.

Which areas of the economy are reopening and when?

Residential renovation

Residential renovation can resume for all renovation projects. Work sites will open May 11th. Worksites that needed to deliver a residential unit by July 31st, 2020 have been open since April 20th.

Commercial renovation

Commercial renovation can resume, so long as sanitary measures are followed on all worksites – as mentioned by the CNESST. Worksites will open May 11th.

What kind of renovation is authorized in the construction and renovation sector?

The government has authorized the reopening of all renovation and construction worksites. Contractors can therefore resume work on roofing worksites, French drains, siding projects, balconies and terraces, foundation work, landscaping, home insulation, masonry, window and door installations, as well as interior renovations like bathroom, kitchen and basement projects. Of course, home addition and extension projects will also be resuming.

infographic authorized renovations

Are all regions of Quebec included in this reopening plan?

Yes, the construction and renovation sector is authorized to reopen across the province of Quebec.

What measures must be taken for a safe return?

Progressive reopening does not mean that we are completely going back to normal life. Certain measures will need to be followed in order to avoid a second wave of COVID-19 cases. Here are the safety measures the government has suggested:

  • Social distancing
    Some sectors are slowly reopening but only if social distancing measures can be respected. Local shops will need to limit the number of clients they let into their store and businesses will need to make sure that all employees can work from at least 2 meters from one another.
  • Frequent cleaning of shared spaces
    Shared spaces, like bathrooms and dining rooms, will need to sanitized frequently. There should be increased focus on door knobs and faucets.
  • Wearing a mask and other protective gear
    Masks will need to be worn, especially if social distancing isn’t always possible. Gloves and visors are advised for extra precaution.

    Download and print these mask wearing (and removing) instructions:
    Wearing a face covering in a public setting

  • Frequent hand cleaning
    20-second and frequent hand washing continues. Washing under your nails, between fingers, palms and back of hands is important.

    Download and print out our hand washing memory aid:
    Hand washing memory aid

  • Contact-free payment
    Like instilled in grocery stores and pharmacies, opt for contact-free payment. Payment in cash should not be accepted.

What measures will Verified Contractors be taking?

From the beginning of this pandemic, we have put a contact-free quoting system in place to minimize any contamination risks. Today’s technologies allow customers to easily send their project details to our Renovation Advisors and our contractors. The same thinking applies to contractor quotes, contracts and invoices: they should all be sent by e-mail.

Our contractors have also been informed of the sanitary measures they should to take on worksites so that all employees and contractors are healthy. We are taking the government’s suggested and imposed measures very seriously in order to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Take a look at the sanitary measures that should be followed on worksites: Worksite Sanitary Measures

Press conferences discussing the reopening of Quebec’s economy

Here is Quebec’s Premier’s press release regarding reopening for other economic sectors – April 28th, 2020 (in French):