Landry | Bathroom and powder room

Light wood and shades of grey set the tone for these 2 bathrooms

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Boisbriand
  • Year:2020
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:68048
  • Cost:$32,550
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Part of a multipronged project, this modern remodel of a bathroom and powder room  now sports a contemporary look that blends beautifully with other improvements throughout the house. 

The upstairs bathroom has a spacious glass-enclosed shower and a custom freestanding vanity with double sinkthe perfect complement to modern decor. The owners can enjoy getting ready together while each having their own space. The mix of light wood cabinets paired with varying shades of grey and black provides contrast that’s as timeless as it is unique.  

Who doesn’t love a good, bold pattern? But when it comes to remodelling our own bathroom, we might be tempted to hold back. We’re torn between trendy options and those that might be considered more timeless.  

But the owners followed their instincts and opted for geometric patterned tile on a section of wall and the backsplash, giving the space the ideal decorative flair. The tile arrangement creates an atmosphere that’s both warm and inviting. The old bathtub was replaced by a more modern freestanding model. The selection of the various elements lendadded value to this new space, which was completely demolished and redone. 

As a stylish signature on this major project, the powder room on the ground floor was also given modernizing refresh. Combined with other elements, the adorable vanity with rectangular basin and marble-effect laminate make the room functional and welcoming — and ipairs perfectly with the master bathroom! 

All the work was done by a Verified Contractor. The Contractor managed the entire project in order to ensure that it met the requirements of the clients, whose primary objective was to maximize the value of their home for resale in the near future.  

*Please note that the total price shown reflects the costs for the transformation of the two roomsThe individual pricing for each is as follows: 

Upstairs bathroom$25,200 
Powder room$7,350 

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