brown and black reception desk
brown and black office reception
business cafeteria with black tables and colorful chairs
cafeteria plan with counter, bench and black board
break room with counter and bench and black board
breakroom tables with colorful chairs and big windows
meeting room with a wooden table and leather chairs
conference room with a wooden table and leather chairs
office break room with a baby foot table, refrigerator and chairs
colorful metal lockers in an employee room
office space with tables and desks
office furniture with tables
office renovation with tables and computers
office small bathroom
warehouse with concrete floor
Cost (2019)$164,910
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Envitech Automation | Commercial Renovation project

Cost (2019)

A fresh and inviting new space for a local electrical panel maker

With the growth of the company, it was essential for the leaders of Envitech Automation, a manufacturer of electrical control panels located in Montreal, that they expand their current workspace to accommodate their growing team. The perfect solution presented itself to Envitech when they discovered the neighbouring offices were already vacant. 

The end product is simply stunning! The whole team can now benefit from an environment that is both modern and functional. We especially love the design of the cafeteria, which will undoubtedly make lunch time even more pleasant, with its colorful mural and its huge customizable blackboard.

As most do not carry out commercial renovations every day, the clients chose to contact RenoAssistance in order to get the expert guidance required to take on such a massive project. The commercial account manager assigned to the project was responsible for assisting the Envitech team from A to Z through the various stages of the process. Following the initial call, the customers were put in contact with an architect who prepared plans for the premises, so that the existing space would blend with the new section seamlessly. It was then easier for the 360° Verified Contractors to make quotes, since they could base their estimates on the same plan.

The commercial contractor took care of demolition, construction of walls, soundproofing, installation of a suspended ceiling, plaster and paint work, installation of an epoxy floor in the factory, installation of doors, framing and cabinets, installation of vinyl flooring, electrical and plumbing work, ventilation, new sprinklers, and more.

Nothing was left to chance by the various professionals involved to ensure the success of this commercial project. The beautiful photos speak for themselves!

Category: Commercial Renovation & Construction Examples

Style: Contemporary

City: Montréal

Project No: 67142

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