Gaumond | Condo Bathroom

A mix of prints and textures for this black and white bathroom

This high-end bathroom renovation in a condo in central Montreal is a great example of the synergy between chic design and ultra-stylish black and white. 

The clients decided to sell their Terrebonne home and live in their condo full-timeso it was important that they feel comfortable there. It stood to reason, then, that after we’d assisted them with their kitchen renovation, they started to rethink the style of their bathroom. They first enlisted the services of a designer; then our team took on the task of finding the ideal Verified Contractor for their needs. 

The choice of materials for this project was superb. It perfectly integrates current trends with an open shower, nude tones and a mix of finishes, resulting in a stylish bathroom. 

We love the graphic effect that’s created by the alternating black and white. And the choice of patterned floor tiles is a highlight that lends instant character to the space. 

Where the vanity is concerned, wood plays the starring role. It adds a softness to the room and matches perfectly with the rest of the decor. The black gooseneck faucet from the “Blacksmith” collection by CaBano commands attention with its eye-catching design. 

Each space in the room is subtly delineated, creating a beautiful visual harmony while delivering full functionality. 

white bathtub and walls paired with black accents is a sure-fire combination for a space filled with character! We aimed for a classic décor that would stand the test of timeSimply introduce and change a few coloured accessories to mix things up a bit and keep the look fresh; then top it all off with lighting that delivers maximum brightness. 

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