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Julie Calce

by Julie Calce Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

How to Integrate the 2020 Pantone Colour into Your Home

Since 1963, the Pantone Institute has positioned itself as the reference for colours, for all fields including fashion, publishing, and interior design. Every year, they select one of the colours from their …

Louise Leonard

by Louise Leonard Account Manager - Commercial Division | Reno-Assistance

7 Ideas To Turn Your Business Dreams Into Reality

Many people dream of starting their own business, but don’t know where to start. Turning these dreams into reality isn’t as complicated as you might think. If you have a passion …

Julie Calce

by Julie Calce Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Great Home Gift Ideas for Every Room

Looking for the perfect gift to help bring some cheer to your loved one’s home this holiday season? We’ve gathered up our favourites for the most-used rooms in any house. You’ll …

Karine Gazeryan

by Karine Gazeryan Renovation Advisor | Reno-Assistance

Choosing a Contractor: When Is The Time To Start Planning?

Do you have a interior or exterior renovation project to do and don’t know where to find contractors? It’s important to know that the best contractors are very busy, so …

Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Architect vs. Architectural Technologist: Which Should You Choose?

You need a plan for a construction or renovation project, such as an addition, and you wonder what kind of professional should do it? Architects and architectural technologists have overlapping skills …

Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

How to Give Your Home a Whole New Look with Architectural Lighting

A well lit space never goes unnoticed. Architectural lighting not only completes the look and design of your home or commercial space, but it also accentuates certain areas of the room. …

Marilena Tricarico

by Marilena Tricarico Renovation Advisor | Reno-Assistance

Changing Your Home’s Facade: 6 Elements to Consider

It’s said to never judge a book by its cover, but it’s rather difficult not to judge a house by its appearance. If a house seems neglected, we tend to expect …

Paul Begin

by Paul Begin VP | Reno-Assistance

Building or Buying a New Home: Which is Best?

Purchasing new property is always exciting, but it’s also a thought-ridden decision. Should you buy a new home from a promoter, buy land and opt for a self-build or buy an …

Maria Santamaria

by Maria Santamaria Renovation Advisor | Reno-Assistance

Changing Your Home into an Open Concept Floor Plan

Hailing from the 90s, the open concept floor plan continues to wow homeowners with its beauty, flexibility and ability to bring everyone together. Why have a big space with plenty of …

Francis Guertin

by Francis Guertin Renovation Advisor| Reno-Assistance

Converting a Multi-Dwelling Building Into a Single-Family Home

Are you considering turning a duplex or triplex into a single family unit? If so, you’re not alone. Converting a building to a single family home can be a rewarding undertaking …

Eric Perigny

by Eric Perigny President and Founder | Reno-Assistance

Should You Go For a Full House Remodel?

As the needs of your household change, thoughts of selling your home may arise. You do not have to take that route, however, if you are not smitten on the idea …

Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Cottage Design: Interior & Exterior Designs You’ll Love

Whether you’re looking to redesign your cottage’s bathroom or kitchen, or get an entirely new one built, we put together the best looking interior and exterior designs to better help you …

Eric Perigny

by Eric Perigny President and Founder | Reno-Assistance

5 Tips to Protecting Your Home While You’re Away

Making your home seem lived in while you’re away is key to avoiding potential break-ins and thefts. Intruders are much less likely to break in if they believe you’re home. Some …

Jason Pagliuca

by Jason Pagliuca 360° Verification Coordinator | Reno-Assistance

5 Restaurants with the Most Beautiful Interior Decor

Trendy restaurants are all the hype these days. Our chosen lunch or dinner location is usually heavily weighted on the restaurant’s interior design. There’s a reason new restaurant constructions and their …

Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

4 Rooftop Terraces to Inspire Your Outdoor Haven

Summer can make you envious of homes, condos or restaurants that have great looking rooftop terrace designs. Don’t get bummed out! Take a look at these rooftop terraces from Toronto and …