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Cost (2019)$108,200
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Condo Association in Mont-Tremblant | Exterior Painting project

Cost (2019)

Luxurious Manors in the Laurentians Get Repainted

Built in 2001, these wonderful rustic-looking manors in Mont-Tremblant needed to be repainted to revive their original look. Six buildings and the lakeside pavilion, where the manors’ private pool can be found, were completely repainted to fulfill the condo association’s desire to make the buildings look younger with a gorgeous paint job all while keeping their original look in mind. 

A lot of work had to be completed by the 360° Verified Commercial Painter to ensure the final product was beautiful. He had to clean the surfaces with a pressure washer – which included the space under the balconies, their floors, around the windows, the cedar shakes, as well as the cornices around the buildings. Afterwards, he applied the urethane caulking between each cedar shake to ensure water doesn’t make its way into the buildings. When painting, two coats were necessary for a great final product. To finish everything up, he sanded the tops of the steps leading to the balconies and repainted them with an epoxy mix. 

The condo association is satisfied with the work completed by the contractor and plans on giving seven other buildings a new look in the months to come. Doing so will complete the overall project and is surely going to look wonderful!

Category: House Siding Ideas

Style: Rustic

City: Mont-Tremblant

Project No: 57311

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