Major duplex renovation

  • Category:Multiple Renovations
  • City:Montreal
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:82 567
  • Cost:$153,219
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A complete duplex transformation for everyone to enjoy

It was all hands on deck to give this duplex the makeover it needed. The client hired a team of Verified Contractors, an interior designer, and engineer to assess the property and transform it for its new residents.

In this project, several areas across two units were renovated: two bathrooms and a kitchen in the first, and a bathroom in the second. Before the team could start renovating, the engineer had to assess the second unit’s load-bearing wall to ensure that it was up to Code. Then came the fun part: interior decorating! Both units now feature a soft classical look, with gentle textures that can be dressed up or down based on the owners’ desired aesthetic!

classic kitchen remodel project with two-tone cabinets and large island

Form meets function

Over in the first unit, the kitchen got a gorgeous makeover. The soft neutral palette is paired with lots of natural light, making the space look large and vibrant. After the off-white upper cabinets bring your eye around the room, the wooden lowers ground you, adding some much-needed texture and depth to the design.

The large center island also elevates this kitchen’s form and function. Not only does it match the rest of the aesthetic with its wooden base and cream countertops, but it also adds a lot of storage and prep space! Now the new owners can enjoy their beautiful kitchen for years to come.

A bathroom to match

The focus of this renovation project was the bathrooms: two in the first unit, and one in the second.

In the first unit, the ground floor bathroom was renovated to match the kitchen. You can find the same neutral palette and classic look here, along with some gorgeous white tiles. It’s also got a luxurious walk-in shower with enough space to move around, as well as a smooth stone slab backsplash. The new owners loved this design so much that they decided they wanted their second bathroom to match it!

bathroom renovation with floor to ceiling tiles
third renovated classic bathroom with dark blue vanity

Adding a little colour to switch it up

Over in the second unit, the owners added a pop colour to make a statement. They had a smaller room to work with, so the Verified Contractor and the interior designer came up with a layout to make the space feel larger.

Staying on theme, the bathroom used the same neutral palette and lots of light to make it feel bright and airy. The vanity was painted navy blue to add depth, making it a centerpiece for the room. With plenty of storage and counter space, the new owners can decorate this bathroom to their heart’s content!

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