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Our Ultimate Christmas Home Decorating Ideas

Christmas tree with warm toned lights and gifts in a living room

Are you looking to breathe new life into your seasonal décor? The holidays are meant to be a festive and joyfilled time full of comfort, laughter, and peace. Having the right holiday décor that meets the unique aesthetic needs of your individual home is an essential part of that. Looking for new and fresh Christmas decorating ideas? These trends are an excellent jumping off point for anyone looking to bring a little more magic into their home. 

How do you start decorating for Christmas? 

Getting into the holiday spirit can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to decorating. Some folks don’t even know where to start! It’s so easy to get tangled up, sometimes literally, in the excitement of those big shiny Christmas lights, tinsel, and garlands. Consider taking inventory of your current collection of ornaments and suspicious shelf elves before setting out on your Christmas decorating adventures and then come up with a budget for your new décor. Take note of your home’s aesthetic, the colours, and the space available before deciding on a plan of action. 

What are the colours for Christmas 2021?

This holiday season is all about neutral, muted, and joyful colours that embody comfort and style. Duo-chromatic colour schemes, silver, gray, and classic greens are gaining popularity and metallics are being paired with the glow of blush creams and frosty whites to create a beautiful and almost dream-like scene. See for yourself the brilliance of a two-toned colour palette showcasing bright and muted colours for a soft and chic Christmas vibe or turn your home into a mesmerizing winter wonderland with earthy greens and twinkling silver accents. 

Modern Christmas decorating ideas 

The focus of modern holiday décor for contemporary homes is nature motifs, balance, streamlined pieces, and two-toned colour palettes. Bright, soft, and creamy shades are front and center stage, accented by simple and elegant metallic pieces of bronze or gold. Beautiful, soft, and fluffy white faux fur and knitted textiles add a comfortable and warm, wintery touch that complements the soft glow of the flickering flames from blush and cream-coloured pillar candles. The end result is a warm and inviting home featuring a cozy chic holiday interior evocative of a carefree winter fantasy. 

Traditional Christmas decorating ideas 

Tone on tone décor combines with neutral greys, silvers, and white to create an enchanting, frosty holiday look that is both comfortable and stylish. Well lit, with lots of lights, the room practically glows. Simple metallic Christmas trees sit atop fake snow draped over the fireplace mantle. Earthy- and gray- toned stockings take a back seat to the nature motifs and harmoniously blend in with the room. There’s no need to break out the ornaments this year. Instead, check out these gorgeous unadorned Christmas trees with branches covered in a light canopy of snow. They glitter against the neutral cream and bronze toned leaves and serve as a beautiful and subtle centerpiece. 

Rustic Christmas decorating ideas 

For the rustic, cottage-styled interiors, more is more. This year calls for layers, lots of layers. So, break out the homemade décor, nutcrackers, potted plants, fairy lights, and a generous amount of plaid. As much plaid as you can find because the perfect Christmas cottage look wouldn’t be complete without this classic holiday staple. So, cozy up to the fireplace for arts and crafts, hang up some flannel stockings, and grab a plaid throw pillow for an extra dose of comfort and holiday cheer. 

Minimalist Christmas decorating ideas 

The current trends for minimalist Christmas décor call for subtle, delicate, and small decorations carefully selected with a streamlined aesthetic. We’re saying no to large centrepieces and throwing out the big trees this year in exchange for small, elegant, and barren trees adorned with only a few ornaments. It’s a small nod and step up from the cute Charlie Brown tree aesthetic 

Busy décor for bigger homes 

Big homes call for large, busy décor. Show off your holiday spirit with large trees that announce their presence from a distance. Spruce up every column, window, and door with big wreathes and garlands overstuffed with big ornaments, large ribbons, glittery branches, and things that sparkle. When you have the room, more is more, so take advantage of big lights and dangling ornaments, as well as any trinkets and baubles you can find to fill your home. 

Simple décor for smaller homes 

For small homes, less is more, and downsizing is key to decorating any tiny space for the holidays. You want balance and subtlety, so consider miniature versions of the traditional Christmas fir or opt for a non-traditional centrepiece like glittery LED twig trees. Embody winter elegance with cool whites, blush tones, metallic accents with fluffy textures, woolen textiles, and anything that sparkles and shines. Extra focus on these little details will ensure that every corner of your house glows with holiday spirit and evokes the peace and quiet of a snowy morning. 

Home for the holidays 

Finding the right décor for a relaxing and joyful holiday can make preparing for the season an overwhelming task. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift or planning out this year’s decorations, a little inspiration goes a long way. There’s something here for everyone, so welcome the holiday spirit into your home and jump into something new.

Marilena Tricarico has been a key figure in the interior design world for over 15 years. Her expertise and designs have been featured on the hit TV show Décore ta Vie for 10 years. Today, she shares her knowledge of the renovation industry with RenoAssistance as a video content producer and host.