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Who doesn’t dream to escape to a remote cottage where you are unreachable for a little while?

Whether you are planning on renting, renovating your own cottage or building one from the ground up, take a look at this extensive list of different cottage designs! We have everything you need, from the neoclassical style to the tiny cabin, the Scandinavian design, and even more! Find what best suits your taste right here!

Scandinavian cottage

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Often described as minimalist, the Scandinavian style seeks to return to basics by emphasizing the building’s primary functions. These days, it’s featured as much in architecture as in décor. To create a Nordic-style chalet, prioritize the use of wood, neutral colours (black, light wood and white) and simple shapes. The same principle applies to the interior, with an emphasis on white, wood, and wool or faux fur.

A Danish trend we hear mentioned frequently now is hygge: a term equated with softness, relaxation and the comforts of home.

With these cozy porches, you can enjoy the outsides as if you were still inside!

Contemporary or Modern Cabin

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By “contemporary chalet” we mean any recent construction that reflects the style of our times. Contrary to popular belief, when referring to modern architecture we’re talking about the architecture that emerged in response to the industrial revolution. Thus, the modern trend encompasses the 1935 designs of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright as much as it does more recent constructions like the Sydney Opera House, which was completed in 1973. However, both the terms contemporary and modern are commonly used in reference to recent builds.

Contemporary chalets often resemble houses:  simple ornamentation, and with wood, stone or brick as the exterior covering. We also see hipped roofs and large windows with various dimensions. For the interior, open concepts are the preference, as well as materials with minimal environmental impact.

Just like at home, everybody loves a comfortable bathroom, let us inspire you with our examples of modern bathroom for you next chalet!

Log Cabin

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Log cabins designs are of course characterized by the wooden beams used in their construction. When one thinks “Canadian chalet”, this is the classic image that comes to mind. Careful, though: if you plan to build a log cabin, note that annual energy consumption is 25% higher than in a construction with 10% openings (doors and windows). To compensate for the higher energy loss and to ensure that your chalet is up to building code, take steps such as orienting windows to the north, better insulating foundations and ceilings and more, depending on your specific situation. It’s best to consult an architect and hire a general contractor specializing in log cabin construction to ensure that you comply with building codes and minimize your energy consumption.

For a log cabin, we suggest looking for a nice living room, one where you can gather around a good fire place!

Tiny Cottage

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With the popularity of the minimalist lifestyle and the cost of living steadily increasing, some homeowners are turning to tiny homes. The cost of maintenance and construction is lower, and we get back in touch with the main purpose of a chalet: to get away and enjoy nature. Whether its shape is square, A-frame or rectangular, the only must for the micro-chalet is to keep nothing but the essentials! An abundance of windows showcasing the surrounding nature is the trend for this type of structure.

For tiny cottages, we admire their brilliant space organization !

Mid-Century Cottage

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Coming from our neighbours to the south, the United States, the mid-century style has made a strong comeback in the world of design and architecture, with its peak occurring between 1945 and 1980. Chalets of this style are distinguished by their flat or gently sloped roof, large windows and open-concept interior. Emphasis is on fine, high-quality and luxurious materials including wood and natural fibres, as well as on bright accent colours such as green, yellow and orange.

In terms of decor, Scandinavian-style furniture with clean lines, ideally with slender, tapered legs, is well suited.

Finally, geometric shapes are incorporated into carpets, artworks and fabrics to showcase a graphic design element.

Let you be seduced by elegant bedrooms for your mid-century cottage!

Neoclassical Cottage

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This style of chalet is often seen along riverbanks or near other bodies of water. Typical of England in the 1920s, these constructions are recognizable by their small shuttered windows, often of the same size, and the simple, boxy silhouette of the structure. It’s an unpretentious chalet reminiscent of the seaside or the countryside, more so than the forest.

Take a look at these great kitchen areas… because who doesn’t like a functional kitchen with touches of antique details?

Treehouse cabin

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When constructing this type of chalet there are multiple factors to consider. Make sure to select the appropriate species of tree to avoid wood that is overly brittle, such as poplar, aspen or walnut. You’ll also need to use anchors that are strong, but that won’t damage the tree. Then, consider how the trees will sway in the wind. This type of construction is very unique and rather complex — it’s best to consult a specialist!

Have fun in laid-back decors, bringing back fun memories from when you were a kid!

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