Cultivating curbside appeal with new siding

  • Category:House Siding Ideas
  • City:Chambly
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:82552
  • Cost:$31,763
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Time for a makeover!

After many harsh winters, this single family home was in desperate need of a facelift. The colours of the exterior siding had long since faded and no longer provided the warm welcome the homeowners had wanted. To spruce up their home, they hired one of our Verified Contractors.

The team demolished the old siding and damaged ledges and then fixed up the insulation, adding more where necessary. New vinyl and CanExcel siding was installed shortly after. And, for the final touch, a few bricks, the gutters, and the downspouts were replaced, setting this home up for the next few decades.

Before renovation

Single family home with white and brick exterior siding

This home’s exterior siding had clearly lived a full life. The bright whites and browns had long since faded, and the dark columns made the house look sombre and uninviting. The homeowners wanted to freshen up the exterior and give it a bright, new, and welcoming feel!

After renovation

Single family home with front yard and driveway
siding on house made of CanExcel and vinyl

Mix and match for the perfect combo

This home’s exterior siding was built using two materials: CanExcel and vinyl.

CanExcel is made of wood fibres and imitates the look of natural wood. It’s one of the most durable (and more expensive) options out there, making it great for Canadian winters. 

The vinyl’s colour matched the CanExcel perfectly, creating a cohesive look. The homeowners opted for this material to offset costs – it’s significantly cheaper than CanExcel – while still achieving their desired aesthetic.

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