classical renovated bathroom with white vanity
classical bathroom design ideas
classical bathroom decor whit an italian shower and integrated bench
classical bathroom decor ideas
classical bathroom designs with italian shower
Cost (2020)$26,548
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Lazarovich – Bathroom project

Cost (2020)

Luxury and elegance at the forefront with this project

This master bathroom’s transformation in Nobleton, Ontario is simply jaw dropping!

From the very beginning, the homeowners knew exactly what style they wanted to have in their bathroom: classic, yet elegant. Every choice they made throughout the process was made with their desires kept in mind. Each element seems to mesh perfectly together, from the big marble imitation tiles to the quartz countertops, to the white double vanity. 

The rather large glass pane, open shower is definitely a showstopper for anyone that walks into the room. Especially with its chrome fittings, rain shower head, jets and its bench. The linear shower drain not only allows water to drain easily, but also adds a special touch to the shower. 

The bathroom’s renovation was done by a 360° Verified Contractor. It included demolition, custom building the shower, installing many new elements and more to tie the final look together! 

Not only did the homeowners find a beautiful way to enhance their day-to-day, they’ve also added value to their property with this project!

Category: Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Style: Classic

City: Nobleton

Project No: 75320

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