Restaurant Vivere | Fast Food Counter

Fast-food restaurant renovation

Complete construction of a ready-to-eat fast food kiosk, 200 square feet. The third restaurant of a new concept of authentic Italian cuisine in downtown Montreal.

No dining room was required as the trade is located in the food court area of an office building.

The project, carried out by a general contractor, required demolition work to remove the old divisions, the gypsum ceiling and other elements, construction according to the architect’s drawings and the mechanical and electrical engineering plans, the design and the installation of the furnishings (counters, cabinets, etc.), the finishing of the walls (some with beautiful ceramic tiles soundly selected), the finishing of the suspended ceiling, as well as electrical and plumbing work.

The indicated cost of constructing this Italian restaurant includes labour. Electrical finishing fixtures, refrigerators, signs, as well as catering equipment and accessories were provided by the customer.

The fact that the premises were easily accessible from the outset greatly accelerated the process. The entire project was successfully completed in 6 weeks.

Vivere! – synonymous with passion, generosity, finesse and simplicity; an alchemy that is perfectly reflected in the entirety of this beautiful commercial project.

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