Lebeau | Commercial Renovation

A breath of fresh air for this company branch

For this commercial renovation, the clients got their offices remodeled, as well as their showroom. Many changes were put in place in order to properly reflect the brand’s image. They wanted to ensure that the ambiance was inviting and professional. Essentially, the focus of this renovation was based off making sure the customers are provided with an all-around better service.

The work done by our contractors included: demolition and reconstruction, putting up new divisions, tiling (on 1,350 sq.ft.), gypsum installation, baseboard and suspended ceiling installation, concrete polishing, and getting the toilets replaced by a plumber. The help of an electrician was needed to install the baseboards, as well as the thermostats, the lighting, the electrical outlets, and so much more. A HVAC company also came in to help with relocating different vents because of the new divisions created within the building.

As for furnishing, some of it was recuperated during the renos. Cabinets were refurbished and reinstalled by a carpenter. He also added two new islands, a cabinet for the printer, new stands for products and brochures – all with the same finishing as the newly refurbished furnishing. Plastering and painting had to get done as well. The offices, bathrooms, and waiting room were all freshly painted. The chosen colour scheme is standard brand colours. However, the walls lined with stands were painted all black.

New doors were also installed throughout the premises, including a steel door with tempered glass. All the doors needed to be changed as they no longer followed the building code’s requirements. Two big windows (24″ x 48″) were also put in to allow natural light to come in.

All materials used and labour hours are accounted for in the displayed price tag, except for the new television and the tiles & grout used (the tile quantities needed were calculated by the commercial general contractor working on the renovation).

The business now has a modern functional space in which to serve their clients and get work done.

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