Canpar | Loading dock

Becoming more efficient with 3 new loading docks

With over 40 years of special parcel delivery, Canpar has successfully created a reliable network that efficiently serves its clientele. In order to perform even better, the company contacted us to find trustworthy contractors to build their 3 new loading docks in Montreal. It was important for Canpar to find a contracting company that can offer a turnkey service that included the services of a commercial architect and a structural engineer.

The project’s first step consisted of conceptualizing the structure and ensuring the plans for all mechanical elements respected the National Building Code standards, as well as the client’s needs.

As for the work that was done, a commercial/industrial general contractor needed to build 3 loading docks leading into a Precast building (walls created in a controlled environment for better overall performance). He took charge of building the new doors by creating openings in the walls first, building the concrete docks over which there were insulated shelters, finishing the dock shelter exterior siding with concrete-like masonry blocks, and installing staircases with railings. Each door was equipped with a docking cushion, lights, safety exit signs, a sprinkler system and a trailer restraint system. Every door was also reinforced.

Finally, asphalt repairs were done by the Verified Contractor, as well as some caulking, overall finishing and site cleanup.

This project surely helped better Canpar’s performance.

Once again, we’ve got ourselves a happy client!

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