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Daycare centre renovation

Completion of a magnificent project – a private daycare centre in Montreal (Verdun borough) for approximately 60 children in a new 2,830 square foot space.

No changes to the structure or opening of the exterior walls were required. The cost of the project includes labour, amenities, and all work such as sound insulation, gypsum board installation, plumbing (including sanitary installation and furniture with sinks), ventilation, electricity, the installation of vinyl tiles and doors with protection against the delicate little fingers of children, custom furnishings in maple melamine, etc.

A fire alarm system has also been installed to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

The owners, Mrs Moufida and Mr Laatar, both teachers, are proudly welcoming their small customers every day since July 2017 and hope to enjoy their true passion for education in their fresh new facility for years to come!

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