5 Restaurants with the Most Beautiful Interior Decor


Trendy restaurants are all the hype these days. Our chosen lunch or dinner location is usually heavily weighted on the restaurant’s interior design. There’s a reason new restaurant constructions and their surrounding premises go ahead with restaurant renovations – to attract a bigger crowd! Just looking at these restaurants, everything seems lighter, feels cleaner and they make us feel better. Plus, they’re all great inspirations!

Don’t worry, we totally get the desire to check out new restaurants. We’re heavily crushing on these 5 restaurants when it comes to their impeccable decor and design:

Art Deco Inspired Toronto Restaurant on King West

Seemingly inspired by a 1920s Great Gatsby, Oretta’s decor is quite grand. This Italian restaurant on King West has truly brought back to life the Art Deco era.

Its interior designers have not forgotten a single detail. The restaurant has a grand arched recessed ceiling, wonderful custom light fixtures – that are clearly the work of skilled designers –, and a beautifully arranged colour scheme.

The Amalfi Coast sunset inspired the restaurant’s colours – with its light blues, pinks, and golden tones. Most of the detailing is gold outlined, while the flooring brings wonderful texture and contrast. Part of the floor’s tiling is laid in a chevron pattern and is a mix of the various hues one would find when admiring the breathtaking Amalfi sunset.

Oretta is surely a sight to see. The mixture of materials, from wood to marble, to brass works together seamlessly. The establishment’s beauty invites all to experience its magnificence.

Recreating a similar decor at home will surely need the work of accomplished interior designers and potentially architects.

Oretta – 633 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1M5

American Tavern Influenced Restaurant Design

This American tavern inspired restaurant is truly astonishing. Victor – located in Le Germain Toronto Mercer – is elegantly decorated. During the restaurant’s renovation, its designers were mandated to create a versatile space, and we believe they did a phenomenal job. Hotel renovations tend to yield amazing results. Even though it might have a masculine tone, the restaurant is still inviting and allows everyone to come in and take a seat. From hotel guests to professionals, or even the artists prancing around the Toronto Entertainment District.

The decor of this chic casual establishment is impressive. With its brass tubing light fixtures and peacock leather benches, one can’t help to feel as though they’ve walked into a work of art. The three spaces of Victor – its café, the dining room, and the intimate bar-lounge – seamlessly piece together thanks to the wonderful design. The design includes raw wood, amber-hued mirrors, and a unique colour palette.

Staycation or vacation, who wouldn’t want to stay at the hotel and spend mornings or evenings in this sumptuous décor? Plus, Le Germain has a wonderful rooftop terrace – as if the restaurant’s decor wasn’t enough to convince you to visit!

Victor Restaurant – 30 Mercer St, Toronto, ON M5V 3C6

Montreal Restaurant: Old Stable turned Urban Eatery

From a stable to a garage, to a restaurant, Perles & Paddock has undergone major renovations – which were surely with help from skilled commercial general contractors – to turn into the beautiful establishment it is today. Located in the heart of Griffintown, where there were urban stables until only recently, the owners kept the origins of the building in mind when naming the restaurant (hence, “Paddock”). As for the “pearl” indication, it might have to do with the lavish/exquisite experience the restaurant offers in the neighbourhood.

Although unusual, the eatery fits into its surroundings quite perfectly. The restaurant construction project was a grand accomplishment. It’s a white, single-levelled building, and its interior is intricately designed with assigned sections makes the overall structure quite admirable. The face of the restaurant is a big garage door, whereas the back section has sliding stable doors. The center bar area of the restaurant has a dramatic skylight – which allows for natural light to bathe a majority of the building.

Regarding its decor, Perles & Paddock’s light fixtures were inspired by the Art Deco style and built specifically for their new home by specialized designers. Greenery is also abundant in the restaurant – emphasizing the light ambiance the space emits.

The restaurant’s skylight alone can inspire a new home construction. Would you put a skylight in your kitchen? Because we certainly would!

Perles et Paddock – 403 Rue des Seigneurs, Montréal, QC H3J 1X7

Industrial & Rustic Decor for this Italian Restaurant

Entirely unique, in the heart of Griffintown, Montreal, Le Richmond restaurant also serves as a bistro and a market. The concept of this establishment was born from the idea of creating a unique environment where design and gastronomy – inspired by Northern Italy – are brought together. We definitely feel as though the interior designers and commercial architects of this space did a wonderful job marrying both concepts.

The space – originally built in 1889 – has been preserved with such professionalism. The furnishing in cast iron and steel, the ceiling lined with wooden beams, and the patterned ceramic tile flooring give the establishment an industrial look and feel. This is reminiscent to the building’s prior purpose as a textile factory.

Adopting some of Le Richmond’s decor inspiration for your kitchen would certainly not be a mistake. The restaurant perfectly coupled its concepts – making it attractive to a variety of tastes.

Le Richmond – 377 Ave Richmond, Montreal, QC H3J 1T9

Vietnamese Restaurant: Heritage Inspires Decor

This Vancouver restaurant is jaw-dropping. Ahn and Chi – when translated to English – means “brother and sister”, appropriately revealing the family-oriented vibe the current owners want their clientele to feel. The Vietnamese restaurant was previously named Pho Hoang. However, now that the children have taken over the business from their parents, they’ve revamped it to mirror their vision for the restaurant and bring in a younger atmosphere as well.

As you walk in, it’s hard to pinpoint which element of the décor is most admirable. The bar is decorated with wooden designs inspired by the wonderful mountains in Vietnam.  The traditional fan-shaped wall panels are composed entirely of chopsticks. Clearly proud of their heritage, the owners also have light fixtures over the bar whose design are inspired by straw hats.

We were equally impressed with the restaurant’s bathroom decor, lined with magnificent tapestry and its golden accent pieces.

Overall, the restaurant owners did a great job at subtly preserving their Vietnamese heritage, all whilst giving their dining space (and food!) a modern twist.

Ahn and Chi – 3388 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3M7

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