A brand new porch for their backyard

  • Category:Deck Ideas
  • City:Laval
  • Year:2021
  • Style:Classic
  • Project No:77468
  • Cost:$22,936
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The final piece to the puzzle!

With summer quickly approaching, this family’s backyard was almost complete. They had a large in-ground swimming pool and a rock-climbing wall… All that was needed was a porch so that the adults could have a space to sit and relax while watching over their kids.

Our Verified Contractors built their 12 x 20 porch from the ground up. With an aluminum studio roof, sleek black railings, and an automatic locking fence gate for good measure, this backyard is a safe and comfortable space to enjoy the summer breeze.

Outdoor table on a porch

Perfect spot for summer nights

The owners set up some patio furniture, keeping it simple with a glass table and dark grey chairs. There was still plenty of room left on the porch, so they added a BBQ and created a designated spot for their furry friend.

Overhead, the aluminum roof features pot lights to provide functional lighting, making it the perfect space to entertain guests well past sunset. The roof also shields the space from snow, limiting the amount of work needed to be done during winter.

The perfect home extension

At first glance, you’d think that the back porch was part of the original build! The homeowners intentionally chose materials and paint that matched the rest of the house to make the porch blend in seamlessly.

The structure was built using pressure-treated wood, while the porch floor was built using composite wood. While the latter is more expensive, it’s also more durable and resistant to Canada’s cold winters. Using both materials helps make the cost of building this porch affordable and adds extra resistance to heavy traffic areas.


Backyard featuring back porch with black railings
Renovation Advisor Tristan Allard

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