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Our 360° Verified Contractors in Ottawa

We've got hundreds of 360° Verified Contractors all throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Let us put up to 3 contractors head to head to compete for your renovation project. We'll refer only the best suited contractors your way - according to your needs, wants, and budget. We're confident we have the right contractor for your reno project!


Useful resources in Ottawa

Building Permit Approval Process

Take a look at all information pertaining to the required steps to obtaining a building permit. .

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Compliance Reporting

Find information with respect to compliance by-laws or agreements and a summary of building permit activity.

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Distinctive Tree Regulations

Discover information regarding protecting distinctive trees when undergoing a renovation or construction project.

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No Obligation.

Our Verified Contractors specialize in turnkey renovations and major repairs over $4,000. If your project meets these criteria, I would love to help.

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