Our Ultimate Holiday Decorating Ideas for 2022–2023

christmas decorations in cozy living room

The holidays are an exciting time of year, and one that we share with those we love most. We open our hearts and our homes, welcoming in light, laughter, and hope for the new year. Coming up with Christmas decoration ideas to create the perfect backdrop can be difficult. There are so many amazing decorations and crafts out there… knowing where to start can be tough! To help you with your winter wonderland, we have pulled together some of the best holiday design ideas of the season. Any one of these themes will steer you in the right direction to make your home merry and bright!

Go big with colour

Christmas is a time for fun, whimsy, and childlike wonder. Bringing a big dose of colour to your decorating is one of the best ways to unlock those feelings and fill your home with laughter and joy this holiday season.

It is best to start by selecting one of the many colour schemes – pastel, primary colours, rainbow – at your disposal. Then, pick out some string lights to make your tree fit your dream palette. Pick out some multipack ornaments in varied and single colours to mix and match styles. If you want something fun, grab a few individual or collectable ornaments in unique shapes. So, whether you want to cover your tree in presents of all hues or rainbow unicorns, you are sure to find something you will love. The same can be said about door decorations like colourful wreaths.

Still can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Make your own decorations or paint over premade items. There is no need to stay within the lines when it comes to how you choose to celebrate. Whether you want to use just one colour or every crayon in the box, going bold and bright is one of our favourite holiday decorating ideas for 2022.

Seaside escape

It can be easy at times to forget that not everyone experiences a white Christmas. Many people celebrate the holiday season on beautiful sandy beaches. This trendy style of decorating brings everything from seashells and off-white tones to classic ornaments and adornments. There are many ways to accomplish this warm winter look, from sand dollar tree ornaments and oyster shell garlands on your existing tree to a top-to-bottom seaside getaway theme made complete with a driftwood Christmas tree. This holiday trend is sure to bring you and your loved ones warm thoughts on long, cold winter nights.

Sensory Delights

This decor theme is all about making your holiday as soft as fluffy white snow silently drifting on a gentle breeze. If you are looking for Christmas decoration ideas that are not quite as overwhelming as more traditional options can often be, this elegantly toned-down style may be right for you. 

Like the seaside designs, sensory-focused decor includes a lot of whites, creams, and other light colours. Soft materials like faux fur stockings, fleece throw blankets, and velvet throw pillows wrap your home in a luxurious swath of visually appealing gentle textures, while lightly- or unscented candles and warm-hued twinkle lights add a comforting glow on dark nights. A wreath made from wheat or centerpieces from pine branches with long needles are fantastic for bringing nature into your design while minimizing harsh edges. 

If you would prefer to keep the scents to a minimum, you could always consider finishing off your sensory oasis with felt mistletoe, which can be reused year after year. Creating a serene, inviting design full of warmth and texture is sure to make all your holiday guests feel at home this season.

All-natural holiday decoration ideas

With environmentally conscious gifting and repurposing found items becoming ever more popular, it is no surprise that all-natural decorations are in this year. The holidays are one of the easiest times of year to bring nature indoors, especially with so much focus on Christmas trees. Along with the tree, wreath, and poinsettia, consider incorporating garlands of dried orange slices and cranberries, painted pinecone decorations, and centerpieces made with winter plants. 

You could even decorate your tree with ornament balls filled with tea or coffee beans to gift to your loved ones. Best of all, you can refill them and use them again next year (and you’ll have fewer decorations to pack away after the holidays).

Pretty in pink

Be it in person, online, in a magazine, or perhaps even in a favourite childhood cartoon, we have all likely seen the pink-heavy style of decorating for the holidays. While it may sound visually overwhelming, it is a style that, when properly executed, can be a marvel to behold.

For Christmas decoration ideas with specific colour palettes, it may feel like you are restricted to modern or traditional styles. But, in this case, nothing could be further from the truth. Pastel pinks have been coming in and out of fashion for centuries and thus there are plenty of options for traditional decorations to fit this theme. 

For a classic look, try pink garland on a green tree, velvet and lace ornaments, and thrifted figurines (the 1950s were a great time for pink). If you prefer contemporary designs, a white tree will create the perfect backdrop for a mix of shiny and matte pink ornaments. It would match a white and pink wreath perfectly. Splashes of rose gold from tree ribbons and candle holders complete the look, bringing warmth to your pink Christmas.

DIY Christmas decoration ideas

Christmas is an ideal time for handmade gifts and decor; Santa and the elves do, after all, make all the presents for the world’s good little children. Many traditional decorations were originally handmade and are fairly simple to make yourself. There are plenty of tutorials available for creating items with a modern look. You can even turn making decorations into a family holiday activity with so many options at all skill levels. 

Popcorn and dried cranberries make great garlands (and a tasty snack as you work). Pinecones have a variety of uses for Christmas crafting, like making napkin rings to add a touch of nature to your dinner table. For some more advanced projects, you could try upcycling old clothing to make a unique stocking. If you want a handmade gift but don’t have time to gather materials and make a plan, consider a DIY craft kit. There are some great options available, from traditional tree painting designs to festive sloth cross stitch kits. No matter how you choose to DIY, holiday projects can help bring the magic of the holiday season to your home.

Keep it traditional

Traditional decor has been a go-to for the holiday season for ages, and why not? The red and green bring to mind the warm glow of the fire and the plants that continue to thrive despite the harsh wind and long nights. When it comes to Christmas decoration ideas, it’s no wonder traditional decor is a starting point for many designs.

For a fully traditional look consider including certain staples in your design. String lights with an incandescent appearance instantly create a vintage look for your tree, as do popcorn and cranberry garlands. For a real Christmas tree classic, consider making salt dough ornaments; they are a tried-and-true way to get kids involved and excited for the holidays. Christmas is always better together!

While the traditional style has its charms, some may wish to do a more contemporary take on this type of decor. Using the traditional red, green, and white colour scheme is a good place to start. Items such as throw pillows with designs like snowy trees or poinsettia leaves can add some texture and help incorporate holiday themes to different areas of your home. Popular mediums, such as quilled paper crafting, can be a fabulous way to breathe new life into classic Christmas scenes.

Traditional style holiday decorating has been around for a long time, and it probably won’t be going anywhere soon – and that’s just how we like it!

A holiday to remember

Making your home holiday ready should be fun for you and your family. Following any of these design ideas will help take some of the guesswork out of decorating and leave more room for enjoying the spirit of the season.

If you’re still unsure about how to make your home look picture perfect or check that it can handle everything winter can throw at it, we have resources to answer your renovation questions, even if you don’t yet know what to ask.

Lily Mitchell is a part time author and full time student. Writing about her passions, like design, has always come naturally and she is exceptionally excited to be part of our team. Lily is currently studying Interior Decorating at Algonquin College.