Expedia CruiseShipCenters | Office Renovation

An office space that makes you want to set sail

This renovation is definitely going to inspire globe trotters. The commercial project consisted of remodeling an 1900 sq.ft. office space Delson, Quebec. The goal? Comfortably welcome travel agents in an open concept office space, which included a bathroom, a cafeteria, a stock room as well as other amenities to allow the business to operate properly.

Every design element required by the franchiser were thoughtfully integrated into the space to ensure that the business’s clientele can enjoy a unique experience. The look is refreshing, modern, and has a nautical theme. The blue carpet provides a nice accent colour to the space, whereas the maple desks seem to be floating on the sides. The red signature wall with its boat window is right at the center of the entire design. Given that this is an open concept office, there are no walls separating any of the desks, allowing for a collaborative and inviting ambiance.

The accent wall with the cords and the massive world map in the waiting room definitely emphasize the vacation vibe in this space!

This new local, built on a concrete slab, was completely renovated according the architectural plans by a Verified commercial general Contractor and his team.

Daniel and Céline (owners) cannot wait to help you plan your next getaway!

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