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Eric Perigny

by Eric Perigny President and Founder | Reno-Assistance

5 Tips to protecting your home while you’re away

Making your home seem lived in while you’re away is key to avoiding potential break-ins and thefts. Intruders are much less likely to break in if they believe you’re home. Some …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

5 Restaurants with the Most Beautiful Interior Decor

Trendy restaurants are all the hype these days. Our chosen lunch or dinner location is usually heavily weighted on the restaurant’s interior design. There is a reason new restaurant constructions and …

Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

4 Rooftop Terraces to Inspire Your Outdoor Haven

Summertime can make you envious of homes, condos or restaurants with great looking rooftop terrace designs. Don’t get bummed out! Take a look at these rooftop terraces from Toronto and Montreal …