Cost (2017)$22,300
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Project Ghebriout

Cost (2017)

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Hayet Ghebriout, a renovation advisor at Reno-Assistance since 2012, knew exactly what she wanted (and did not want) to showcase her new kitchen. The transformation was judiciously planned by expert hands, in order to leave nothing to chance.

Everything was replaced, even the floor covering did not escape and several amenities were added. Luxurious materials have been chosen, such as wood, granite and glass paste to bring a “chic” and “timeless” effect to the room, while offering excellent long-term value.

The old kitchen, which dates back to the 80s, now gives way to a better utilized, warm and modern space, where it’s pleasant to cook and to share beautiful moments with family.

Mission accomplished for Hayet!


Category: Kitchen

City: Laval

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