A modern bathroom made for two

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Nobleton
  • Year:2020
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:75320
  • Cost:$26,548
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Luxury and elegance at the forefront with this project

This primary bathroom transformation in Nobleton, Ontario, screams elegance. With clean lines, marbled surfaces, and an impressive shower, it’s luxury at its finest! The homeowners had a very specific vision and trusted one of our Verified Contractors to create a beautiful space that would enhance their daily routines and add value to their property.

This project started with a demolition: they needed to create enough space for a custom shower built for two. With the double vanity and beautiful quartz countertop, all elements of this bathroom come together to create an elegant, luxurious, and functional space.

Before renovation

before photo - Lazarovich bathroom project

The original bathroom offered little light, making the space feel claustrophobic. Initially there was a double vanity, but it was cramped with individual mirrors, creating a sense of division in the room. It was time for a much-needed bathroom transformation – out with the old and in with the new!

After renovation

White renovated bathroom with white vanity
ceramic shower with integrated bench and alcove

A shower to die for

The star of this project is undeniably the beautiful custom shower. An open concept layout, a large glass pane, and rain showerheads make this showstopper even more seductive. As you step into this shower, you’ll quickly realize that it’s spacious: it can be used alone or easily accommodate two!

The shower also features a bench, making it accessible to all. To finish it all off, there are two linear drains. They allow for easy drainage are durable, and round out the overall sleek and elegant look of the shower.

Double vanity for double the fun

Since the shower was built for two, the rest of the bathroom needed to match. Therefore, a double vanity is the perfect addition to this space. With ample storage room to keep all personal items hidden, the owners can enjoy the beautiful quartz countertop! The floor and counter both feature marbled designs, creating a feeling of continuity and spaciousness in the bathroom. Finally, the large mirror extending up to the ceiling adds to the open feel of the space and grabs your attention as soon as you step in.

modern renovated bathroom with white vanity
Renovation Advisor Debora Tricarico

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