Lalonde | Major facade makeover

A complete siding makeover for this home

  • Category:Multiple Renovations
  • City:Île-Bizard
  • Year:2018
  • Project No:59445
  • Cost:$281,468
    The price is informational and doesn't contain taxes

This house’s exterior siding transformation is quite spectacular!

Built in 1980, this home needed a makeover to get with the times. The homeowners love where they live and don’t plan on moving anytime soon, so they took great care in ensuring this makeover was a success. The home’s facades now have a trendier look with high quality and time-tested materials. The architect‘s plans foresaw the use of acrylic siding, but the clients preferred opting for a mix of stone, brick, and wood for a more luxurious and lasting look. The backyard deck was replaced with a new wooden one with a roof – allowing the home owners to be protected from bad weather or even the sun on excessively hot days. The outdoor lighting was completely rethought to showcase the house’s new design. The new lighting includes wall lights and some pot lights at the roof’s level.

Multiple turnkey projects were completed for this renovation by a Verified general contractor. He made sure to carefully tear down old structures (like the deck, staircase, balcony, etc.), supply and install siding materials, coordinate roofing work, masonry, electric, plumbing and painting work. He also made sure structural and concrete work were well done, among other things.

Some of the home’s original doors were restored to reflect its new look, whereas other’s were replaced according to the homeowners’ needs.

The owners’ investment will certainly increase their property’s value!

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