Ultra modern bathroom transformation

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Terrebonne
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:91 508
  • Cost:$28,500
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The perfect at-home retreat

When purchasing their new home, the Gallant family wanted to treat themselves further with a luxurious new bathroom. They had a clear vision in mind and wasted no time hiring the right team to get the job done. One of our Verified Contractors took on the project and completed a jaw-dropping bathroom renovation.

The team demolished the room, stripping it of everything old for a fresh start. A heated floor and radiant wall heating were added to ensure comfort all year round, as well as high-quality appliances and finishes to add elegance. With a serene ambiance and a high-end feel, this family now has the perfect relaxation retreat right at home.

Before renovation

before picture of bathroom pre renovation

When the homeowners first visited their soon-to-be house, they saw the bathroom and knew it had to go. It was dark and cramped, with an awkward layout and dated finishes. They wanted a fresh start, so they hired a team of Verified Contractors to tear it down. After a complete makeover, this bathroom now matches its new owners’ personalities.

After renovation

GALLANT after renovation photo
Free standing tub in contemporary, zen bathroom

Bathing in luxury

When thinking of a luxurious bathroom, most people picture a big bathtub. These homeowners were no different! In this contemporary bathroom, you’ll find a beautiful freestanding tub with enough room to stretch out. It sits next to a calming wood backsplash for that extra bit of relaxation. The natural textures throughout the room elevate the entire design to create a truly tranquil experience.

Showering in luxury

If baths aren’t for you, no need to worry – this bathroom has a shower that’ll wash away any doubts you may have. This spacious walk-in shower sits pretty with its sand-coloured stone tiles. It’s perfectly positioned, right across from the freestanding tub, and blends in seamlessly with the overall design. It also stands out on its own thanks to the black metal details. As a result, the bathroom feels fresh, and the shower gets the spotlight it deserves.

Modern walk-in shower with stone tiles and black accents
Double vanity in contemporary bathroom renovation with two mirrors

Finishing touches

With a beautiful bath and walk-in shower, the next thing to highlight is the quality finishes throughout the design. This modern double vanity is a perfect example of how a simple piece of furniture can set the tone for the rest of the room. With its marble countertop and wooden base, this vanity feels expensive and elegant. The natural textures of the drawers mirror the wooden backsplash framing the bath, creating a sense of continuity. To top it all off, the beautiful decorative light fixtures add a touch of glam that brightens the whole room.

Renovation Advisor Monika-Csukassy

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