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Lucia Di Sclafani

by Lucia Di Sclafani Content Manager | Reno-Assistance

Reno Blog / Other / How to Give Your Home a Whole New Look with Architectural Lighting
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How to Give Your Home a Whole New Look with Architectural Lighting


Architectural lighting can give your home a whole new look. Just ask any interior designer or architect! They’ll tell you that it’s the perfect finishing touch to any renovation. Adding architectural lighting will give ambiance to every room in your home.

Of course, making your decision on contractors and what kind of lights you want may seem like a daunting task. That’s why Reno-Assistance has already found the very best architectural lighting experts, the best general contractors, and the best electricians so you can start brightening up your home.

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What is architectural lighting?

Before we go any further, let’s start by defining what architectural lighting is, and how a renovation like this can add unique character to your home. 

When we talk about architectural lighting, we’re not simply talking about adding recessed lights to your ceiling. The idea is to create intricately shaped fixtures in your ceiling in order to conceal the presence of lights that reflect on the ceiling and illuminate the room. Therefore, the first task for your contractor would be to create the desired shapes in the ceiling gypsum that’ll hide the lights as much as possible. This would allow you to only see the illumination of your ceiling. The lights will be inserted into the hidden spaces and will be pointing at the target areas.

Why should you install architectural lighting in your home?

By installing architectural lighting in your home, you’ll be constantly dazzled everywhere you turn. This kind of lighting allows you to cover larger spaces in your home, and they also have a longer length of life.

So instead of opting for recessed lights, this may be the better route. This not only makes your house stand apart from other homes, but it’ll also enhance the design of the rooms.

Outdoor architectural lighting

You’re in luck! Architectural lighting is not limited to indoor work. Whether your home has modern cladding, beautiful brick, exterior with a beautiful finish, or even just a large balcony, it’s a good way to go. Having everything illuminated at night will highlight the gorgeous aspects of your home. It’s a good idea to take advantage of.

In addition, it’s also excellent for security! Burglars and thieves are not going to go out of their way to try and rob a house that’s so well lit. This is definitely an extra advantage for you to think about. 

Make your lighting project really shine from the start with Reno-Assistance

Trust us when we say that the right lighting in a home will dramatically change how you feel about your home. Lighting in a home is made to be a true source of comfort for homeowners. However, every renovation project must be done with precision. From start to finish there must be an immense amount of care going into it. That’s where an expert can make your project really shine.

That’s how we help you. Our job is to give you free referrals to the best pros in your area. The expert we refer you to can help you choose the right lighting, and put them in the right places in your home. They’ll be playing off shapes, colors, and even your furniture! They take everything into consideration that way they can provide you and your family with a sense of visual comfort. 

Installing energy-efficient lighting is a brilliant way to go

Energy-efficient lighting is not only good for the environment but also good for your wallet. Not only will it give off such a beautiful, aesthetic glow, but it’ll allow you to reduce your budget over time!

How? Well, a single incandescent bulb, in terms of electricity, costs up to 10 times the original purchase price of the bulb itself. By installing energy-efficient fixtures with ENERGY STAR certified bulbs (such as LEDs and CFLs that use between 75%-80% less energy, and last at least six years longer than common incandescents) it can save you more than $130 over the lifespan of these light bulbs.

Are you ready to begin?

When you do the math, it becomes clear that energy-efficient lighting is the best way to save the earth and your money each time you turn on the lights. All that’s left to do is pick the right architectural lighting fixtures. Reno-Assistance will find you an expert to do just that.

Call us or fill out our form, our Renovation Advisors are here to answer your questions. They can help you with your project free of charge, by rallying up three 360° Verified Contractors to compete on your project. You’ll get fairly priced quotes, all at no cost, and no obligation to you!


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