De Vleeschauwer

A small kitchen with a striking transformation

  • Category:Kitchen Renovation Ideas
  • City:Quebec City
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:90 734
  • Cost:$23,800
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Class and elegance: A winning combination

Over in Quebec City, a gaudy and mismatched kitchen haunted the De Vleeshauwer family. If the yellow cabinetry and chartreuse walls didn’t deter them from spending time in there, the lack of light certainly did. And the bulky furniture and old decor wasn’t doing them any favours.

Once they had a vision and budget in mind, they hired a Verified Contractor to bring it to life. The project started with a kitchen demolition, and then all of the cabinets were dismantled and removed. Once the space was cleared out, it was time to build the new kitchen!

Before renovation

Before photo of kitchen reno

The original kitchen looked like something straight out of the 1950s. The bright cabinets and dark walls strained the eyes, and the room’s layout wasn’t ideal. And while the kitchen had a lot of storage, the decor just wasn’t up to snuff. So, everything was redesigned to meet the family’s dream of having a beautiful, bright, and modern kitchen.

After renovation

after photo of renovated kitchen
Small classic white kitchen renovation with polymer cabinets

A simplistic style

This kitchen remodel included new vinyl flooring, white polymer cabinets, and quartz-style stone countertops. The green walls were painted over with a soft white, and a subway tile backsplash was added. Bright and radiant colours can trick the eye and make your space feel much bigger than it actually is. A simple paint stroke can drastically transform the appearance of your kitchen and this project is a perfect example! 

Bright and inviting!

Unlike the old kitchen, the new space now has bright sunlight flowing through. Crown moulding lines the ceilings, adding a touch of elegance while making the room feel bigger. The contractors successfully created a bright and inviting kitchen for the De Vleeschauwer family to enjoy!

Classic small white kitchen renovation
Renovation advisor smiling

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