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Get Up to 3 No-Cost Quotes
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Get Up to 3 No-Cost Quotes
Get Up to 3 No-Cost Quotes

No cost, no obligation!

You’re probably wondering how we can offer you our services without any commitment. It's simple: we connect you with a highly experienced Renovation Advisor. They then asses your project and open it up to bids from 360° Verified Contractors in order to get you the best price. We don't see why you'd turn down a free service like ours.

Our contractors pay for our services. Instead of investing in advertising, they pay us a small fee so that we can put them in contact with clients looking for their expertise. They have more resources to focus solely on customers, as opposed to business development. With our services, contractors get qualified leads and you get in touch with the best-suited ones for your project.

Truly at no cost, no obligation to you!

We do all that we can to find you the best contractor at the best price for your renovation project. ­
And, we do it all for free!

The lowest price or the best price?

Our objective is not to get you the lowest quote possible, but rather to find you the best price from a reliable contractor that is experienced in the type of work you need to be done. In construction and renovation, the lowest price often means you’ll end up paying for it in the long run, years down the road. Poor-quality materials, inadequate carpentry, work completed too quickly and without attention to detail; these are just some of the scenarios that come to mind when we consider the “lowest price.”

At RenoAssistance, we prefer to get you the best price. To complete a project that fits your needs, respects your budget and your timeframe, the contractor must demonstrate a preference for quality materials and superior workmanship. They should also show dedication in putting in the necessary time to complete the project.

How to get the best price

To be sure we’re getting you the best price, we have up to three contractors bid on your project. Our contractors know they’ll be evaluated based on the services they provide to our clients, so they’re motivated to deliver more for your money. Your Renovation Advisor will guide you, answer your questions and help you understand your options so you can make an informed decision. The final call is always yours.

At RenoAssistance, we do not accept contractors known for quoting low prices and then billing for tons of extras. Only contractors who offer quality services and value to our clients will stay on our 360° Verified Contractor list. We’ll be there every step of the way to help you find and choose the best contractor. All of this, absolutely free!

Still skeptical?

There’s nothing like trying our service to see for yourself. We invite you to let our 360° Verified Contractors bid on your project. Like the thousands of homeowners before you, you’ll see the difference with RenoAssistance. And if we’re unable to find a contractor that fits your needs, it won’t cost you any money!

Try RenoAssistance for your next project. Find the best price and get the best results. Happy renovations start here!

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