chic and modern bathroom featuring subdued colours of light wood, white, grey and black.
suspended vanity sporting a basin perched on a fabulous countertop for a light look
Nice spacious glass shower and its fency mat black accessories
a mix of faux marble tiles and microcement, blending beautifully with the rest of the new bathroomdecor
Cost (2020)$13,200
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Mason | Small bathroom in a condo project

Cost (2020)

A small bathroom that’s right on trend

Spacious bathrooms like what we see in magazines or celebrities’ homes aren’t the norm. In reality, both space and budget are often limited and we need to get creative when trying to design a small bathroom in a way that’s both practical and aesthetically pleasing. But it can be done! 

Here’s proof: Janet, the owner of this Toronto-based condo, managed to both modernize her space and meet her needs. Her Renovation Advisor and her 360° Verified Contractor helpedoffering ideas and guiding her through the process. 

On the design front, the client opted for a chic and modern approach featuring subdued colours of light wood, white, grey and black. The grefloor and shower tiles that darkened the space were replaced with a mix of faux marble tiles and microcement, blending beautifully with the rest of the decor. The suspended vanity, sporting a basin perched on a fabulous countertop, lightens the lookFor the faucets and other accessories, matte black adds the final harmonizing touch. 

Some tips for optimizing small bathroom spaces were clearly helpful in this renovation! 

Category: Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Style: Contemporary

City: Toronto

Project No: 76262

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