Del Toro

Modern and Vibrant Kitchen Makeover on the South Shore of Montreal

  • Category:Kitchen Renovation Ideas
  • City:Saint-Constant
  • Year:2022
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:97 389
  • Cost:$35,275
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A desire for renewal

Sometimes all it takes is to update a few key elements in a room to give it a whole new look! This large kitchen, the focal point of a home located in the town of Saint-Constant, was given an elegant facelift in the last few months. The Del Toro family’s renovation project is a great example of a modern kitchen makeover carried out with the help of a Verified Contractor!

Before the renovation

kitchen white and grey with lime green accessories before the transformation

Although the homeowners’ kitchen was not completed outdated before the renovation, it no longer reflected their tastes. The subway mosaic backsplash, the island’s bamboo base, the dark floor and the porcelain tile countertops just didn’t inspire the Del Toro family anymore, they had to be revamped!

After the renovation

renovated kitchen white and grey with lime green stools after the transformation
Modern kitchen renovation with center island with waterfall quartz countertop, green stools and hexagonal mosaic backsplash in modern kitchen makeover

Updated Kitchen!

The new kitchen is simply amazing! Although most of the materials were completely replaced, the lime-green accessories remain as the room’s splash of colour! The centre island was completely customized: it was surfaced with white quartz on the top of the counter, as well as on the ends. This layout, known as a waterfall countertop, is a timeless trend that adds tremendous cachet to the kitchen. The homeowners also added an elegant stainless steel beverage refrigerator under the counter adjacent to the island. Serving as a mini-bar, it amps up the modern feel of the decor, while allowing the family to enjoy their favourite drinks!

A Revitalized Backsplash

Yesteryear’s subway-style backsplash makes room for a beautiful mosaic of tricoloured hexagonal tiles that match the room’s various tones: dark gray, white, and charcoal black. This star trio of shades exudes sophistication! On this same wall, the cupboards have been completely replaced by vertical eggshell cabinets. The addition of two horizontally opening glass cabinet doors with a metallic contour perfectly matches the kitchen hood and refrigerator! Another irresistible combination is the ultra-chic pendant lights whose rectangular shape is echoed in the recessed ceiling lights.

Transformed kitchen with grey quartz island, hexagonal tricolor mosaic backsplash, lime green stools and overhead hood
Tunnel view behind center island of a renovated kitchen with taupe rectangular ceramic floor, stainless steel appliances and overhead hood

Perfect Layout of the Floor and Furniture!

Glossy rectangular tiles have replaced the old gray ceramic. The new shade of taupe-gray flooring brings a more subtle touch to the decor, while letting the dominant darker colours take the spotlight. The grout coordinates beautifully with the gray of the lower cabinets as well as with the backsplash! This floor also complements the luxurious stainless steel built-in cooking appliances in the centre island. These add even more novelty and functionality to the kitchen. This modern makeover is a great example of how a splash of colour can bring life to a room dominated by neutral tones. 

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