Les Plats du Chef

A stunning commercial kitchen in West Island

Small dishes with big flavour

If you love tapas and finger foods, you’ve probably heard of Les Plats du Chef. This Quebec company has been making quality dishes since 1981, and you can find many of them at your local grocery store. The company was expanding quickly, and it was high time to update their Montreal production site. So, the owners hired a Verified Contractor for this commercial kitchen renovation project. Out with the old and in with the new!

Before renovation

Old fashioned kitchen with beige cabinets and brown walls

Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was completely outdated. Not only was the colour palette out of style but the cabinetry was also literally falling apart. The chefs spend a lot of time preparing food here, so it was important to make it functional.

After renovation

Renovated industrial kitchen with large pantry, prep island, and new cooking appliances
Tasting island with stainless steel countertops and high stools with wooden seats

Room for all!

Although this commercial kitchen is mainly used to prepare appetizers and finger food, it also serves as a place to taste and develop new recipes. To encourage the chefs’ creativity, the owners outfitted the space with a large, functional kitchen island with ample seating. This way, they can sit together and discuss or brainstorm new ideas.

Of course, it serves as a giant prep station as well. And when tools aren’t in use, they can be tucked away into the built-in storage underneath. All in all, a highly successful transformation.

Refurbished cabinetry

Another major highlight of this commercial kitchen renovation is the resurfaced cabinetry. While the original cabinets were falling apart at the hinges, the doors themselves were in remarkably good condition. As a result, the owners opted to resurface the cabinetry to add a modern touch without breaking the bank.

They chose polymer for the cabinetry coating, in large part because it’s easy to maintain. The drawers were then fixed up and shock absorbers were added. To tie it all together, the owners picked out some fresh new ergonomic hardware: sleek rectangular pulls! Convenience now has its place in this industrial kitchen.

Close-up view of brown granite prep counter with matte black polymer doors in the center of a renovated industrial kitchen

A closer look at the results

Want more? Check out this video! Explore the eggshell cabinets – they reach the ceiling and make the room look larger. Embrace resurfaced cabinetry and see how elegant reused materials can look. And of course, don’t forget about the finer details, like hardware and finishes.

Louise Léonard Account Manager - Commercial

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