Belanger | Interior Staircases and Hardwood Floor

An indoor hardwood staircase is featured

  • Category:Multiple Renovations
  • City:Mirabel
  • Year:2018
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:53795
  • Cost:$17,000
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The Bélanger family home – built in 1998 – needed a little love. The family wanted to refresh the look of their home, all while keeping their specific needs in mind. The project was divided into phases in order to allow the homeowners to properly budget the renovation.

We’ve compiled the images and information here for Phase 1 of the entire renovation project. It includes constructing two interior staircases and sanding & varnishing of the hardwood floors.

The contractor took care to properly prepare and secure the premises before he began any demolition work. He took down the entire staircase and lateral walls to be able to build the new hardwood stairs and install the new handrails. Each step was stained and varnished in a darker tone than the basement floor – to match the main floor. The risers, on the other hand, were in MDF and painted in white.

The interior basement staircase was completely renovated. The contractors fixed the stair’s structure, removed steps & installed new ones. The new steps are made in cherry wood and the silt and risers are painted white. The basement floor was kept in its natural tone & was simply sanded and re-varnished to freshen it up. The basement walls were also painted in a neutral tone for a timeless look.

New white baseboards, framing, and molding were installed too. The original baseboards were conserved and painted, whereas the framing and molding was bought.

Breaking down a big renovation project into phases is a great way to accomplish the work through time, all while respecting a tighter budget. Having a home you love is worth every dollar you’ve ever invested in it – if not more!

Stay tuned for the following phases…

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