Stunning home transformation

  • Category:Multiple Renovations
  • City:Montreal
  • Year:2022
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:76 815
  • Cost:$632,401
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Century-old home renovation

Century-old homes have a beautiful and unique aesthetic that everyone loves. However, older houses often have some underlying issues that need to be addressed. This was the case for the Désilets family; their newly purchased home was showing its age and needed a bit of love.

The house had an outstanding foundation on a stunning lot, but everything needed to be redone to fit the client’s needs and aesthetic. And when we say everything, we mean everything. From the exterior siding and balcony to the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms, this is a complete renovation you won’t want to miss.

Before renovation

Before exterior renovations

Before the renovations, the exterior was clearly run down. The stone looked worn out, the roof was missing a few shingles, and the landscaping resembled a jungle. The inside wasn’t much better – it was basically just exposed beams and concrete. Although intimidating, a renovation project like this gives you the freedom to change the layout and get creative with your style!

The bulk of the work took place in the home addition and the interior redesign. To start, about 40 doors and windows were changed, and the exterior siding was replaced with Maibec genuine wood siding. The contractors also installed a canvas roof and two wooden garage doors with automatic openers. We love that these colours and materials give the exterior a mix of a Dutch Colonial and cottage style!

Around back, there’s a stunning terrasse and a dark oak balcony with black railings. There’s enough space for a patio table, lounge chairs, and a barbecue, making it perfect for summer get-togethers with friends and family! For convenience, there’s also a storage unit underneath to hold seasonal items and furniture.

After renovation

After exterior home renovations
Large kitchen island with chairs

Open concept dream

When you walk inside, your eyes are immediately drawn to the kitchen and living room. Floor-to-ceiling windows that lead to the balcony flood the entire first floor with light. Pale oak hardwood floors match the two-tone white and wood cabinetry as well as the sleek white stone countertop.

This kitchen is about as big as it gets. Designed with a galley layout, the storage and counter space feel infinite. As you stroll into the living room, an integrated fireplace comes into view. Framed by a luxurious stone wall, this centrepiece is a unique addition to that requires minimal upkeep.

Simple yet chic

The last parts of this multiple renovation project include two bathrooms, several bedrooms, and a family room with a custom wine cellar. Both bathrooms are adorned with lovely freestanding tubs and walk-in showers. One has a royal blue vanity and cabinetry, while the other has classic wood tones. Simple yet chic, these stylish bathrooms have all you need!

The bedrooms were painted a soft grey and have the same hardwood floors as the rest of the house. The one we’ve featured has an integrated gas fireplace for those chilly winter nights. It just goes to show that a modern touch can still be cozy!

Finally, the open space at the top of the new staircase houses a new family room. It’s big enough to fit a custom wine cellar! The exposed wooden beams and large windows echo the exterior’s cozy cottage aesthetic, completing the look. Overall, this major renovation gets RenoAssistance’s stamp of approval!

Bathroom renovation with freestanding tub
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