A beautiful new terrace to showcase this gorgeous home

  • Category:Deck Ideas
  • City:Beaconsfield
  • Year:2019
  • Style:Contemporary, N/A
  • Project No:62645
  • Cost:$14,157
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Authenticity and modernity using sustainable materials

The Crerar family wanted to modernize and add functionality to their outdoor living space. The goal was to transform their balcony into a practical and pleasant terrace with sustainability at the forefront. Their desire to move activities to the ground level brings them closer to their garden, and the terrace itself gives their yard a feeling of grandeur. 

Thanks to our Renovation Advisors and the exemplary work carried out by a Verified Contractor, the homeowners were able to give this outdoor area the love it deserves. 

Before renovation

before photo - Crerar project - patio

The original space had little appeal. The elevated balcony was topped by a metal-framed pergola-like structure that smothered the elegant silhouette of the house. In addition, once the gazebo covers were installed, they prevented natural light from entering the house. The balcony was also covered with plain, old-fashioned paving stones that were in dire need of a makeover.  

To brighten up the space, the Verified Contractor had to demolish the original platform, excavate the ground, and pour the concrete slab in a custom mold. 

After renovation

concrete patio and staircase with glass ramps
cement patio with glass ramps

Durable concrete for everlasting elegance

For a complete balcony and terrace transformation, opting for a concrete slab (10′ x 22′) was the way to go. Its timeless and elegant design blends perfectly with the brick wall in the background. Its longevity and low maintenance make it an excellent material. In fact, concrete is durable and very resistant to all weather conditions, which is especially useful given the large temperature variations here in Quebec. 

To ensure the safety of this new space, the Crerar family chose to add elegant black aluminum railings to the staircase, which further elevates its contemporary design. This vitreous addition blends seamlessly with the modern style of the building, creating a cohesive look. 

Natural flow in a family-friendly space

The renovation of the outdoor living area has completely changed the space’s layout. A new opening to the garden can now be seen from the inside of the house, and the new stairs, perfectly aligned with the French window, provide access to the relaxation area below. This natural circulation is palpable and fluid and is supported by the use of concrete, which accentuates the elegant simplicity of the layout.  

The concrete slab is large enough to accommodate a grey patio set with an inviting table and chairs, as well as a large red mobile canopy to simultaneously shade and brighten up the area with a pop of colour. The family can now relax and watch the children swing and play nearby, without missing a beat.  

concrete terrace and stairs - back of a brick house
female renovation advisor with brown hair

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