Chicoine | Complete Main Floor Remodel

A fully redesigned main floor for a suburban home

  • Category:Kitchen Renovation Ideas
  • City:Varennes
  • Year:2019
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:65388
  • Cost:$81,900
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This home, built in 1986, got its entire main floor redone! Its newly designed space has a contemporary style and is quite warm and inviting. Creating an open concept space was the ideal solution for the family looking to better their daily communication flow. The new layout also allows a lot of natural light to make its way into the house creating a sense of lightness and freedom.

The classic styled home needed a face lift to get with the times and fit with the homeowners’ current needs. The Chicoine family opted to hire a kitchen designer, which allowed them to get the “wow” effect they were looking for for their space. The new 12′ x 12′ kitchen is completely modern and works well with the rest of the new living zones on the main floor. Now that the abundance of dark wood and somber colours is gone, the space seems completely refreshed and allows for a lighter, more relaxed ambiance.

The entire kitchen has beautifully contrasting colours. A combination of white and wood imitation melamine was chosen for the kitchen cabinets; and the counter tops are made of two-toned (black and white) quartz. White rectangular tiles were chosen for the backsplash and marble-like tiles for the floors.

In the living area, the original wood burning fireplace was replaced with a modern gas fireplace beautifully paired with a wood and ceramic mantel. Custom storage and shelving were also added on either side of the fireplace. As for the flooring, hardwood floors were installed on the main floor and the floor above, along with matching doors and door frames. The staircase was also redone to match the house’s new look.

The entirety of the work was completed by a Verified Contractor. The work included: demolishing the old space, removing a supporting wall with the help of a structural engineer, building new divisions, getting plumbing and electrical work done, installing heated flooring in the kitchen, hallway, and laundry room, tiling, carpentry and more!

Note: some materials were provided by the homeowners & are not included in the price tag shown.

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