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classic kitchen (two tones) with quartz countertop
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Cost (2019)$34,390
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Mathieu | Kitchen project

Cost (2019)

A magazine-worthy kitchen revamp

This kitchen renovation showed off how beautiful brown and cream work together. This newly renovated kitchen now showcases a timeless and chic design. It’s exactly the kind of style that the Mathieu family desired. 

Before starting the demolition and the rebuilding process, the owners worked with a kitchen renovation designer. The advantage of a kitchen designer means having a detailed design process on paper. This made everything perfectly clear to the family and made the kitchen contractor‘s job easier.

For their kitchen renovation, the couple chose custom cabinets that went up to the ceiling. This gave their kitchen a more majestic look. It also helped to make the cleaning process easier. A combination of polyester imitation wood with melamine makes up the cabinets, and some of them have glass doors to bring in more light. The beautiful wooden shelves have built-in lighting and look great with the double wash basin. This was to display the decorated elements, showing off the trendy side of it. They thought their amenities through as well. They included three-bin trash, sliding drawers with shock absorbers, and a spice rack pull-out. The neutral-colored ceramic backsplash and floorboard have a 1/4-inch (iced white) quartz countertops. That blends well with the overall look. 

The aim of the kitchen renovation was to obtain a quality kitchen that would please the family for many years, and the contractor succeeded with that. On top of that, the contractor still respected the allocated budget for the project. 

This turnkey turnaround was done by a 360° Verified Contractor who coordinated the project with flying colors. They made sure to meet the owners regularly to inform them of the progress of the work. An electrician was also required for the preparation and installation of the new downlights and various other details. 

The Mathieu family could not be happier with their kitchen. The new space is amazing and the atmosphere of the house has changed for the better. They love to spend time cooking together, and creating a comfortable space for their family and friends. 

Category: Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Style: Classic

City: Montréal

Project No: 59159

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