A new, functional, and bright bathroom

  • Category:Bathroom Renovation Ideas
  • City:Laval
  • Year:2022
  • Style:Contemporary
  • Project No:102 245
  • Cost:$14,585
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An enlightened makeover

In the quiet suburbs of Laval, the Martin family was looking for someone to complete a small bathroom renovation. There was limited space to work with, but they were sure that their cramped bathroom could be transformed into a relaxing oasis. It just needed a bit of love!

The contractor gutted the room and relocated some of the plumbing and electrical to optimize the layout. Then, they installed heated flooring and brought in the rest of the fixtures. All in all, the contractor rose to the occasion and transformed this small bathroom.

Before renovation

Old fashioned bathroom before renovation with podium bath, shower, and blue ceramic tiles

If iridescent glass tiles and corner bathtubs don’t make you think of the 80s, then nothing will. Unfortunately, they were paired with other massive bathroom fixtures, which made the room feel much smaller than it was. The Martin family knew that the podium tub and ceramic tiles had to go! So, they gave a Verified Contractor the go-ahead to tear it all down.

After renovation

Beautiful renovated white bathroom with walk-in shower, freestanding tub, and white vanity

A whole new place!

This major small bathroom renovation project is a marvel to behold. It’s hard to believe that it’s even the same bathroom!

The outdated finishes and cramped layout was transformed into a bright all-white bathroom that feels light and airy. Furthermore, moving the bathtub and vanity was a good call. It maximized the circulation space, giving ample room to walk around.

In addition, this small bathroom shows that floor to ceiling tiles can work. If there’s ample lighting and the material ties the other fixtures together, it makes the room feel larger. Here the white matches the vanity, tub, and toilet, while the veins add interest.

Modern white bathroom with an oval freestanding bathtub in front of a faux marble wall
Renovated walk-in shower with faux white marble ceramic tiles, glass doors, silver hardware, and product niche

An illusion of grandeur

The Martin’s small bathroom renovation is an excellent example of one of the superpowers of white: the ability to brighten a room. Moreover, the white tiles in the shower and the ash tiles on the floor add modernity and elegance.

With so much light, it’s easy to forget that this bathroom only has one small window! The finishes here allow the light to travel further. It traces the white walls and goes through the glass doors of the new walk-in shower, making the room feel spacious.

Creating a better layout

There are many ways to make the most of a small bathroom. Here, the sliding door and the stacked appliances free up a lot of space. Removing the old podium bathtub and relocating the plumbing completes this clever redesign.

Lastly come the storage solutions. The new cabinets were adapted to the needs of the homeowners, allowing them to reorganize all of their personal belongings.

Modern white washer and dryer stacked vertically in a new white bathroom
A woman with long light brown hair in a blue blazer smiles

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