A kitchen transformation with monochromatic tones at the forefront

  • Category:Kitchen Renovation Ideas
  • City:St-Mathias-sur-Richelieu
  • Year:2020
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:71791
  • Cost:$25,000
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A modern transformation to welcome a new era

The Lamarre Family wanted to update their kitchen with contemporary trends to bring it out of the dark ages. To achieve their desired look, the homeowners trusted one of our Verified Contractors and an interior designer to give this kitchen the revamp it needed. 

The monochromatic palette not only gives the room a contemporary feel but also creates a sense of flow. In particular, the two-tone cabinets guide the eyes to important elements of the kitchen, and the open concept layout makes the space feel large and airy. This kitchen was also built with functionality at the forefront: it features ample storage and large work surfaces.  

Before renovation

lamarre kitchen before renovation

This kitchen initially had quite a gloomy and secluded feeling to it. The dark cabinets and countertops swallowed up all the natural light, making the space feel much smaller than it was. Also, the incomplete backsplash gave the kitchen a disjointed look, taking away any real sense of continuity. Thankfully, all of that was fixed by implementing a well-thought-out design that put the family’s needs first, without sacrificing their desired aesthetic. 

After renovation

two tone kitchen design with an island
two tone modern kitchen

Two-tone for the win

The Lamarre family wanted their kitchen to feel larger and brighter. To achieve this effect, tuxedo cabinets were the way to go! The combination of light uppers and dark base cabinets makes the kitchen look much larger than it is. The upper cabinets lift the room, guiding the eye right to the ceiling, while the darker lower cabinets bring it back down to ground the whole room. Having the white backsplash extend to the ceiling accentuates this effect and, since the tiles perfectly match the uppers, gives a sense of continuity throughout the kitchen 

An opening to bring in the sunlight

The homeowners not only wanted the light to be reflected by the upper cabinets, but also for there to be multiple entry points for natural light. To help bring this vision to life, they utilized their already existing serving hatch. This allows light from the living room to spill into the kitchen, making it much brighter! It also lets the homeowners keep an eye on the living room while they get things done in the kitchen. With the natural light greeting you in the morning and easy access to the living room, this serving hatch is the cherry on top, making this kitchen unforgettable. 

two tone modern kitchen ideas
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